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  1. http://www.thehilltimes.ca/html/index.php?...22/letter3/&c=1 And just today they pulled out the "3 E's". This government is beyond pathetic on this issue. I've NEVER heard Stephen Harper acknowledge global warming, and now he's Mr. Green? Nah, don't think so.
  2. This topic does not even mention Harper. Each new poll is news-worthy. They demonstrate trends...different polling organizations have different reputations...taken seperately they create an overall impression of what's happening. I will not bury a significant new poll in an old thread just to please you and your partisan HATRED of all things non-Harper!
  3. And then I presume you agree that this thread is also ridiculous and should be shut down: http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?showtopic=7456 ???
  4. Jeebus Cripes WW, your first sentance does not even make sense. After reading it 4 times I think you're trying to say that there is another topic on this poll. Link it. I will delete this topic if it exists. Either that or complain elsewhere.
  5. You are attacking a Canadian citizen. You have decided this man is guilty, and are slandering him. There are rules against insults/slanders against third parties. I haven't reported you yet...too much of that goes on around here (reporting), but if you choose to keep it up I will. The hateful attacks you've levelled against Arar in this topic and the cavalier way you decide to invalidate his citizenship are putting you in a sordid class by yourself.
  6. But your insulting referral to my thread...with the provided link to it, is serious. With malicious intent. Considering the history between us. I had invited Greg to come to this thread. Malicious intent? A parody? The only intent of a parody is to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the target. If you feel hurt and upset by that and consider it "malicious" I would suggest you are being a little overly fragile. The target of this parody was, quite obviously, ridiculous. If it's OK for you to post a topic labelling Dion the equal to Kerry because you believe he's done something that can be called "flip flopping", then is it OK for me to post a topic labelling Harper a "war monger" because he supported Bush's war in Iraq? Or can I say he and Bush are one and the same in their feelings on Iraq...and because Bush is a failure in his foreign policy therefore so is Harper? I guess I could post such things betsy, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a parody pop up and people calling my topic a ridiculous swiftboat routine.
  7. Ah, a "precedence" has been set, has it? Care to explain specifically what that means? Or are you just repeating something some rightwing editor wrote?
  8. The vote was 176 to 123. That caller obviously knows little about the reality. Why would you even repeat that? Do you see it as a valid point also?
  9. You're not entitled to make a false statement as fact, and then add the caveat "but that's just my opinion". This is the ONLY topic on this poll.
  10. Sorry Mike but you're wrong. The man is Canadian. He was tortured and ignored by the Canadian Liberal government at the time of his imprisonment. How would you feel if it was you? He deserves every penny of the money he's asking for. The government screwed up and they must pay for the consequences of their actiions. Sorry but your wrong. He's a Syrian Citizen. And he's a Canadian citizen, correct. Why should he leave? Because he has dual citizenship? You're making no sense buddy.
  11. Then so is the topic that I'm parodying Geoffrey, did you also whine about that one? I disagree it's on the same level. Dion=Kerry is far more reasonable then Harper=Stalin... Like there hasn't been a Bush=Harper thread before... A parody is explicitely non-serious. It's not required to be "reasonable", only to mirror it's target. I know you're in your 20's Geoffrey, and don't fault you for your politics or your experience. You should strive for fairness by your age though.
  12. I think you've already got a monopoly on that Gerry from what I read in the topic comparing Harper to Stalin...... That topic is a parody. Honesty would require you to admit that.
  13. No, two I think. Polls are pretty significant at the moment given the election of a new Liberal leader. If you don't like it, don't post. It's informational and it's news-worthy, and anyone unhappy with the information should strive for maturity and not whine and complain.
  14. She thinks English Canadians are stupid to think there is an issue with Dion having French citizenship. How did you get that from another posters comment that he doesn't understand French? Geoffrey, if you want to slam Dion's mother go ahead, but at least try to make sense while you're at it.
  15. G, you're so excited it's hard to understand your post! Has the situation got you a little jumpy, mayhaps?
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