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  1. Oh my gawd did you hear? I had no idea.... "Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a well known homosexual and pedophile scoundrel who embezzles money from the trusts that he is in charge of, and has plummeted his country Turkey into darkness and obscurity by censoring Twitter and other social media websites. He is exactly what is wrong with the media these days and with government sponsored censorship of the internet." source: https://reportcheater.com/06/recep-tayyip-erdogan-canada/ …..and he is Jewish Zionist!!!!!!!!! https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/commentary-is-turkeys-erdogan-jewish/ also he is dead: http://en.protothema.gr/rumors-that-turkish-president-erdogan-is-dead/ and a zoophile: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2016/05/18/full-banned-goat-fing-poem/ This one too: (but I just can't say what he is) http://www.abreureport.com/2016/04/president-recep-tayyip-erdogan-most.html Gawd bless the Turkiyeish prophet Recept Tayyip Erdogan. I will be back soon with more news. He is a glorious leader. Even more glorious than Trump, Putin, Trudeau, or your Gods.
  2. Trump did not destroy any candidates. They destroyed themselves. He didn't destroy Clinton, her own record did....but please keep spinning your myth. Your God is nothing but a fat ass who is a symptom. He's the consequence of failure of others not anything he did. Look at the legacy you build him, its based on failures....not one positive thing he's done. Sad. You Americans worship false idols..you worship people who shit in public and then you call it achievement. Your scatological fascination is illogical.
  3. He already chickened out and says he will do it in writing. He's a coward. Then again he would implicate himself if he testified he is so stupid. He would brag about what he did. He may still. It is a not so subtle attempt to o sucker him into admitting his intent.
  4. I have no interest in living in China. I do not need to go there to know that Wes. Likewise North Korea, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, Sharia law nations, Turkey and at this point anywhere in Europe. I think that covers it for now. I will get back to you but Cougar can have China to himself and the other 1.4 billion.
  5. That reminds me Shady....on one level people say the US lied about its invasion of Iraq and should not have invaded but why did the world sit back so long while he gassed Kurds? Refugees are sometimes a consequence of sitting back silently while people are slaughtered as much as it can be blamed on invading countries.
  6. Maybe the messiah has always returned in the form of each and every life form and many such forms are in fact as we speak saving the world with positive healing actions but you can't see that because you are too caught up in your self. I speak figuratively. That said the whole point of Trump's corruption and mistakes is he can't see past his own needs. He indulges himself. He uses his children, his wives, POTUS, anyone he engages in to promote his own ego. It is all he understands....feeding his own self reflection. Some call it narcissistic personality disorder. I call it the ultimate consequence of a person who has no spiritual identity, i.e., he does not feel there is something bigger than him out there. To then glorify his behaviour and deny what he is and does I do not get. He is a man with no humility and therefore a danger to everyone he comes into contact with. He is not a man to be admired-he is a man to be contained and prevented from hurting others. His appetite for consuming the energy of others only for his own needs has no limits. Its no wonder he can not go three seconds when he speaks without making the 666 no. with his right hand. He a pathetic slave to his own greed. He condemned himself to hell and he is burning on public display.
  7. Sheesh. To be honest I am both, Point well taken. Why do we always cloak this debate in extremes and see no middle ground... we can find a way to balance environmental concerns with financial ones when constructing pipelines or ship. Next, instead of whining about dependency on oil, we Canadians need get off our oil addicted asses and invest in solar and other forms of energy. Across the world as we speak, solar energy is making huge strides. How about we aid industry develop solar and alternative energy in Canada instead of using air pollution or global warming as an excuse to hike taxes to spend on non alternative energy government spending of uneeded prorgrams and servces, Give business tax incenstives to replace the oil industry instead of doing nothing but whining and taxing We environmentally concerned people have to get economically active in investing in alternative forms of energy, not just whining and thinking the current government will use the taxes it is charging on oil to help the environment or find energy alternatives. They most certainly are not.
  8. Global migration can directly triggered by draught,forest fires, flood and earthquakes. Whether those environmental phenomena are caused by global warming or not I will avoid a debate on but they have always triggered mass movements of people and wildlife. So of course have wars and disease. That said blaming Canada for the decisions of dictators overseas is a tad simplistic,. Sure W=we may by our policies aid Lavalin and other corrupt companies to exploit third and fourth world countries and we do brain drain them which I believe is Eye's point- but are we 100% to blame? That concept we are 100% to blame unintentuiinally creates guilt reaction policies that patronize and recycle the concept that we are exploiting helpless savages. Its time we understand the complexity of international and domestic policies is far more complex that portraying more than half the world as ignorant exploited savages That very concept is racist and yet promulgated by leftists. Simply painting people as stupid masses being exploited perpetuates the racist myth of third and fourth world people as stupid, brainless, choiceless baboons. Relationships that exploit unfairly require people not just in first world nations but third and fourth world nations sell out people for profit and self interest, Robert Mugabe was no victim. Neither are most of the corrupt dictators. Please do not tell me its impossible for a third or fourth world country's leader(s)n to engage in beneficial policies for their people.. Politicians and leaders have choices. Whether they choose to make benevolent or self serving ones depends on in the end the individual moral choices people with power over others make. So I would argue the propensity for humans to become corrupted and selfish is far more complicated than simplistic theories induced by guilt. Pity and guilt are wasted emotions. These emotions do not aid equalization or balancing of power-they do the exact opposite. because victimhood is too often used as an excuse to justify being corrupt, violent, or criminal or terrorist in behaviour.
