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  1. Rue

    Bam Bam !!!

    Bab bam. That is the sound of beautiful grammar....." The news are exaggerated." So is someone's i.q. level. Bam bam. She blowed up real good. Dang can the Turks not afford a Hanoi Jane who can at least get her present tense plurals and singulars straight?
  2. Hang on Bush C. Yah you know at this point I believe Mitt Romney is my choice if I was a Yank which I am not.. so unless you can tell me some other Republican will grow some balls and take on Trump nuff said . I think Biden is going to try run. I do not think Biden could beat Trump. I think the Republicans need to get over Romey's Mormonism and back him now that Ryan ran away like a gutless child thinking he can come back once Trump is long gone. It pains me to see someone so anti American as the US President. I thought Obama had that one by a mile. Now Trump. I have never thought I would live to see such a corrupted anti American hold the White Housed and mock and desecrate the US's collective honour. I am sorry but then notion this man is Commander in Chief makes me vomit. I can not imagine any American with any sense of honour not cringing at what this man has done.
  3. I deleted my reponse. I contend your comments pose as a pro Trump supporter to incite hateful comments against the US. Peekaboo I see you Ahmed or is it Pax Americana now.
  4. Animals? Lol. I am just fine by the way with Israel agreeing to take in 50 white helmets with new homes and assisting get the rest out. You refer to Netanyahu as an animal but you support Hamas Hezbollah, Muslim extremism, anti-Semitism which any fa├žade you hade of hiding and posing with your anglo name has now long since been flushed out. Listen anyone who has ever been on this forum knows you are a one trick pony. You hate Jews, big whoop. By the way, Justin Trudeau and the PM of the UK asked Netanyahu to step in and help get out the white helmets. Who you selective? Lol. Go on tell us all who you support. The fat boy in North Korea, Putin, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, and you want to call others animals? Lol. .
  5. First of I feel for TSS our forum Finnish contributor and the stench Putin and Trump must have made. Oh well wait for it to rain I guess. Next the crap that came out of Trump's mouth indicates: 1-the Ruskies have compromising dirt on him which I suspect is related to money laundering of Russian mob money through many of the financial networks that financed his shady deals in real estate over the years not to mention those of his transexual spouse Melana (not that there is anything wrong with that) wife spanking and peeing on him which explains the yellow hair; 2-it was a disgraceful act of treason. Trump has managed to make Obama look good on world stage. He has absolutely betrayed the nation sucking up to North Korea and Russia and giving both these animals credibility. He is a disgrace. He has managed to destroy any semblance the US had remaining on the world stage. To see the day when the US President performed oral sex on the Russian leader in public as he did was past contemptable.
  6. Rue

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    By the way H10 I am like most Ontarians smack in the centre and I want Wynne out but I think Horvath's wishful thinking promises of more spending are just feel good sound bite farts she won't be able to deliver on. I don't like Ford but I hate Wynn even more. As a person its hard to find anything negative to say about Horvath. She's always been low key and avoided filth politics. I give her that. I guess the reality is whether its NDP or Tory that goes in they both will be faced with disasterous over spending limiting them to being forced to make some serious cut backs. Sure the NDP would be more compassionate about those cut backs but I am not sure we can afford that. The province is bankrupt no matter who runs it. I am holding my nose whoever I vote for. I think Ford is the most realistic and its not his message that bothers me its him as a person. I don't like how he behaved as a municipal politician. I thought he was a disgrace to the city of Toronto and made matters with his brother worse by lying for him. That's not easy to forget. My prediction is a Tory minority at this point.
  7. Rue

