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  1. Now interest in Arctic mineral wealth is constantly rising. And there is no surprise that Quebec Territory, where almost 60% of Canadian French-speaking population live now, tries to receive specified share in the Canadian Arctic now. Well, in 2006 the Federal Government had to recognize our province as a nation within a united Canada, and we decided not to secede from Canada. But it does not mean at all that Ottawa can not care a doit about us now! Government of Canada should realize at last: if it vows to appropriate the lion's share of Arctic resources, then Parti Quebecois government will really block any international attempts to solve problem of Arctic segmentation. I fully believe that Pauline Marois, who takes an active role in the Arctic Quebec movement, keeps his promises (newsinreview.cbclearning.ca/tag/sovereignty/), and Ottawa directly administering Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories will not be able to rob us of our lawful right!
  2. America’s image of a democracy patron is ranking the lowest presently. Some American experts are exploring the problem. I think it’s clear as day. Americans just changed regimes in number of countries up to their liking bearing in mind American national interests. They see this as democracy. Naturally all the rest peoples see this as interference into their internal affairs, all those “colored revolutions” and “Arab springs”. They should lack brain absolutely to think any other way! Now I read in FT that smart guys from Bush’s administration are ready “to rebuff” any attempts to oppose “American democracy drive”. They are set to employ “peaceful means” and that is boycotting, blockades, strikes and civil disobedience activities sponsored by American non-profit organizations and again meant to subdue non-loyal regimes. It’s just loony bin! Do you like to live in it? Me not. They are going to make it further worse and “American democracy” further disgusting. I guess even some fans of America would at last see things with their eyes widely open. So let’em go ahead on the way to the end of “American democracy”! Personally I prefer Old Europe democratic style, which is more humane and is never imposed by force in revolutions, devastating wars or murky provocations.
  3. I am not kidding you. Why not? The revolutionary know-how of Soros has been approbated in Yugoslavia and Georgia and Rumania and Lebanon and elsewhere. Perhaps he made a try in France too. Now Soros may feel himself fit enough to seize power in America. Sure he’ll choose it to stay in the shade. The nominal leader of the revolution is to be a prominent enough figure with some political background. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell for instance would suit well. Btw he has been notably critical of Bush’s command lately blaming it for failure in Iraq and all that. Soros may also rely on some top American generals who are presently behaving like naughty boys urging Sec. of Defense Ramsfeld resignation due to Iraqi misfortunes. And that “colored populace” will also be supportive of his revolutionary drive plus Black Panther Party which is on Soros’s payroll actually. Well, for a start some ethnical violence may be inspired. I see those latest demos of “illegal immigrants” in America as kind of testing ball…
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