  9. Simply saying its society's fault I don't think will work but I agree with you any crime becomes a societal problem because it impacts on all of us. That said Americans will not connect the frequency of gun shootings with their decision to want guns be accessible to all. They know their is a nexus or connection but they won't discuss if they want to own a gun thinking its an anti gun position. I agree with certain people who argue gun control has to make sense. It is not a panacea. Governments regulating anything screw it up time and time again. How you get people on an individual level to engage themselves in a revolution to challenge their assumptions about needing a gun is the question. Most pro gun people in the US say they need it for protection. They don't say they need it for hunting out of necessity to eat to wildlife control-they say protection and by that they mean against other people. So what has happened in their society where they are so afraid of others they need a gun? Isn't that the root question? People who feel the need of a gun to protect themselves are saying they feel weak, out of control, unable to protect themselves. Why? Where did they obtain that sense of powerlessness and why? Y'all ask me I have seen numerous people with martial arts training-female, male, gay, big, small, any age. They learn how to control their fears and emotions. That is where their strength comes from and when they learn that inner sense of calm then they can thank you very much defend themselves and not need a gun. Hand to hand combat ability is something all soldiers realize is as if not more important than a weapon. There is a reason for that. All I am saying is I hope the person with the weapon is disciplined and knows how to use one because most don't and how you control them remains the question as does keeping guns away from nut cases.
  10. Reefer I disagree with you on Alberta but I like your ability to state the positions you do. I believe Alberta does have to take some responsibility for its situation just not all of it. I also believe Quebec most certainly is treated far more favourably than Alberta by the federal government and Quebec and the rest of Canada has benefitted when things have gone well in Alberta, Redistributing or building alternative sources of economic revenue other than oil is of course a valid argument. I would never argue against that. I also quite frankly wish we could wean ourselves off oil. I am a strong believer in natural gas as a safe clean energy source. Anyways do not take it to seriously when you are debated. On this forum we insult all politicians female or male or transgender. No one specifically hates Rachel for having been a woman. The truth is we hated her because she was a midget. We hate midgets. No no I was joking dude. I am sorry I am a Don Cherryite. I am politically inappropriate. Actually Rachel Notley for a socialist was not that different then her predecessor Conservative Premiers when it came to defending Alberta oil interests. Its the nature of how our federal-provincial relations work. They were designed to be in constant tension to generate policies.
  11. Some of what you say is true but some of it could be challenged. For example of the 50% you say are rejected as refugees who were border crossers from the US who are mostly Nigerians and not refugees under the convention definition what you do not disclose is how many of those are actually deported. Nigeria won't take them back and most are NOT deported. They remain in Canada. We deport very few illegal refugees. Look at the stats. This is because there are insufficient numbers of government officials to find and deport illegals and countries do not want them back. So this is why I argue the refugee system is flawed and when I say that the UN convention and I argue its outmoded. The reality is most refugees are economic migrants who because of disease, draught, flooding, earthquakes or other environmental phenomena need to physically move. That phenomena most certainly has to do with changing weather conditions that have brought on floods and draughts. It also has to do with specific economic conditions imposed by the International Monetary Fund and other such agencies representing and defending the best interests of multi-national corporations and cartels that now control the ability of any emerging country to grow and export food to then earn income to then apply to develop other economic sectors in their respective nations. This is tied in to corrupt leaders of 3rd and fourth world countries bribed and controlled by international conglamorates. We also in the first world create a brain drain. We suck out all the educated people from third and fourth world countries and leave them with no one to build their own nations. Its complicated and to simply say refugees are caused by war is inaccurate. Yes war displaces people who become refugees but the vast majority of war refugees do not go further than their feet can take them before they have no choice but to stop. Those refugees, the vast majority of them can not and do not travel to Canada or anywhere else because they have no money. They stay in camps where as much as 80% of their children are sexually molested in the chaos and the no.1 killer is diaheria from dehydration and malnutrition and unsanitary conditions. The refugee system that is defined in the UN convention was created by a bunch of elitist upper class academics who had and have no clue what refugees are and created a theoretical construct that has nothing to do with the real world. Our refugee system was created to ease the guilt of Canadians because during WW2 McKenzie King sent Jews back to Germany to die and called them vermin and rats and we had a racist immigration policy. It was created to make guilt ridden liberals feel better about themselves. It uses the Christian missionary script. We define refugees as savages needing to be saved by our values and way of life or they are condemned to hell and we convert them to our values to cleanse their souls. Its nothing but a bullshit rewritten Christian missionary script only we replace Christian religion values with the religion of Canadianism, this concept that everyone can be anything if they come to Canada and work for others and when