    Doug Ford - leader of Ontario PCs

    The seat distribution favours the Tories in the event the Liberal vote goes NDP. For the NDP to get a land slide they wo uld need not only the liberal vote but the left of centre Tory vote. At this point the NDP is appearing to be getting the Liberal vote. Whether they move on and get sufficient Tory votes is the question. The NDP has traditionally always been concentrated in specific city ridings in Toronto, Windsor and in mining towns or some blue collar towns. Whether its spread out enough this time round is the question. Clearly a lot of people are not goingt o vote Liberal but predicting an NDP wave is a bit premature.
  8. Whether that is true or not I will say this-Trudeau is an idiot. He has no clue what is going on in Gaza and has never been to Gaza or the West Bank and was brought up in a sheltered millionaire trust fund world where he romanticizes people he does no know like little dolls he collects for his play station in his bed-room. Look Sophie I have a new doll its called a Palestinian. Tee hee if you pull its string it goes kaboom
  9. He must be proud of you too then usingt he exact same reasoning. But hey I know, you have a monopoly on what God believes.
  10. Using the Bible or the Koran as an excuse to be a terrorist and draw a moral equivalence between the West and Hamas is a crock of shit. Its a tired leftist exercise to try romanticize Islamic extremism as being relative to Christianity. It does not excuse what is happening in Gaza and people like you can whitewash terrorism and piss on Israel but the here and now of Gaza is terrorists who use their citizens as fodder in a self-destructive exercise-a prolonged terroristy tantrum that Israel exists. The fact is all the huffing and blowing has gotten Palestinians no where and they can decide live peacefully or wipe themselves out. The choice is their choice. Blaming Israel for their rejection of peace and democracy is bullshit. Israel do es not rule inside Gaza anymore than it does Arab countries or the West Bank where Muslims live. A lot more people will die before Hamas moves o to its next political propaganda exercise of having its people use themselves as screaming idiot covers for Hamas terrorists.
  11. Your bull shit ends with the above words. You haven't spoken to any "Jews" let alone know any Jews. You are full of it. All you have done is make a phony projection based on your belief you can stereotype Jews in one nice neat anti Israel label. You don't speak for me or any Jew and I am inclined to agree with Betsy that if you want to play good Jew bad Jew and sugest the only good Jew is one who hates Israel read what she said. Betsy is probably more accurate than you in suggesting certain Jews think if they hate Israel people like you will like them. Get back to me with your proof for how you know MOST Jews hate Israel. Lol. Tribal wayz tell me, do you claim you are not a member of a tribe? Your family is a tribe. The fact you aren't a Jew doesn't stop your family from being a tribe. Um uh um uh go figure that out.
  12. And you know this brutality against Palestinians how? When did you witness it? You and Hudson Jones et al, pose. None of you have a clue what has gone on in Gaza, the West Bank or Israel. Not a clue. If you did you would realize more Palestinians each and every minute of the day are tortured by Hamas, the PA and fellow Palestinians than any Israeli. You would know that if you stopped pretending and posing. The reality is terrorism didn't just suddenly happen because the IDF decided on their own in a vacuum to abuse Palestinians. Absolute bullshit. Israel has never acted ina vacuum and your response and you can dance your way out of it all you want makes the ridiculous suggestion that Palestinian terrorism was and is simpy the result of IDF abuse Horse shit. It is absolutely true, the IDF has at times used excessive and questionable force using your reference of assuming you can compare how the IDF acts as to what you think should be the standard for police in all nations. The fact is you have no clue how the IDF operates and why it has ended up doing what it does. Not a clue because you've never been to Gaza, you've never been to the West Bank, you have never been up against an enemy that uses Palestinians as shields and agents of t error. Y ou've bever been given a uniform and a weapon and told, defend your people from in-coming terrorists against an enemy who is invisible. That enemy is invisible because Palestinians choose to allow themselves to be used for that cloack of invisibility. Not all Palestinians but sufficient numbers so that the IDF has no clue who it is fighting. You don't grasp it. You don't get that enemy is dressed as an old woman or could be someone with crutches, in a wheel chair or in am ambulance. You don't grasp children carry bombs, weapons. You haven't a damn clue that during the last weeks as civilians are whipped up like trained monkeys at the Gaza border, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terror cells use that as cover to shoot at IDF and try penetrate the border. This is not a fantasy world where a country does sweet phack all as terrorists use their own civilians as cover to try shoot IDF border security and penetrate the border. You have no clue what Gaza is. Read the horseshit. We have expert Hudson Jones claiming its an open air prison. In fact it was Gamel Abnel Nasser who created it as an open air prison to imprison Palestinians not Israel. When Egypt withdrew, Palestinian terrorists chose to turn it into a new prison. I was phacking there. I helped build roads so that Palestinians came into Israel to work everyday. I was there when Israel sent in construction equipment and advisors and helped Palestinians build schools, mosques, apartments, where were you? Where was Hudson Jones? Where were you when Hamas blew it all up and started lighting Palertinians on fire and pulling out their bowels and throwing them half dead all over the place to warn other Palestinians not to be friends with anyone in Israel..where were you? Where were you? What makes you arm chair geniuses think you get it? Palestinians choose their fate. They have had the choice and were given the choice to live peacefully as neighbours with Israel. They bloody well did for years until Paldestinians funded by Iran and Saudi Arabia and charities financed by Palestinians in Canada and fake charities collecting money from genius leftists in Canada and elsewhere sent them money for weapons. What the phack do you think Gaza is? Who do you think Hamas is? What do you think Hamas does every day to its people? Why are you still on this same bull shit script that Palestinians are victims of Israel? They are victims of their own inability to say enough is enough to the Arab League of Nations. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and terrorist fundamentalist Muslims. Its a victim of its own choices and embrace of fundamentalist extremist Muslim religious ideology that can not ever recognize a Jew as an equal to a Muslim let alone having a nation. Palestinian is a piece of sess pool of its own making. Itsintelligentsia left long ago. You want to blame Israel join the club. Before you could use Israel as the couched reference people simply blamed JEWZ. Now you can use the word ISRAEL instead of JEWZ and what you think the exercise in blaming JEWZ for the probkems of others has changed? Never. It never changes. Make no mistake, the IDF is not perfect. It operates in a world of violence and does things your bleeding heart world does not understand because you have no clue what goes on in Gaza or the West Bank and think you can play the usual holier then thou superior gentile with his civilized ways calling Israelis savages Well hey why not just say Israelis put Palestinians in big boiling pots and run in circles around the pots screaming out oooga booga. Been there done that. I used to watch Jonhy Quest cartoons. Everyone but everyone other that the people you grew up with have bones in their noses and are savages. Got it Bwana Sahib. Here is the thing. Israel is Jews. Its Jews who say to you never again...never again will you....any Muslim nation, any Christian nation, anyone like you posing as being in the position of being able to morally judge-can or will tell such Jews what they should do and how they should behave. Israel could give a flying phack what you think. Act all morally righteous sitting in your country where your leader thinks he's sensitive putting ob black face and singing mammy to Africans as he did in India with that costume display and dancing. Yassuh Mistuh Justin yooze a rel fren of us, Yooz undahstan us Sahib Justin. Save your sheltered standards, There is a declared state of war against Israel going on. Its being fundd by Iran and there are over 300 active terror cells operating in Gaza alone. Go find out their names. In the next summer weeks, hundreds more Palestinian civilians will die. This is precisely what Hamas wants. It can have them splashed on its newspods and idiot gullible Westerners will pee pee and cluck cluck on cue about how bad JEWZ are and not stop for one phacking second to ask...what responsibility does hHamas, the PA, Iran, the Arab League, the terror cells and the Palestinian people have in this? Why is it only limited to focusing on IDF actions. Why?
  13. Rue

