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  1. "Census Profile, 2016 Census". Statistics Canada. 72.9% over Canadian pop is European/White vs 22.3 Visible Minority. The statistics show some groups are systematically and systemically not treated fairly under various "conditions/test". The protest is to change "ideas Canada has nothing to make up for, at least not for visible minority members".
  2. They lost. The other team was superior. Everyone can develop abilities, we can have less money for great talent. They need to practice and work together. They are good. Just not yesterday.
  3. there were many wars before, but the US continue to go to war - maybe many people are employed during wars, a lot of technology also get sold etc. people become employed with the rebuilding some folks submitted blueprint for 3D printing as a solution I don't follow if there is a disdain to "build" operative word
  4. I always have hope - so I go to see the Leaf game first, but BIG Bruins fan
  5. well neither family nor I got money or this sort of coins - but individuals can grow a immensely BIG head when they receive compliments, with friends socializing, experience and over-come obstacles, and when they rise each day and experience life - store all of this information in the big head, albeit small use according to the Einstein guy
  6. you list some of the reasons for it to stay - it transcends literature, history, culture, religion, art, identity etc. across culture in multi-national ways
  7. It is healthy to disagree. Business electives might add value to common sense, and explain choices for rational decision making.
  8. Maybe take some business electives to help with your decision. It is feasible to run a tech business from Northern Ontario - you have to start building relations. Good luck.
  9. People grow up and form and interpret their own reasons for living. It is serious stuff if they think otherwise.
  10. First I would like to distinguish that gender equity in regards to pay is meant to bring wages together (male and female) for same work perform, then the tax and other deduction follows - equal treatment. The argument is expanded. Since there is a discrepancy in the wages, women making less, overall then, women will work longer in order to match the amounts of taxes men pay. Therefore they need to live longer to make equal tax and equal pension. The wage discrepancy also explain that a pension contribution of 7% from women and employer is different from 7% from men and employer for the
  11. A good haul of medals for Canadians. I watched the games and waved my flag. I love the newer sports with the young people - in the spirit of the games, they are just happy to be their best, win or lose. Next time we do better in hockey.
  12. yes, you are right, we are the ones waving a flag and singing at home - I have the lyrics correct. Let the medal count roll = 7 Day 3
  13. Opening Ceremony Friday Feb. 9 , beginning at 5:30 a.m. ET - The CBC wants you to rise and shine, maybe come down to Union Station and celebrate From the CBC newsroom - join them Canadian Broadcasting Centre (250 Front St. W.) over a free pancake breakfast including a caffeinated beverage of choice, with doors opening at 5 a.m. ET. PyeongChang 2018.
  14. The anthem apparently reflects ability to change to live in the now, modernized and not stay in history. We move along.
  15. I hope we bring the medals and sing the updated anthem from "in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command" Go Canada Go!!
  16. I hope we bring the medals and sing the updated anthem from "in all thy sons command" with "in all of us command" Go Canada Go!!
  17. Her brand is too important and big to make such an announcement to run today. However I think she might make a go, another something to add to her repertoire
  18. I would like to say anything business (includes economics) will get you faster into your eventual chosen career. When you choose urban planning you become more specialized and with less prospect of jobs in the field of choice. Networking then becomes crucial as jobs in specialized engineering are limited. Perhaps it is to distinguish between many things including your like for a subject matter and practicality. For instance, I liked math. But, what if statistics Canada did not offer me a job. I prefer to side with the culture of the locals in South Africa "you make a plan". So, I purs
  19. I want to look at women gaining access to executive jobs in a positive light. Currently there are less job opportunities at the top and plenty of qualified women to fill executive type jobs. If there can be a level playing field for both men and women there will be a greater probability for change and less games. The dynamics will change. I don't deny women tend to want other women to have a similar experience in terms of upward movement, and it is never simple - they are not in the network sphere of those in charge. The locker talk now-infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape B Bush Enterta
  20. Argus Still majority of executive jobs are held by men. When you compare happily attached to women (out of bounds) to women who pout their prowess (out of bounds or not) trying to get contracts and to get ahead in business, it is more difficult, and takes long to secure contracts when perceived as out of bounds. I rather put on my lipstick and high heels if it makes life easy. With more women at the top, there will come change. Indeed a welcome change to wear flats.
  21. Candidate reduced to a hashtag #nomoore
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