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  1. To paraphrase Wolfgang Goethe's Faust : Physics calls it "The handling of nature" It fools itself and knows not how. It has the parts right in its hand, But it lacks, alas just the spiritual bond. I will leave you and your kind alone and let you get back to your justification of war crimes with which you were all so preoccupied with.
  2. It really i not that hard to follow. You made the comment that you do not answer to my version of God. To which I replied that my version is probably the same as your. The only difference is that you chose to ignore the areas where you disagree with Him and I do not.
  3. I am pretty sure that all the major Christian denomination (or religions for that matter) hold morality to an absolute standard (God) and not your own. What is the point of having a discussion if everybody agrees? The original topic of discussion had no value since all (most) posters shared the same opinion. Once eyeball and I arrived, all posters (including yourself) agreed that Israel did use 'WP' making further discussion of no value. As a consequence, the topic of discussion was quickly changed to the morality of using 'WP' by DogOnPorch and yourself. See on that works? The most obviou
  4. Because history forgets about individual deaths we should ignore them as they happen in the present?! Your mighty logic has easily prevailed over me. I bow to your greatness.
  5. Do not worry my Palestinian, Afghan, Iraqi, African, etc... friends, history will quickly forget your deaths.
  6. Morality is nothing but a relativistic science devoid of any real truth? How convenient! God is going to be pissed once he hears about this. What is the point of having a discussion on any subject if we can all justify any universal action by a single particular. Time to shutdown all online discussion forum then.
  7. There were no rocket attacks in October by Hamas. Your basic premise is that Israel's gaza offensive is in retaliation to the December rocket attacks. Hamas did not start launching rockets until the joint ISA-IDF operation on the evening of November 4th. Israel in its generosity gave Hamas a pass on the rockets fired in November but took a stand to the December ones?
  8. Can we really substitute the particular judgement for a universal?
  9. No one should have to experience that. No one.
  10. So now that we have established that Israel is indeed using white phosphorus bombs; we can now answer the original topic question which was: The fact that some of you do not care whether or not the IDF is using white phosphorus bombs is irrelevant to this thread and is at best thread derailment
  11. No but then, I'm not an ambulance driver. Have you?
  12. Apparently, DogOnPorch thinks it does. Maybe you and DogOnPorch could should start chasing your tails to make sure you are both pointing in the same direction.
  13. The most obvious truths becomes obviously false once we dare not look at them for fear of change.
  14. Following this logic, the Palestinians would have sent a few nukes in Israel's general direction a long time ago and of course (still following your logic) they would be justified.
  15. I am sure the little genocidal maniac inside you is very happy the United States has refused to sign the protocol on incendiary weapons which would make the use of these types of weapon illegal. Even the US army knows that 'WP' weapon are illegal (making Thermobaric weapons even worse). The Battle Book, published by the US Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth states: "It is against the law of land warfare to employ WP against personnel targets."
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