    End of the Korean War

    Good Gawed I agree with Eye. It happens. I need a colonic irrigation. That said, I also believe North Korea is playing. They blew up their nuclear test site on themselves. Now they want to suddenly pretend they are dismantling it? Hah. By the way North Korea has engaged in this m.o. continuously i.e., threaten to blow up the world, bring it to the brink, pull back, get maximum benefit, wait a year, then start the cycle all over again. Its done it to Carter, Clinton, both Bushes, Obama and now Trump. During the Reagan era, North Korea stayed quiet as the Russian Empire crumbled and China went through a massive state capitalization reorganization. It stayed quiet as well during the Vietnam war. A lot of that has to do with China. The practical reality is China calls its shots not North Korea. The Fat Boy exists because China allows him to exist, period. China has its sites set on expanding in the South China Sea and does not want North Korea giving Japan an excuse to militarize and the US a reason to remain in large naval numbers in the area. China is preoccupied with Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam over territorial sea disputes. I personally believe China is the greater danger to the region. I don't under-estimate the Fat Boy could cause a war and is running a brutal fascist regime but in the big picture China has the most lethal forces in the area and I think its a matter of time until Japan remilitarizes and we see it replacing the US as China's counter force in the area. Japan is working on state of the art fighter aircraft for a nation that is demilitarized.
  14. Rue

