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  1. The thing I find funny in this is that it is the bullets that kill not the guns. All someone needs to do is rig up a pea shooter or pen gun and the bullets can be used to kill just the same as a pistol. A simple websearch can show people how to do it. For example: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/427088/homemade_22_pen_gun/ Bullets are more dangerous than guns. All you can do with a gun is club someone. Of course you can rig up these same tools for other types of ammo not just .22 Or what about ammo for frag devices http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/fileadmin/docs/D-Book-series/book-05-Con
  2. moral sellout supporter of corrupt politicians Stephen Harper is not Canada, he is a person who gained his position through repeated electoral frauds. You don't get that being an apologist as in the first half of your post. You don't need to make anything when it is already that. If you don't scoop the scum off the top it just builds clouding the view. That is exactly why the criminal and corrupt parties such as the Conservative Party of Canada need to be removed, so that good politicians have room and aren't drowned out and oppressed and disfranchised by the corrupt. It is only
  3. Sure. Voters did it in 1991. I don't see it any different 2012. Only this time its for being stupid and criminal not just stupid. I'm only saying invalidate the ridings that were effected by the Robocalls and any member who was involved in in and out to be barred from public office, as is stipulated in the act for election fraud. And to disband the party as is stipulated for a party accused of violating election law. It is only the law. It is no different than asking the courts to sentence someone who premeditates murder and carrys it out then gets caught in the act. I don't think Dane l
  4. No they should be disbanded and have all their assets remitted to the taxpayers. Lets fight crime starting with the Organized Crime Syndicate ccalled the conservative party of Canada. It is madness to let a party that clearly has violated election law with blatnat disregard, and a subsequent attempt to politically bypass issues of criminal and administrative to continue to exist. it should be put to a grave, and taxpayers recover what it can of the money illegally obtained by the organization through fraud and other questionable practices. The real trick is recovery of the billions of embe
  5. The food cycle is relatively renewable if managed properly. Nightsoil (that is human feces) acts as fertilizer, likewise if bodies remains are left to decompose in the soil or ground down then pretty much 100% of the cycle is maintained. Urine also is a natural fertilizer. Animals such as humans are walking garden aids. Aide from this there are many other resources. The one element however that is a challenge for Canada is keeping soils from becoming too acidic for a variety of crops, this is why lime or poultry is an element that ought to be included to keep soils healthy. Lime is not local
  6. I agree with this but it shouldn't be Canada removing people who don't want to be Canadians, it should people having the ability to remove their own citizenship if they don't want to be Canadians. Your twisting of this enables loyal Canadians to have their citizenship removed for political reasons, which is totally reprehensible. CIC only allows citizenship to be removed by a citizen in the event that they transfer their citizeship to a list of allowable countries. This is completely wrong. People should be able to simply revoke their own citizenship if they do not wish to be Canadian citizen
  7. Journalists pay taxes too, and collect EI too, and collect social benefits too. Without a CBC you have freelandcing journalists at the same cost to the tax payer. You are spouting nonsense without looking at the collateral of a move like killing the CBC which would have serious repercussions. What the CBC needs is a specific role - example only government advertising funding to go to crown corporations as the sole outlet of government communications - interviews etc.. so that viewership was given an advantage over other networks. Thus some businesses would have an advantage ot advertise on
  8. What Canadian arms industry? by america for america. I'd like a list of canadian owned arms manufacturers.
  9. Nonsense,the price of oil is pricing up the cost of food eg. transport to market and farm equipment etc... people can grow their own food for next to nothing, Russia obtains half of its food from their yards. Canada could do the same - instead people opt to grow "grass" that they don't let actually mature.. (which would be edible but not an ideal crop) WORSE yet it is a common cultural practice to "mow" grass which wastes gasoline, it is just plain insane behaviour. Then you have the nerve to bring up high food costs, all you got to do is put seeds in the soil. Yet people are putting seed
  10. How about you justmake our own ethanol and run your vehicle on that and let the oil companies run their own businesses. They don't owe you. I swear people are becoming retarded. It is like expecting penny candies for life. http://running_on_alcohol.tripod.com/ http://americanfuels.blogspot.ca/2008/07/rubber-and-ethanol-from-dandelion.html There are plenty of alternative to oil as a fuel. It isn't a monopoly, it is just people being retarded. No peak oil yet. Oil is good business for Canada. Canadians need to use more public transit where it is available. You can't force change, but you c
  11. as if NATO/US/Israel has never blown up a funeral party. Information from the west about the west and its acts are more reliable than a party that is engaged in guerilla warfare being reported by their enemies. Press Rlease: We "Accidentally" blew up everyone as we mistakenly took the large gathering of people as a organized group of people who could have done something, but it was actually a funeral and it was for locals so we took the chance... sorry. Sadly people don't buy our products at wakes so we couldn't tell friend from foe. Targets in guerrilla war are not indiscriminate. Take f
  12. its all religion it is just which one you pick. Its all the same, you choose helplessness I choose acceptance. God has a purpose life is not meaningless. All will be right in the end. I wouldn't live my life by any other basis, as it is otherwise redundant. It isn't crap. People can choose one of a handful of paths. (4 options) that is all there is to the fundamentals of life choices. Having faith and accptance (the lamb) is the only one that leaves people innocent. God will protect the good. It is just a question of conquering ones own egos and desires to be free from ones own corruption.
  13. Who cares, god will protect the good. Life is short, it is what comes after it that matters. Sadly non islamic people can have bad character traits too. Religion doesn't matter, it is the individual's values, there are many colours of muslims like there are many colour of human. Canada has a right called freedom of Religion. As long as people follow the law, and we have just laws who cares. Fundamentalist Capitalists are more of a danger to the public than muslims. They will rape and kill you for your wealth. Atleast muslims are tithing for when you are naked. Really though you think all
  14. Two points. 1, individuals privacy should be respected. 2, hospitals are not a place you should expect privacy. Bring a doctor TO your home if you want privacy. Jails arn't either.
  15. Why conservatives want tougher laws and less immigration? because the opposite is where liberals come from?
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