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  1. I agree. When people opine that "you can't say anything," they mean "I can't rant angrily on the internet without somebody disagreeing." Folks should take their own advice and suck it up.
  2. ??? I doubt if we've ever been as free to speak our minds as we are today. Some of us might feel there's too much political correctness, but let's keep some perspective; the anti--pc voices have become as hectoring and severe as that which they rail against--meaner, too.
  3. Kimmy called them assholes. It's as sound an opinion as any others I've read.
  4. I could have concocted a cherry-picked test to "prove" how alike in bigotry are stormfronters and conservatives--or stormfronters and hairdressers, tapirs, or poets. I think you must know this. I was being purposefully gentle on this score--not least because I consider the test dishonest, as such easy ideologically-motivated attacks usually are. Virtually my entire point. Surely you can imagine the ease with which I could find ugly bigotry--in any political category--for the sake of playing "gotcha!"
  5. Sure: 4th post http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/24441-bbc-world-service-gets-trolled-by-fake-sjw/
  6. Ok...one more time: there is another post in which "sjws" are compared to Stormfront posters via a silly little "test ." I was responding directly to this post; but with a crucial difference: unlike the poster to whom I was responding, I don' t think that such exercises tells us anything meaningful about conservatives (or "sjws"). If one thinks "sjws" to be akin to Stormfront idiots, then plainly conservatives fit the bill as well... as I demonstrated; but I don't consider conservatives to be like the SF idiots. ...and all this has been explicit all along...for those able to co
  7. no, but that approaches the point. It's an elementary absurdum, exposing the paucity of logic in the " test" at which it is directed. So you might ask yourself your own question, regarding "sjws."
  8. I wouldn 't have made much of the comparison --but the anti-"SJW" warriors do.
  9. I had thought the connection between your post and this one was clear. Some key differences: mine is word for word...no useful omissions or cherry- picks---conservative values, baby! Oh...and also, I'm merely answering a weak absurdum with a stronger one.
  10. (Just to clarify, there is meant to be a comma in the title after "Stormfront.") I enjoyed the rather crude, out -of-context, and ellipses-laden "who's who" bit, comparing Stormfront with the so-called "sjws"; but I note that the joke falls a little flat, seeing that our own mlw conservatives are indistinguishable from these folks...and without the promiscuous misuse of context and elliptical shenanigans. I should add that I don't actually feel that some shared ideology ideas--even when they're so precisely the same--genuinely undermines the conservatives' arguments, in and of themselv
  11. How do we know that there are "more women than men who don't want to sit by women"?
  12. It's pointless because you have no interest in discussions about crimes committed by us and our favoured allies. I said nothing about comparing it...that's the shtick you keep bringing up.
  13. So the "Climate change might be awesome" dudes are offering sober political analysis....whereas the "it might not be awesome" dudes are sputtering "unjustified nonsense." Just to clarify the parameters of the current "debate."
  14. My "Standards" are that no country should behave as an international rogue murderous state, Argus. You 100% agree with me, incidentally...when it comes to other states. A few European and European offshoot geopolitical entities get a free pass from you for...some reason, as yet unstated.
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