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  1. I defer to you. Yes. Lol! Humour much much appreciated. The inconsistency in moderation on this forum, specifically in regards to trolling, derailing, hijacking, insulting, who gets banned I believe has grown sufficiently inconsistent to the point it can appear unfairly selective as to older posters on this forum not just me. I argue a moderator will losevghdir neutrality if they stay in the position too long developing resentment and contempt for certain posters. Charles Taylor called me as liar let him explain why he trolled like that but will censor others for saying
  2. That is right Dr Ow.... Michael Harder has been my sex therapist for many years now. He taught me never to say Regina when it's cold outside. I have been to Dildot, Newfoundland.
  3. The moderator has repeatedly in the past ignored me when I have reported posts and when I follow up so stop the crap with references to polite discussion. The point I made was and went zip over your head is that responding to something not considered of topic, I.e., derailing can't be unless it introduces a different topic that might be. It's not derailing to challenge an allowed subject. Ifanything what I might have been banned for was supposedly using insulting words. You even know what derailing means? You know what trolling means? When is something off topic? Are you tellin
  4. What because I disagree with you I am a liar? I did not lie and my words are public domain. You know exactly what I wrote.Why would I lie? Charles Taylor you are out of line.
  5. His opinipn is based on subjective, selective standards as to who the poster is he feels is doing the insulting and that is evident on the kind of comments allowed on this forum with some but not others. The inconsistency in who he allows to insult and who he allows to be insulted has rendered his role as a moderator a farse. He is harming the forum and not protecting free speech but engaging in personal vendettas against certain forum members he likes and dislikes. That is unfortunate.
  6. Charles Taylor I think it is time you take a walk as moderator. Your selective bias is past acceptable. On a current thread Taxme on a thread about a Churchill statute and whether it should be banned derailed the thread referring to Trudeau. His comments clearly had nothing to do with the thread. I responded saying his analysis was brilliant and you gave me a point and force me to agree with you to get back on the forum. You consider calling his comments brilliant analysis a personal insult and you accused me of derailing the thread but you clearly allow him to derail the thread. This is
  7. Bubber you and Shady could do less with the name calling and more with the references when making your comments. Take it from me who never calls anyone name syou two jack asses. (joking) Here to your point: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-and-covid-19-younger-adults-are-at-risk-too Here to Shady's point https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/need-extra-precautions/people-with-medical-conditions.html The two are what both of you and many others base their perceptions. Bottom line is that most people w
  8. Your post does not discuss the issue at all. Trudeau is not the issue. Stop derailing the thread.
  9. You are referring to this inaccurate pulled out of context quote: "The Dalai Lama, head of Vajrayana Buddhism is quoted as saying, " If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun. " (Seattle Times, May 15, 2001) " from Wikipedia. The problem with quoting wikipedia is if it quotes a newspaper article and you simply parrot the news article they reproduced, it may not be accurate. Any Buddhist will tell you the concept of "ahimsa" is fundamentally opposed to any concept of anger or violence.There is a history of discussing and de
  10. That sounds more like you. Add in this Senior, pinkish-grey-green man who thinks the word "systemic" is meaningless and that every human is an ist or ism in one degree or another but the way Singh uses it trivializes it and makes it absolutely meaningless and moronic. If he can not find any other issues to concern himself with its time he run along. He is so elitist out of touch this is about the only issue he can run with. It requires only a few syllables of posed outrage. If he had to discuss the economy it might cause his limited pee-brain to misfire.
  11. Its not just from the travel. You ever head some of the speeches from WE. Full of talk very little in terms of actual work done. I like smaller charities that actually DO something like Unitarian Service Committee or if you are gonna be big then follow the model set by the Salvation Army consistently spending the majority of its money on charitable exercises NOT employees and speeches of them. I support good charities. I am uncomfortable when government favours certain ones as Trudeau has in such a blatant patronage manner.
  12. Come on I was peeing. Let me finish before I respond. I can't do both. Sheesh you demand immediate response. At my age? Just changing the diaper takes awhile. Actually I was reading this Bogesy: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/justin-trudeau-drops-into-another-pitfall-of-his-own-making/ar-BB16BGQS It does make you wonder. He's not stupid. Well I mean he is....but this show's you he is arrogant and petulant. Why be surprised. He is a spoiled rich boy. He thinks he is above the laws of we ordinary shmos. It repeats his constant pattern of thinking he is above the
  13. Men with big breasts are not uncommon. We have many elected to office. The key is to wear larger suits and shirt sizes not restrict them so we can see when they are cold. That is the concept of democracy. Accommodate individual characteristics if possible and it causes no harm to society. On the other hand can we get real and not have people using their altered chemistry for unfair advantage.
  14. While I am sympathetic its not democratic or how Parliament works. Parliament does not prohibit any political parties. Laws limit hateful content of what we all say but not the right to form political parties based on religious or specific views that you and I consider extremist and often undemocratic or bigoted. I may not agree with many things the Christian Heritage Party stands for but I absolutely defend their right to exist as a political party in Canada. Same goes with the NDP who to me are today a fringe party. We can't prohibit ideologies we don't like. Its more complex than that.
  15. Oh they let me out of the cooler for now Besides I only rant in this section. I know better. I know you and Mr. H do not take me too seriously. I am annoyed as snot though. I think for a forum member within one post to insult the entire forum and not be called out on it is bullshit. I also have to ask, why do so many of these one timers hit and run and we never see them again. The pattern is there. So is the pattern of clumsy transference from an old troll to a new one in the same thread or the writer;s cognitive dissonance a phenomena that arises when someone writing is conflict
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