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  1. It was a coronation for Mulcair... I agree 100% about Cullen being a far better choice.. He would have kept the NDP momentum going I believe but Mulcair has now welcomed the Liberals back into the game.. I much rather would have seen a stronger NDP than it is now.. Mulcair opened the gates
  2. You understand he's tartan and his "Plaid" comments are very well know right?? Don't tell me I know mulcair and his faults more than you?
  3. Update: Mulcair said it was all "a Miss-understanding".... Correct Angry-Tom! The officer simply Didn't know who you were right? And this doozy! “Don’t you know who I am?” Mulcair said, according to CTV, warning the officer he would be in a lot of trouble. I can not believe the arrogance of the NDP and the entitlements or assumed entitlements..
  4. Or, as its an RCAF aircraft.... I know its grasping but.... Maybe,, just maybe... to show the strong colors of the RCAF? As that is indeed their colors? No, Its Steve Harpers Secret agenda finally unveiled.. Cybercoma is so in tune with conspiracies
  5. Ignorance to the law.. Or being Ignorant is not an excuse.. Your biased assumption then is that running 4-5 Stop signs would be ok if not being chased by the police. Nicely plaid sir... Nicely plaid..
  6. And simply states when cornered in a Parking lot "Don't you know who I am"? http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/06/13/mulcair-apologizes-after-running-stop-signs-on-parliament-hill-with-rcmp-in-pursuit/ The entitlement this guy exudes is sometimes confusing. He was later forced to apologize
  7. My assistant has NO idea what happens in my life other than what time I leave my home for flights.. Oh, she may read my expense receipts and discover that I had.. SUSHI!!! OMG Your late breaking news will SURELY uncover evidence now... SURELEY.. With 60 police involved! Oh,,, upon further reading, one police car was at the suspected drug dealers house.. "Police said they executed about 30 arrest warrants across Greater Toronto" Regardless!!! The proof will come out Ford! We caught you red handed! In a Photo!
  8. For me, I do not care if they vote Liberal, green, NDP or Conservative.. Allowing this to happen simply removes any and all motivation to BECOME a Citizen. What other privledge is remaining? If you do not feel compelled to become a partner or contributor to the country that you are in, you likely don't agree with the criminal code, the policies of the masses, etc.etc.. And now Kathleen Wynne would allow them to influence the structure of Canada??
  9. I think his campaign manager should not throw stones.. and stop beating his wife instead.. Same amount of proof... NADDA..
  10. http://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2013/06/12/kathleen_wynne_open_to_noncitizens_voting_in_toronto.html This Woman is OFF of her rocker.. And Why is she delving into Federal matters? And "Supporting" Toronto City Councils drive to allow this? Why has she never supported ANYTHING in another Municipality? My parents became citizens along with my aunts and uncles desire to vote.. If not, why the hell become a Canadian? This is simply this Nim-whits attempt to woo the soft Liberal base in DT Toronto. We need an election before these wack-jobs ruin ALL of Canada.. Not just Ontario..
  11. Prostitution is Legal and alive an Well now in Ontario.... Simply look at how the NDP's Andrea Horwath and her gap-toothed fellate of Kathlene Wynne! She was paid well.. Billions in fact..
  12. No, We should never trust the police.. Who's notes are taken as the gospel in court. Even Police notes WITHOUT a policeman present (i.e Dead) stand up in court.. Well WWTT< all I can tell you is that from all the massages I get in Certified Massage parlors and paid for by my benefits have NEVER happened at 2:00am and have NEVER involved the massage therapist having to dispose of Kleenex.. At 2:00am, in a known "rub'n'tug". But lets forget about the facts and evidence,, and lets run with this "mysterious" disappearing Video and hearsay.. Sounds rock solid
  13. Simple wwwtt.. Layton is on police record for being at a Rub N Tug at 2:00am.. I massages all the time... Never has she had to use a wad of "Kleenex".. And Rob For is hearsay from a sketch reporter... NOTHING on record.... Seems simple... Or should I type slower
  14. And now your wishing death upon the PM.. This site is getting ridiculous.. Simply ridiculous.
  15. It could be that they simply couldn't be trusted.. That's what's called a "coup".. If there was a single shred of proof... I mean a Video, or an Image of him smoking pot/crack/heroin, Or a named witness who would go on the record and stand trail, I would simply change my opinion and jump on the "Turf Ford" bandwagon.. But I haven't! Im open minded! The photo of him with 2 black youths is simply part of the mayors job... What about the BBQ on the weekend? Millions of photos... I just need one where PROOF is in it? If he's a "crack head",, He sure is one functional one... Shou
  16. "looks like an idiot" Yes, You did.. When someone acts as you do on here.. I seldom bother with a reply.. Its immature and,, probably the same attention Rob gives to some of these silly question.. So,, YES you did.. Sha-la-la? Really?
  17. So, you don't like his looks.. Never mind the greatly improved Finances (A platform he ran on?). I will look for a nice photo of George Clooney for you.. Think of him when Ford talks and do what you will. We cant all be beauty queens..
  18. Well, We still flog other dead Leaders do we not? He was in no way golden... As many other dead ones.. Here is a good example from this week,,, same as Twoneys.. DOW Corning CEO reprimands Director level architect and team for stealing intellectual property... The team of 7 go on a media blitz claiming ineptitude in running DOW.. DOW CEO fires them.. When that "women" publically stated Ford should step down,, He has full right to fire her, When Twoney made the statements he did, I would fire him too.. When your advisers and staff turn,, you fire them.. What would you have do
  19. Ok, let me tell you again... The Police officers report exists.. Its tangible.. You can read it with your own eyes.. Its been in print and you yourself can attain it under the freedom of information act.. It takes about 4-7 weeks.. "At night",, "with a murder victim"... "In front of a drug house"... Sure sounds like case closed to me Matlock! I have a photo of me with a person who passed away in a car accident.. at night... Did I kill them??? Now all we have is hearsay from a "reporter" and a "bloggist"..on a Video.. And you gobble it up for your own political agenda
  20. Your arguing the existence of a video that never ever existed.. Let him have his night-time sleep-aid in the belief that there was a Video.. The astute among us understand that there should at least be "proof"... Some simply need hear-say... Like the Police Officer that openly discussed Jack Laytons capture at a rub-n-tug.. I would ask,, Can we take this officers below notes as Fact? " The officer's notebook indicates he asked the suspected john: "Did you receive any sexual services?" He replied: "No sir, I was just getting a shiatsu." The cop: "Why did you have all your clothes off
  21. Well, Hudak is wisely stating "NOT NOW" given the current state of the Global economy.. Do Ontarians need at "projected" 470 dollar an year tax?? Again, and "Estimate" from Wynne... And the Liberals have a great track record of "forecasted" expenditures..
  22. Indeed... Wasn't it Dalton and the Wynne team that "estimated" the immediate cancelling of the Power Gen projects would be a piddly 27-54Million? Well, its now in excess of 800M.. almost a Billion... An THAT estimation was only a year out! This band on thieves being propped up by the NDP need to be ousted before its too late.. With the amount of sheer collusion between the 2 spend-thrifts, we are on the right track for complete bankruptcy..
  23. Your probably aware that the paint scheme are the colors for the RCAF right? Your aware that this plane is in the RCAF fleet right? Just a little bit of history for you...
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