    Iran needs some democracy

    I do think Kactus there are some maybe not the majority of Canadians who are aware of how many students in Iran have died or been tortured and let's of course not stop there and say trade unionists, journalists, human rights activists, etc. It's known. How well known I do not know. With fairness, former Iranians who fleed Iran in their own way try tell the story but many as you know are threatened for speaking out in Canada as they have family back in Iran. I think it is important to say there is a temptation of smeering all Iranians for the fundamentalist regime that has hold of them. It is wrong. But then in my shoes, every time I come on this section of the forum I see the same anti Israel shrills lump all Jews, Israelis, Americans, Westerners, in negative stereotypes. Its par for the course on political forums. I also have zero doubt as to the shrills for the Iranian government on this forum. I openly expose my beliefs. I do not couch my religion or views. I think part of the problem with Iran is dealing with its extremist fundamentalist supporters who hide behind Anglo sounding names and don't have the balls to explain what their version of Shiite Islam actually entails not just for Israel and Jews but the entire world. The fundamentalist extremists in Iran export a particular version of Shiite Islam that preaches hatred and violence against Christians, Jews, Kurds, Bahaiis, Bhuddists, Sunni Muslims.Yazidi, Zoroastreans to name but a few religions or ideologies. It also crushes and murders trade unionists, journalists, students, journalists, any politician who speaks out. All that said, Iran is Persia one of the oldest civilizations of the world. Its history should not be forgotten and ironically it is. The West tends to begin today's history of Iran once the Ayatollah came in and the Shah was replaced. The Shah was no democrat. He supported modern democratic values but he ran a police state through his Gestapo the Savak and that should not be white-washed. Neither should the activities of Britain and the US after WW1 and 2, turning Iran into a puppet monarchy regime to get its oil. Its all part and parcel of today's history. Isolating it and simply looking at Iran today out of context to the long history before the Shah is inaccurate. Again all that said, people do that with Israel, and the entire Middle East. They see the events in isolated time frames pulled from a greater context of interactions. Now all that said, today in this present tense, I believe as much as I do not agree with many of the things Trump does or his personality, I do not confuse that with US foreign policy. I believe the current regime in Iran is like Saudi Arabia using world addiction to oil to manipulate world events and client countries. How much of that happens without the greed of those nations I do not know. I support a strong US presence in the world. I make no apologies. I think it offsets Chinese and Russian influences in a greater battle of hegemony between the three and while I appreciate the trendy left hates the US I support it. That said, I do not hate Iranians as a people and I hold in deference their culture and history and do not make actual Shiite Islam with the fundamentalist extremist version now being enforced by its ruling council. I am not interested in anyone on this forum including you using your political hatred to rationalize demonizing any nation's people but I say we call out Iran's current regime for what it is a fascist theocracy exporting its version of violence. Ask Oncologist Hudson Jones how Dr. Jones was able to isolate the Zionist cancer gene and demand it be wiped out but remains silent on how Iran exports violence across the world. Ask Marcus to admit his actual religious beliefs and why he supports Iran's current regime. How about you, why won't you admit you are a Muslim and the version of Islam you believe in and its political implications? Hmmm? You can play high almighty with Bush Chaney over the US but I believe he is more upfront and honest about his views than you. I also believe while he is harsh on Iran's people, he'd be the first to support their attempts at achieving democracy. Then again I do not speak for him. I just read the full context of his comments as I do yours. I don't remove on response out of context. I follow his entire chain of comments as I do Hudson Jones'. Marcus' or yours. Here let me say this so Hudson Jones hiding from this thread hears it-The Iranian REGIME is a cancer that needs to be wiped out. Hey now. Imagine that.
  15. Rue

