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  1. Amonium Nitrate is a common fertilizer that is used in the growing of corn. I one year decided I was going to plant a small one acre feild of sweetcorn. I bought with no problems about 300 pounds of this at the Country Supply store near me. Most people would not quetion that type or volume of fertilzer arounf me as we are a large corn growing area. Just south of Ottawa and north of Cardinal (where Canada Starch make corn oil). Most of the feed stores around here would always have many tons in stock and I would imagine that most would simply ask for your address etc for the purchase. Now if you were of arabic descent and buying this and are not known to the store, I would imagine that they may insist on delivering it etc. and I would think they may report it as well. But gettign this stuff is legal and there really is nothing anyone can do to stop you buying it. The farms that use this would also probably have large tanks of deisel fuel around as well, and also lots of 60 gallon drums from feed etc. So it would not be hard for any terrorist group to buy a farm and have a huge supply when ever they wanted it. I am sure that these people they have arrested must have had much more evidence then just that. Hell if you listen to the farmers talk about the way they feel about government and then see just what they have around at hand. Half of all our farmers would be jailed as a terrorist.
  2. Let me get this straight: You want to travel across the country to attack me, and apparently anyone in my immediate proximity, because I called your opinions about Jews ignorant? I'm guessing you must have a really long hit list. I'm sorry you went nuts over this. Looking over your previous postings I find I agree with you on just about everything. Your opinions of Israelis and Jews, however, are quite simply ignorant. I admit I could have stated that more kindly, and now wish I had. However, you will likely be banned for this silly post, and deserve to be. I will not, however, call the cops. You've posted more than sufficient personal information in previous threads to find you fairly easily should they so desire, but I don't believe you deserve that for blowing your top and saying something stupid. I am not trying to hide anything in fact anyone who ever tried to e-mail me knows exactly who I am. The only reason I can not go to the USA is because of satellite TV pirating. I believe you are in the Ottawa area from past posts. I am just south of there. Yes I would like to meet you face to face and see if you would be so bold as you are behind the key board. Any police agency would laugh at you for my post and as for me being banned, I am a moderator at several forums on the net and the method you used to dis me or any other poster would be enough for a temporary ban. This site though does not sem to have any moderators who are here, but I could be wrong. On site like this where political views are expressed and many times they will conflict with beliefs of others, it is especially important that posts do not degrade anyone for what they believe. When you do that, you are the one that is the worse for it. It shows intolerance of being able to see other sides. That then makes you dangerous to a site like this. As for you thinking I would beat you up goes well, you may have deduced that, but I would have to say that I am not what you would call a little guy and if we did meet face to face, I think you would quickly adjust your attitude quite fast. I probably would never hit you or those around you as I do know that I proabbly would cause you very much harm. You see I do know how to control myself even when angered, but you try and anger people without knowing who or what they are. So think about this, and then look back at the way you said and did things, and see if there is little doubt about what you said and why you said it. One day you will get someone the wrong way and with in reach of you and that would not be a good day. They keyboard is not some hidden barrier and even if you surf with proxies it still is best to only post the same way you would if the people were in front of you. Especially in a political forum like this.
  3. Well Argus You are just a coward. I will put it to you this way. I will do my best to find out who you are and where you are, and absent of your being in the USA where I am not allowed, I will come and see you and pay my deepest respects to you and anyone near you. You have a nice day, and by all means keep your attitude. I will ajust it later when we meet. Thank you for making my day.
  4. It is impossible to have an "honest" look at anything when one is wrapped in ignorance. You are clearly almost entirely ignorant about everything to do with Israel, the middle east, and the history there. I suggest you go play somewhere while adults talk. Argus you are nothing but a self centered ignorant bully who needs to be behind the key board to feel like he has balls. You think you are what superior to anyone. I would love to meet ypu in person just so I can be sure to put the face of the whiney little person I have in mind now to the actual thing. Do not ever dis me or anyone like that ever again, because you do not know who or what you are dealing with, and that may surprise you one day. If you want to disagree with someone fine. But what you did was not even close to the rules here, and if you did that on any site where I have been a moderator you would have been banned by now. So you go play your games, but you are the one who should be ashamed. I have a feeling you are jewish and if so then I wonder why I may have the thought that jewish people are a problem. Not all just enough to spoil the barrel.