they do make money spend it on material goods. We want refugees or underclass to fill the jobs born in Canada Canadians now won't do. Born in Canada Canadians have been brought up to expect minimum levels of lifestyle and so we need to find others not yet conditioned to believe that. Born in Canada Canadians believe it is their automatic right to have a house, car, job, and be able to own at least a t.v., radio, microwave, fridge, stove, unlimited cellphone and internet use, a computer as necessities. If we can bring in "refugees" not yet trained to believe that, we can both make ourselves feel righteous and less guilty and find cheap underclass to work. Guilt. That is the fuel of the refugee program we have. Its an invention to justify our living as elites in our political system which we all know depends on colonial satellite nations to provide us resources. We use the third and fourth world for manual labour, to test out new medicines, to test new military weapons and to engage in dangerous chemical and other productions we won't expose Canadians to. The Refugee system we have does but one thing-it creates an industry of smugglers or coyotes who charge life mortgages on the people they bring to Canada. The persons they bring to Canada whether they make it as refugees or not are not deported. They stay in Canada engaging in cheap labour and pay a hefty monthly fee back to their coyotes for the duration of their lives for getting them to Canada. Another form of cheap labour are students. We now have an education system of universities and colleges that take in huge amounts of revenue off of international students. These students use the entrance to schools, as a way to then go and work. Its just a way to get in for many. They enroll, and the cost of the school and the interest they pay the immigration consultant on the balance they owe him to get him to Canada, then are their reality. They are supposed to work up to 20 hours a week, many work 40-50. If they do show up in school its only to write a test with answers they got from another student. Many have other students sit in their place and write the tests for them. Universities and community colleges look the other way knowing these students have failed or cheated on the English tests and they hire and fire professors based on temporary contracts based on student evaluations. The moment a student files a bad evaluation or complains about a professor, bam they are gone. There are no shortage of under-employed Canadians looking to teach. Our training and academic schools now have turned into shams to sucker in those underclass who can't qualify as immigrants or refugees. Our current Prime Minister lives in a sheltered privileged environment brought up to believe "poor" people are creatures....dirty, savage, uncleansed and in need of his protection. He sees himself as a savior of them and he believes looking the other way and allowing his large cities to be flooded with these downtrodden is his messiah role only he is not there to wash their feet or feed them. Out of sight out of mind. Once he issues a few oral platitudes about them he moves on to his latest fantasy and has no clue nor does he care what happens to them when they come to Canada without proper survival and language skills. Immigration policy when it works, identifies economic needs of the country and matches people from outside Canada to those needs and this helps build the economy and brings new ideas and approaches. Bringing in dynamic immigrants to contribute to new ideas and innovations and fill the areas that are in need of good candidates is the purpose. There also has to be some degree of compassion and humanity for people suffering in other countries from war, disease, famine. I argue foreign aid properly administered and controlled not given helter skelter to corrupt regimes via Lavalin building prison camps for these corrupt leaders as Trudeau has done is one way to do this. Another way would be instead of bringing refugees to Canada and dumping them here where they are destined to suffer from social and psychological maladjustment, they be helped in their camps with food, water, proper shelter, education, sanitary support systems which would be far cheaper than our refugee determination process and would enable these refugees to be able to go home and help rebuild their countries when conditions change rather than leaving them in Canada as underclass.
  12. Rue


    You aint alone Inner and its not unique to us Jews by any means. All people struggle with the stuff like you do in their own unique ways as well. I think we chose to be born to learn lessons and the struggle is you finding answers. The harder it is to find the more meaningful it is when you find it.
  13. Yah I said never wear a poppy. That does not make me conservative to notice that, but it does annoy me. You people who do not wear poppies annoy the snot out of me. Don Cherry is a racist.
  14. Don Cherry actually will be the first to tell you he was a lousy coach and be the first to tell you an idiot could coach a team with Bobby Orr and still win because of Orr. He never claimed to be anything but a lousy coach. Next its not conservative propaganda to say wear a poppy. Honouring the sacrifice people made so we can live in freedom is not a conservative or liberal exercise. So the words "you people" offends you... Got it. Your opinion of those 2 words and what they mean now gives you the right to censor him and vilify him and demonstrate the very behavior soldiers died to try prevent from being imposed on Canadians. Got it.
  15. Turkish spambot continue destroy English language with bad translator sound like Lurch from Adams family me speak two like spambot and wax poetic about Turkiye killer terrorists: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2019/10/syria-damning-evidence-of-war-crimes-and-other-violations-by-turkish-forces-and-their-allies/ https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=22853 https://observatoryihr.org/iohr-tv/eyewitness-of-turkeys-invasion-of-syria-talks-about-human-rights-violations-and-killings-of-civilians/ https://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/20/opinion/turkeys-human-rights-hypocrisy.html Turkiye spambot
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