    US vs Iran

    Further to Citizen and Godess one major theory is that since Iran switched from the Petro dollar to the Euro it became a direct threat to the US financial empire. I leave that theory to others. What we do know is the two biggest and most powerful allies of Iran are Russia and China. Without both allies its current regime would not exist, Its people want the religious extremist regime out but can not achieve this without Western help which is not forthcoming as long as Russia and China protect it. Iran knowing it is the no.1 source of oil for China up there with Sudan, Mozambique and Angola knows China will not allow anything o happen to it-so much so that the very smart Chinese created another military alliance with Israel that at this time prevents a war between the two. What is driving Israel and Iran to their recent confrontation is Iran's decision to enter Syria to prop Assad with the full blessings of Russia and China and using its proxy Hezbollah next door from Lebanon. Hezbollah however is not the only terrorist cell Iran sponsors. It has its own Revolutionary Guard operating in 13 military sites across Syria although its anyone's guess how many were targeted by Israel a few days ago. What most people do not know is Iran is and has been in a state of war with Israel for many years. The only thing preventing an all out war is China and utin making an agreement with Netanyahu as long as Israel does not attack Russia's forces in Syria they will stay out of the Iran Israel squabble there. Iran sponsors a group called AL Sabireen in Gaza. Its goal is one thing-kill as many Israelis as is possible and its been trying to penetrate the border of Israel from Gaza using the disurbances it generates though civilians. Its also being watched by Egypt which is no friend of it. Iran also directly funds Hamas tunnel building and sends them weapons via Turkey looking the other way while Turkey is at direct odds with Iran in Syria but united with it against the Kurds and Israel. Erdogan hates Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan as well as the Kurds but he also hates Assad. Al Quaeda in Iraq is funded by Iran as it fights Sunnis in Iraq but interestingly Al Nusra the sister organization to Al Quaeda fights Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. Then there afre the Badr Brigades a terrorist cell who operate in Iraq and who knows where else. Then Iran finances Ansar Al Mahadi, the 313th Brigade, Mujahedin el Khaq and Muqtada al-Sadr. It also of course finances Boka Haram in Nigeria, countless other terror cells in Mali, Rwanda, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Kenya, Chad Dahomey, Senegal, Central African Republic, Algeria. Morrocco. It also financesLiwa Abu Fadl al Abbas (LAFA) and the Houthi in Yemen, terror cells in Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Pakistan Afghanistan. It supports terrorist groups in South America, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. You can look it up for yourself. Iran is not just exporting terror war all over the ME but Asia, South America, India, Pakistan, Europe and Africa. The notion that its sanctions should be turned off was insane. The money that was turned back on went directly to terrorist financing and even Obama admitted this. Iran claims it has the right to nuclear weapons no different than Israel. The difference is, Israel does not as is done in Iran, declare it has a holy duty to take out Iran, as Iran does vice versa. In fact the Iranian religion of Shiite Islam believes there must be a war with Israel before the Majdi (Messiah) returns and its their religious duty to do so. The 313th Brigade refers to the no. of soldiers said to start this religious war. Iran is not some benevolent progressive nation. It has at the centre of its religious value system the belief that all Jews must be wiped out from the Middle East and not just there, the entire planet. That's what its leaders profess to and you sure as hell won't have Marcus admit that just like he doesn't discuss the terrorist cells Iran finances and what religious beliefs Marcus supports in regards to Jews. He will present what he thinks are Jews that help his arguments but he won't tell you what he really thinks of them. The fact is Marcus and Iran do not believe any Jew should have a country let alone exist. I challenge Marcus to deny he supports Iran's extreme fundamentalist government and its belief Israel must be wiped out. This was never about a Jewish state, Its about Jews existing, period. You think Marcus is going to admit his religious beliefs about Jews on this forum? Lol. even Iran I s more forthcoming on its beliefs. It states them every day for all to hear. Yah you keep hiding Marcus. As for Taxme he hasn't a clue what an Arab, Persian or Jew is let alone a white person lol. But hey despise and hate do not have the same meaning o him so Lord knows what he thinks the word idiot means.. Now will there be a war between Israel and Iran? No. Hey I know. The world is going to blow up from the Planet Niraru, the Cern collider, Satan demons entering portals through Cern, shapeshifting lizards, on and on but uh no, no all out war. Not just yet. Will there be a continued proxy war with civil wars across the ME defusing one all out battles? Yes. I think eventually Erdogan will be taken out in an assassination and the military will take back Turkey turning into another Egypt. I also believe its quite possible eventually the corrupt regimes in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait-UAE be replaced by military dictatorships but I don't see Iran as a political religious fascist regime it now is lasting. Its only a matter of time until a pro Western student movement throws it out. In the meantime hegemony continues....and that continued protracted tit for tat as alliances form and disband in the moment seeking control of various physical sites of land. What it all eventually comes down to is the international price of oil and who has their hands on the supply of oil in the ME. Ask yourself how is it the no. 1 country that receives Iraqi oil today is Russia of all places then no.2 China. How did that happen under Obama's watch? How was Iran able to do what its done under Obama and will dealing with Trump be bad for the West. The bottom line is you can hate Trump for many many reasons, but the game of hegemony is way beyond him and what you think of him. Its about trans-global economic interests. As for Israel it will do what it has to do neutralize Iran when it did what it did, gets too close to the Israeli border. Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard and Iranian terror proxies have repeatedly tried to attack the IDF in the Gaza and Golan and on the Lebanese border and are now active financing tunnel building in Gaza and terrorist cells in Gaza and on the West Bank and it is believed in Jordan on the border with Iraq. That's just not in the news. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt are de facto in an alliance with Israel over Iran but nothing else. Saudi Arabia believes Iran wants to create civil wars in Kuwait and the UAE and Saudi Arabia no different then how it has in Syria, and with the Houthi in Yemen or the Northern Muslims of Sudan against the black Southern Christians. Iran will get into bed with Sunni extremists as well as Shiite ones for now but China will like it did with North Korea, orchestrate some behind the back doors deal between Iran and the US over oil. All that said, Muslim uprisings could explode in China or Russia. Many of the Muslim extremists in both nations are financed by Iran. They are well aware of that. So they try keep Iran happy but eventually one too many uprisings will cause either nation to ask anti Iranian nations to do something against Iran. Russia and China have as much to watch and fear in Iran as the West does and just as the West has to keep an eye on Saudi Arabia which finances as many terror cells that could come back to bite the West's ass.