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  1. Both cities are overall, very nice places to live. But, one thing that does both me when ever I read it is that, most people say that Edmonton is colder then Calgary! That is actually not true. Just because Edmonton is farther north doesn't mean this. It is true that Calgary is warmer in the winter, due to the chinooks, but Edmonton is warmer in the summer. This is based on facts and if you ever are to watch the weather and compare them over the summer for a while, you'll see that it is warmer in Edmonton 2/3 of the time. Blame it on the influence of the mountians. Going back to the main topic..........my wife and I have lived in Edmonton for 4 years. My wife has also lived in Calgary for four years. Our vote goes with Edmonton, hands down. Much more friendly, easier to drive around in, not as over priced for any and everything, not as crowded ( Calgary seems like it tried to all be in a 5km radius) to much steal and concrete in Calgary. In Edmonton, it is green and alive. Many more festivals and things to do. This is just scraping the surface. Edmonton all the way.
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