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  1. Sounds like the comments were a knee jerk reaction to the outcome of the vote. I doubt they would actually burn down churches. It's puzzling to me that in a time of economic crisis, religous organizations were able to put up 74 million dollars (25 million from the Mormons alone) to fight something that really should have no impact on society. We need to remove 'sex' from the equation. Do they believe that people will now return to the church? If anything, it will just drive them further away and draw attention to the fact that the CHURCH actually had 74 million dollars to throw away like that. Maybe the athiests are right and religion IS all about money. One argument against SSM in California was an incident where a Grade One class was taken to a Lesbian wedding. Whether true or not, who cares? When six year olds go to a wedding they like the fact that they can dress up...for a party...and there's CAKE! They don't look at the bride and groom, two brides or two grooms, and say they're going home to do it. Did I mention, there's CAKE? It's adults who bring sex into it and confuse their children. The most popular argument against SSM however, is that God created marriage for procreation. So if a one man, one woman decide not to have children, what then? Do we need to pass a law forcing them to reproduce? Marriage is marriage. Get over it.
  2. Actually, the new tough on crime proposals did not sit well with many Canadians, and not just in Quebec. We have to remember that the Conservatives represent less than 37% of the popular vote, and Canadians who voted for other than Conservative, did so because they did not support the Conservative platform or still just do not like Harper. The opposition must oppose bills that their constituents oppose...that's why they were elected. People seem to forget that. I also don't believe, despite their attitude, that the Cons. really want another election right now. They ran into a lot of trouble and the wave of change that swept across the US could blow them right out of power. I believe they will tread softly.
  3. Spying on American people without a warrant is not just, "illegal," it is a violation of the very Constitution Bush swore to defend. I don't know how long is the list of illegal activities by Bush but no one who follows the news can make a credible claim of not knowing he's broken the law. Impeachment proceedings were brought against Clinton because he 'lied' about having sex with an intern. Bush has lied repeatedly about his reasons for invading Iraq. A former member of his inner circle and FBI chief has just published a book stating that Bush deliberately took his reports on Sadam out of context, twisting them to fit his plans. He even lied soon after 911 telling reporters that he watched the first plane hit on TV with students at the school he was visiting that day (then also the second). However, there was no footage of the first plane until the next day. I'm not sure if he even knows how to tell the truth.
  4. Same thought here...the "About Us" link is broken. The source lists "Phil Burk" [from Impeach Bush TV] as the HTML author. What the "People's Impeachment" movement doesn't understand is that Pelosi won't support any such notion for pure political reasons, including backlash from moderate voters in 2008. Democrats barely won back the House and Senate, but not by nearly enough. As of today, any proposed Articles of Impeachment are Articles of a Wet Dream. As much as I would enjoy seeing him impeached, there are far more pressing issues...like Iraq. Besides, who in his administration is capable of taking over? They're all inept crooks.
  5. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Dion, except maybe his English. Even that I think isn't so bad. The guy is just too nice for politics. He was at 40% approval rating after the convention and he didn't do anything after Harper attacked him in those ads. He's an idealist who think great integrity and ideology is enough to win in politics, but he's up against a political shark. If he toughens up a bit he still has a good chance of winning. I agree. When he first won the leadership I was disappointed because I would have preferred Kennedy. However, I'm starting to warm up to him. The blame game tactics of the CPC are really getting on my nerves and it's been nice this week to see how even their supporters in the media are upset over their handling of the two key issues: Kyoto and Afghanistan. Pitbull Baird is about to be castrated and O'Connor put out to pasture.
  6. I agree. Too American for me. Canadians are slowly losing their identity.
  7. I can't believe we're having this conversation. If a woman is competitive she's blamed for ruining the world? Men and women both want to look good. It's part of the mating game. I feel like I'm stuck in a time warp. Virginia Tech had NOTHING TO DO WITH WINGS or WOMBS. A MENTALLY ILL YOUNG MAN WAS ALLOWED TO BUY A GUN. THE REST IS INEVITABLE!!!!
  8. I watched the View today and Rosie said that ABC wanted a three year deal but she couldn't commit to more than one year at a time. With that silly, misguided Elizabeth on the show, they need a voice of reason. I've always liked Rosie and I know she won't stop there.
  9. I am unaware of any attempts on the Bush Administration's part to attack Israel. Or Gaza/West Bank... Please fill us in... ------------------------------------------------ There are people who believe that humans and dinosaurs co-existed. And what this is, plain and simple, is a psychotic reaction. These people are stone-cold-f**k nuts. I can't be nice about this, because these people are watching the Flinstones as if it were a documentary. ---Lewis Black I mean their penchant for war. The difference is that with Hamas they fight for principle not profit.