  5. Well I guess I must say that you have corrected my spelling but you did understand the meaning which is the whole issue behind communications. So really it is nothning but a barb because you do not like my statements. I know very well that Jews are not the bankers and the ills of all society. They are though a very closed minded society when things do not go their way. They have been given the land of Israel, only because of a patent on explosives was lifted to help reduce the costs of a war. I guess the fact that the true owners of that land lost their rights during the Crusades and if not for the British taking over from the Arabs, it probably would have still not been given to the Jewish people had there not been the deals made during the war. So for now I will say that the jewish state of Israel has only had its claim to this, as the homeland for the jewish people for only a short time of recent history. The fact that they fight so hard to keep it, probably comes from the fact, that even back in biblical times this land was mostly ruled by those from other lands, and not by the jewish people. This area has so many differnt ethnic origins that it would be hard to say that it was ever a land of only one tribe or people. The Jewish people of today, do not even slightly ressemble the people of old, and yes years of being on the move and inbreeding with the local populations, and I would hazzard a guess that very little of the original people of Israel are still around. But that does not excuse them for their own ways and the methods they use to kill people, who they believe are enemies of the state. They are by far worse than any other ruling body the world has known, with the exception of the recent USA and Iraq, and some african dictators. You think that by fighting what I say it will make me give up and therefore quiet the knowledge that the wrongs are now being done by the state of Israel. When really it is in fact true statements, that Israel is now the offender and not the one who needs the help of the world. They are the one that needs to be put down by the world bodies and if this can not be done with words, then yes it will need to be done then by force. As I said before, we made the mistake in not taking Hitler down early in his rise, we should not repeat that again when we see the same things are now being done with Israel.
  6. i agree this thread is full of things we do not want on this site, but thay are slimely liberals, not the facts that make them slimey. I find it very interesting you say but they paid it back so its ok, as we all know not only is it not ok but if we really did have justice in this we would see people facing the courts for assisting in a fraud. I guess that is why I just can not stomach any liberal in the system right now. Very few people have forgot what they did and I do not believe we will see them have any support after the next election. This will be one minority government that is going to last a long time, because thwe conditions are never going to be ripe for the liberal for the next 2 decades.
  7. There was atime when the jewish people were not held in very high regard for their ethics and their loyalty to the countries that they were living in. They were portrayed by the people of these countries as the worst type of person, much like the Ferengi types are portrayed on the show Deep Space Nine. There only drive seemed to be for profit. In many countries they were never allowed to own land etc. Once these people got a homeland they defend it with a vengence and yes they have crossed the line in so many ways, that they are now the ones who are the bad guys. They would love to just take a week and put all palestinians to death, and then say genocide us, we were the ones who had genocide put on us....etc. I do not like the jewish people I have met that are from Isreal as they are the worst at showing contempt for all others and they do believe that need show no loyalty to anyone, only to Isreal. It is a attitude that does make me upset. Yet I find my jewish friends who are here in Canada quite different. I ask this friends what they thought of the Isrealli people and they are even more upset when describing them. They do not mince words and call these people arrogant and not caring about anything but they themselves and the country Isreal. I guess that is why we see so many people now adays saying they are against Isreal's policies and find them to be more of a threat then the rest of that area. We all know that the United Emirates of Saudi Arabia, are very two faced in what they do and yes they support most of the terrorists in and around the world. Yet we are friendly to these people because they have the oil we want. So we turn a blind eye to the problems. We pretty much gave Isreal the bomb and now they have enough to destroy much of the whole southern europe and north africa along with all if the middle east. Why do they need this ability. We know they will never agree to disarm these weapons. So it is a quagmire that we will never get away from all that we have allowed to be created in the first place. So why would anyone be upset that a union here in Canada voices its opinion against the Isreali people and all of its current policies on the palestinian people. It is not something that we all can not see for our selves and it is only that now that this is done it will draw more attention to what many would like to just flow away without notice. I do think that this is something that does need attention and so I agree with the union or any other group who are willing to take an honest look and give an honest opinion.
  8. I think they should recuce this guys sentence from prison completely and make him move in next door to me. That way when his body is found hanging from a tree and the thing doing the hanging is his own disenboweled guts, then and only then will I say that is a proper sentence for this kind of individual. Oh well back to medication I guess
  9. Isreal has been a terrorist stae towards Palestine for many years now. They attack and kill with impunity and the world bodies have done little to stop it. If a public union can start a small but growing sentiment showing Isreal for what it really is, then I have no problems with it. I only wish Canada as a country would also come out and cry foul when events by Isreal happen. Enough of the sympathy for the holocast. Now it is Isreal who is the offender and they are being worse then Hitler about it. Just as Hitler should havebeen stopped much earlier then he was, so should Isreal.
  10. I have to agree with Harper on this, that it is up to the families to agree. if there are more then one when the soldiers coffins arrive back, any one family that says not to the press being there, and that would be that. If the families want the press to be there they can do it at their own services or on the tarmack only if all involved agree. This is not a big issue as far as I am concerned, and it really should have nothing to do with the government at all. The families should be asked their wishes and it is those that should be carried out. The new media has no rights period in any of this and it is their own self centered mindset that is to blame for all the controversey in the first place.
