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  1. its a waste of money to pursue this.. it will be fought for years and in the end after a million wasted they'll be fined 20,000 dollars Canadians need to burn and blow shit up as punishment let it be known to them that since EC is a POS organization with no real consequences the only real justice is vigilante justice
  2. American Left wing activist groups helped left wingers during robocall and American right wing groups helped right wingers during election .. this has probably been going on for years I am not offended by any of it I wonder though if the conservatives who were offended are offended at this? we know who you are
  3. Those people that live there had escaped Castros rule.. getting suspended was less than what I would have done. I'd have fired him you just don't make insensitive comments like that in an area where the issue is very sensitive
  4. Canada should just cut a deal with Russia and leave everyone else out of it
  5. Lol wut? I really don't know what to say anymore.. it's left me speechless, I just have to laugh http://rt.com/usa/news/arizona-bill-conception-abortion-387/ Under Arizona’s H.B. 2036, the state would recognize the start of the unborn child’s life to be the first day of its mother’s last menstrual period. The legislation is being proposed so that lawmakers can outlaw abortions on fetuses past the age of 20-weeks, but the verbiage its authors use to construct a time cycle for the baby would mean that the start of the child's life could very well occur up to two weeks before the mother and fat
  6. I guess there is no point in getting nukes if we are doomed anyway
  7. They haven't been in combat yet in the arctic with those jets... there is a possibility Canada will in the next 10 years
  8. And what if those are the countries we are feuding with?! What if U.S wants something we have and tries taking it and the British & French back down from helping us cause of their alliance with the US?
  9. my main problem with the F35s is that it is a single engine jet... and the Canadian arctic is vast, you know that single engine jets protecting the arctic is a fail. I don't want to spend that much money on single engine jets too much can go wrong
  10. Who cares?! That is your argument? Why not just divy up the arctic and get it over with then cause why should we care about it
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