  10. "I've watched O"Connor when he been asked questions about the military or the latest the torturing of prisoners. He seems to wish people would quit asking questions and leave him alone because he thinks he shouldn't be bother by them. Since he is a former military person himself, he probably tells people what he wants done or tell them to use their own judgement and perhaps, that is why he doesn't seem to know much." It's not the fact that he is a former military person that should give Canadians concern. It's the fact that he was a 'former' lobbyist for military contracts and Hill and Knowlton employee. He should always sit out discussions on Afghanistan due to conflict of interest. He's annoyed by questions because he just doesn't care. He's in the money...he's in the money...
  11. "as if everybody ought to be thrilled about turning the country over to cultures that haven't quite made it out of the middle ages yet." This sounds very much like the warnings of Native Elders before the Europeans emigrated to Canada some four centuries ago. The immigrants then were unwashed, mostly illiterate and brought with them diseases unknown to the land. Fortunately for us, our ancestors were welcomed and taught how to survive in a hostile terrain and climate. It was only after the 'new-comers' started taking over that hostilities began. However, that's for another thread. It saddens me that we appear to be on the verge of a holy war. Fundamental Christians against Fundamental Islamics who hate Orthodox Jews... while all of us who just want to practice our faith are caught in the crossfire. I'm sorry, but I'm one of those old-fashioned Christians who refuses to believe that the Ten Commandments were found in the bottom of a suggestion box. 'Thou Shalt Not Kill', means 'Thou Shalt Not Kill'. I'm also one of those old-fashioned Canadians who embraces all cultures. What a dull place to live if all we saw on our streets were white Christians. If we had to put a face on a 'Canadian' it couldn't be done, because we have a great many wonderfully diverse faces. Think I'll go for a drive.
  12. So sad. They are getting as bad as the Bush Administration.
  13. I think it is absurd because it is abduction and kidnapping. I don't know if you can really say kidnapping and abduction, since I assume these are Afghans....therefore Dion can say "they got extradited to Canada". Or more appropriately, "they got invited to experience ClubFed, through the generosity of the Canadians." No! Canadians should say: "Wait a minute here! Aren't we at war? Aren't we supposed to be helping the Afghans by getting rid of the Taliban? Didn't the Liberals say the Taliban are evil? Isn't that why we got involved there in the first place?" "And wait another darn minute here! Does Dion knows what he's on about? Is he lucid?" DOES HE KNNOW WHAT THIS IS DOING TO OUR TROOPS' MORALE OUT THERE? Canadians should demand, "Dion must undergo psychological evaluation!" OK. First of all, I think Dion realized as soon as he said it that it wouldn't work and quickly retracted. He may lack political savvy, but he really wouldn't go that far. Secondly, the Liberals supported the war as a knee-jerk reaction to 911, but our pre-Harper War Machine role was as Peacekeepers. Many nations besides Canada (ie: Liberals, NDP and Bloc of Canada) are questioning their roles and chance of success. Thirdly, not all Taliban are Terrorists and they still have the support of many Afghans. This will only work if we give the people what they want. They are not interested in a Western style Democracy, but want a government that respects their culture and religous beliefs. The Cons have jumped on the 'bring the Taliban to Canada' Faux Paus, hoping we will forget their Hill and Knowlton led War. $$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. Regardless of whether the US is a republic or not, it is still a democracy by any definition. What you imply is like saying that the UK is a Constitutional Monarchy, therefor not a democracy. Clearly the national elections, the state elections and the municple elections are functions of a democracy, rewgardless of the infrastructure of the govt. And whether the National Guard officially style themselves militias or not, they are militias, as in part time citizen soldiers. This guy might be talking out of his butt...but....the terms 'Democracy' and 'Freedom' are grossly overused and misused. They have become excuses for barbarity. It's like we've all been hypnotized and just like the guy who when under a trance will bark like a dog when he hears a bell ring...the masses close their eyes to any wrongdoing when they hear 'Freedom'. It no longer means anything.
  15. The problem is that private companies MUST make a profit. We've seen it in Ontario after 'Two-Tier Tony Clement' (who didn't get his nickname because he liked cake) did a hatchet job on our healthcare system. After my daughter's knee surgery she was told that she should have physio, but if she wanted it free she would go on a waiting list that could take three months, or pay and start treatment right away. He also reduced hospital stays, opting instead for 'homecare'. Unfortunately the 'homecare' providers are private companies who must tender their bids and the lowest wins. Locally we are stuck with a company known as Comcare, who run a meat market operation. Most clients are lucky to get 15 minutes a day from minimum wage employees. It's shameful. Wealthy people always had another option. They could afford to hire private care nurses. Leave the rest of us alone.
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