  11. The ugly facts are always there for all to see. That being the government wastes a lot of the money we already entrust in them to spend wisely. The Liberals are to blame for much of it, but that is not to say the rest are guilt free. Equalization payments were to make Canada a cohesive country where the wealth was supposed to help poorer provinces maintain a level of standard of living that was closer to the average. It was never meant to be a fund to make everything equall. There always has been the chance for every province to make use of the resources they have and then to make a better living for the people of that province. Ontario has very much benefited by the manufacturing jobs, as well as the industrial and mining sectors as well. Its location of being very much near the heartland of the USA has also helped to make it a prosperous place to live. That is why Ontario has more then half the population of Canada. Alberta, is now coming into its own and yes there is a large labour shortage there and many young families would be wise to think of this place when they are trying to raise a family. It has a solid infastructure and the employment outlook is probably one of the best Canada has to offer. Which it is not a Hitech power house, it will grow to be a fair demand for all careers accross the job spectrum. It seems to be progressive in its thinking and so far has done a better job looking out for the taxpayer, then most other provinces. The wayward youth leaving the Maritimes seeking fortunes would be better to go to Alberta then the usual southern Ont. We have free unhindered movement in Canada and for those who are serious about planning a secure future, Alberta is probably one of the safer bets there is out there. Now yes, when you have the extra money, it is always hard to see why you should share any of it with those less fortunate. But just as our parents had to show us when we were young that sharing your things with your friends ws the right thing to do, the same still holds true for you today.
  12. The fact that many liberals openly missed the speech of the austrailian PM, shows very bad manners. But that has always been the liberal way. They do not have time for anyone that is not of their own kind. That is why they are in opposition playing hot potatoe trying to hang a crown of thorns on their next leader. I have no empathy left for the liberals, or their supporters and would rather they just go the way of the DOODOO bird. They are on that path now and seem to be making progress in becoming extinct more and more each day. So let them shun the PM's of other countries and let them try and rebuild in the swamp and mud their party has created. Next time out they will be fighting the NDP over who will be in third place, and that is just how I like it.
  13. The Senate in the older days did have value as sober second thought and a watchdog of parliament. But in today's fast paced new reporting and open debates, that seem to go on forever, is there a need for sober second thought. It is that heated in the debates that wrong things can be missed and thereby slip past the watchful eye of the people? Back when news was a week to a month old before it got to the people, and yes more then a few of our MP's were influenced with too much wine at dinner, that there was a need for a Senate to over see that things have a second check before they are pasted on. With the advent of the modern news media, most of the past problems are now long over, and if an MP showed up visibly impaired, I am sure it would be known and rectified asap. The government does not need this second house which really is used today as an award system for party faithful, and almost nothing to do with ones abilities. Why have this cost at all. Take all the money that would have gone into the senate and put it towards debt reduction. That way we will at least get some value for the money that is ours in the first place.
  14. It must be nice to just sit here with all the knowldge and none of the strife. Before you condem anyone for taking a position that the Afghanistan mission is right or wrong, think about just how badly a people must have been beat down to allow the Taliban a chance to rule over them. They would need to have little left but their faith, and that is where entities lime the Taliban twist and turn the minds and wills of people, to go so far back in time, to where there were just simple rule of a man ruled his family and his faith ruled the man. This normally does not happen in the western world as we have always had much more to live for then just our mere existence. We are in Afghanistan to show the people that there are many more things that can be part of their daily life, where law built by man can create a society that is more just and protecting of the people. The Taliban fears that the most and so they will fight it all the way. Yes it is a war, and there will be casualties on all sides including civillian. The people are now seeing a world that does have a much better sound to it then the old religiuos world, and that is what we are fighting the most. We are fighting a faith against a freedom to choose society. The government that is now in place is trying to train enough soldiers to make it so they can secure their own land. Until then we will have to stay in Afghanistan, along with our many allieds, and take the fight that needs to be fought, to the taliban supporters. As for how the numbers of casualties can jump around it is easy to count our own dead and injured as we are in uniform. The insurgents are not. So it is easily done to think some were civiliand at first as they may look like any other. It will only be after the battle to have the towns people to say who was a civillian and who was not. This is not like a computer game where the kill and injuries are shown at the top of the screen. So people need to give our troops some slack. Just about every soldier we have over there say that they believe in the mission they have. So why are all those who know nothing and think about nothing the ones who are the first to condem the actions. Until you go and enlist and see this from the inside, your voices are nothing more then noise from the cheap seats
  15. For the most part this place has been not too bad at keeping things on topic, but yes there are a few who really do take things off topic to always suit their own agenda. I found out quickly who and why and then just chose to ignore these people. Personally I do not think anyone should have to feel the wrath of any of these people, written or verbal. The is where site mederators come in. Being that this is a place where we can debate differing opinions, it sometimes means that things can get heated and to be fair to all, it must be kept open to all opinions on the same topic. But when the titled topic and the one discussed are now two differing entities it shpould be then split and the separte threads can then go on. Just my take on it though.
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