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  1. My neighbor in her thirties lost her spouse three weeks ago to COVID. However she and her kid are not doing well. Maybe there is some explanation for those that remain behind.
  2. I agree that people have many choices in life. However good choices lead to good health, well-being, happiness etc - a reason to live. Not so good choices well lead to paths which "fully support the right of anyone else to not do so, and I fully support giving them the means to not do so if they want ". What if I mentioned that people who have wishes to die are linked to many factors/symptoms and likely if people knew how to get out of their despair/pain/impulsiveness they really do not want to die - nearly all of the people. Weighing the pros and cons - it is better to be alive than not. I would point out to those reading here, to reach out to friends and trusted folks should you have some of these questions about life, and that there are always better life choices, things usually turn the corner. (RB)
  3. I stopped by today and saw this the topic is still alive (pardon the pun) I have calculated that you should remain alive until your natural death (good/alive vs dead). And even if you have the worst illnesses in the world you are still better off alive than dead.
  4. Health for kids - if you don't know ask the Google doctor, or the good doctor can outline healthy choices. How about eating anything in sight but try some exercise. That is healthy.
  5. "Census Profile, 2016 Census". Statistics Canada. 72.9% over Canadian pop is European/White vs 22.3 Visible Minority. The statistics show some groups are systematically and systemically not treated fairly under various "conditions/test". The protest is to change "ideas Canada has nothing to make up for, at least not for visible minority members".
  6. They lost. The other team was superior. Everyone can develop abilities, we can have less money for great talent. They need to practice and work together. They are good. Just not yesterday.
  7. there were many wars before, but the US continue to go to war - maybe many people are employed during wars, a lot of technology also get sold etc. people become employed with the rebuilding some folks submitted blueprint for 3D printing as a solution I don't follow if there is a disdain to "build" operative word
  8. I always have hope - so I go to see the Leaf game first, but BIG Bruins fan
  9. well neither family nor I got money or this sort of coins - but individuals can grow a immensely BIG head when they receive compliments, with friends socializing, experience and over-come obstacles, and when they rise each day and experience life - store all of this information in the big head, albeit small use according to the Einstein guy
  10. you list some of the reasons for it to stay - it transcends literature, history, culture, religion, art, identity etc. across culture in multi-national ways
  11. It is healthy to disagree. Business electives might add value to common sense, and explain choices for rational decision making.
  12. Maybe take some business electives to help with your decision. It is feasible to run a tech business from Northern Ontario - you have to start building relations. Good luck.
  13. People grow up and form and interpret their own reasons for living. It is serious stuff if they think otherwise.
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