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  1. This is apart of a campaign for public awareness that has the one aspect of Forum Posting for education on this serious matter. This campaign has been in effect for several years already but has not been brought into full force until recently when the case depicted below was acknowledged to be true and correct in front of the provincial courts and yet still nothing has been done to change this corruption. The leaders of Alberta currently known as the Ralph Klein Government has committed illegal acts, intentional murder, and started/fed the cover-up conspiracy of these modern times. I without question firmly believe the population of Alberta must become aware of these heinous crimes against out own people, inflicted upon us by our own people, by the very one’s, who have taken oaths of public office, lawyers included, swearing to never allow such corrupt acts to ever occur within the boundaries of our province. The R.C.M.P, Civil Police Forces, Lawyers of select firms, W.C.B. with other insurance agencies, and the provincial government expanding from the common MLA to Chief Justice's of the Courts and the Premier himself Ralph Klein have partaken in vile/criminal acts to better their lives and the lives of those who follow them. But then the next question of the reader is "Prove it" & "Do something about it", well we have! Several individuals within the residence of Alberta has found proof of such allegations and taken them to the police and the courts, but why have you heard nothing about this and why was nothing done or changed? Well if the Government who has committed the acts is the same entity who creates the laws and is in theory supposed to uphold the rights and freedom of its citizens, you have an unfair and impossible task to bring justice on these horrendous claims. An avenue that them must be explored is the education of this to the general public not only to the citizens of Alberta but to the country and world as well, but this to is an impossible act when the news papers, radio stations, and TV organization have been threatened and fear the consequences of spreading this knowledge. My name is Kyle Hughes I am 19 years of age, my father is Anthony Howard Hughes, and for the past 12 plus years we have been victims of this corruption. As our knowledge of such events expanded and as our evidence we have now been threatened with death, not only death of ourselves but the death of our family as well. Below is a copy of a letter sent out in 2004 to every major newspaper in North America, every Provincial Government of Canada, the Federal Government of Canada, and several international establishments, organizations, and governments. Nothing has been done nothing has been changed as the truth is still hidden. Consider yourself educated. This is the most recent letter sent out on this matter concerning Anthony Hughes. It is directed to Mr. Ron Stevens; Alberta Minister of Justice, and still nothing has been done to change this problem. Again this letter was sent to every major newspaper in North America, every Provincial Government, the Canadian Federal Government, and several organizations.
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