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  1. Reality time: https://fee.org/articles/the-f-35-project-has-been-a-disastrous-waste-of-money/ https://saveourskiesvt.org/category/news/technological-disaster/ https://news.yahoo.com/f-35-problem-wont-easy-195300503.html https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/why-the-1-45-trillion-f-35-still-cant-get-off-the-ground/ The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) has in fact been in development for 18 years and is 8 years behind schedule. Its acquisition costs have exceeded $428 billion, which is double the initial estimate of $233 billion. Right now the lifetime operation and maintenance costs of the F35 is $1.2 trillion. Its design problems are not going away: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7158309/F-35s-problems-continue-documents-reveal.html Israel has allegedly redesigned the helmet which is supposed to replace naked eye vision and extended its flight range for their version. For Israel requiring a multi-purpose stealth fighter might make sense, for Canada no.
  2. Why would someone who makes blanket generalizations that are negative about ALL immigrants in light of what Trudeau did become more popular? If anyone really supports Trudeau his being an idiot won't bother them, they will feel sorry for him. Any Liberal angry with him won't vote for Bernier they would be more likely to vote for Green or NDP if or Con. The only place Bernier's simplistic extremism might work is Quebec and even there he has to deal with the Bloc Quebecois who are most likely to get disaffected Liberal votes. If anything Bernier's stupid simplistic generalizations that are necessarily negative to try get attention have done nothing for him.
  3. He has in past posts revealed he is a white supremacist. Ironic you refer to him as an American.
  4. He and his party have accused numerous people of being racist-how could he not expect these photos to be thrown back at him. The moment he began pointing the finger at others as racists for past comments and behaviour, he exposed himself. He knew these photos existed as did everyone else. Its called karma. He threw out crap and it was thrown back at him. What it shows is what you and I and everyone should know. He is a rich privileged sheltered boy with affectations that come from a privileged life where he was never challenged and could do no wrong and never grew up with anyone with a sun tan. What it shows is he is a privileged player no different than his father. His father drove around during WW2 in a motor cycle in Quebec wearing a WW1 German army helmet while his fellow Quebecers were dying in Europe fighting Germans. Justin one year after 9-11 was dressing up as some Arab story book character when he was 29. Also do note where his hands are. For someone who is so quick to call other racists and sexist oh do look where his hands are. He has skeletons. This just another example of his affectations and true self. For me what is far more serious is his conduct with Lavalin, his conduct with people in his own party who questioned him and his sense of privilege when he has engaged in ethical violations to name many issues of concern. The first concern is the deficit spending he has saddled the country with. He deserves the heat on this and Jagmeet Singh can now play the teary eyed victim to try manipulate votes. That won't work either. For those who heroworship Trudeau maybe its a wake up call who knows. When he told aboriginal peoples at a closed door fund raiser raising the issue of mercury poisoninhg, " thank you for your donations" and dismissed them rudely, he showed his true self-an arrogant, snot nosed rich boy playing politics but never far from the silver spoon which is permanently wedged up his buttocks.
  5. I respectively disagree with my bretheren Dougie, Wes, Often, Mrs. Bush et al in their defense of the orange man. How do you overstate or excuse lying? Trump has a pathological pesonality disorder. Some of his lying is deliberate and pre-meditated and with respect you people defend him because of his political positions. If he was a Democrat involved in the same lyng you would call him out as you did Bill Clinton or Hilary Clinton. One's political opinions should not excuse their lying. I think a lot of people dismiss Trump's lying just as they were blind to Michael Jackson being a pedophile. They had the behaviour in their face but because of the celebrity status look the other way.
  6. Thanks Dougie. You forgot to finish it off with 4 more years of JT as well.
  7. Capricious process? The leader of a country lies non stop, engages in blatant dishonesty and you call it capricious to hold him accountable? I call it capricious to try defend what he has done and refer to his farting and long toe nails as thunderbolts and talons. As for your invoking things from the past I can only assume you got your hands on some kind of recreational substance and are hallucinating.
  8. Do you really think Trump lies to people because they "deserve" it and has never lied to anyone who does not deserve it? Really? Give me a break. More to the point who deserves to be lied to? Even if you disagree with someone's political views why would you think if they disagree with you, lying to them is acceptable? Lying is lying, period. You are trying to rationalize being dishonest on the grounds its ok if you don't agree with a person to lie to them. That's a kind of half-assed way to justify being a liar......if Trump did what he did but was Clinton would you say what you do? Of course not. Just because you agree with his policies does not mean he is not responsible for his lies and unethical and boorish behavior. He has turned the POTUS into his POTTY.
  9. I am concerned about the environment. I am concerned first and foremost about non recycleable garbage, i.e., plastics, then radioactive waste, heavy metal wastes including mercury. I am concerned about the on-going destruction of the remaining rain forests in Brazil not to mention Indonesia which have directly impacted on the environment. I am concerned with any pollution. I just do not think taxing people without giving thought to the tax is the way to address the issue. The assumption increased taxes will necessarily reduce use of fossil fuel is bullshit. Its an assumption that has no empirical proof of a causal connection.If we are serious about the environment then we give tax incentives to industry and individuals creating direct solutions to pollution and focus our use away from fossil fuel to alternative fuels or energy sources.
  10. Taxme thanks for the concern but I do not engage in oral intercourse, discourse or any other activity with any leftists that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Thanks for the concern. Actually he was not a closest socialist. He was neither right or left but he showed an understanding of urban development and its relation to the environment way ahead of his time and Mayors to the right and left of him ideologically followed many of his ideas precisely because they were so well balanced. He also was not a bad Minister of Health. You will find anyone hard pressed to say anything bad about him left or right of the spectrum. I liked him for his approach to the waterfront, the environment and how he could balance business development and environmental issues that clashed and could find a balanced approach for both. John Sewell, John Tory, Art Eggleton, Mel Lastman, David Miller, Barbara Hall, June Rowlands, Fred Beavis, all after him, respected him genuinely. You get that many different egos liking a guy he did something right. I met him once. He was talking to homeless people and others about urban development and they all respected him and he did not miss a beat in treating everyone down to earth. I know it was only a 5 minute conversation but he was retired and still open to talking to people and enjoyed our questions. His wife has dementia and he is dealing with that with grace. He also is a spokesperson for death with dignity a very difficult topic I have worked with so I think his help there is that he has been very very compassionate to people in pain and afraid to die with pain or dementia. I don't hero worship anyone but Montreal Canadiens former players and Diana Rigg when she wa Mrs. Emma Peel on the Avengers so relax. I will brush my teeth though.
  11. I did because I thought your point on Hezbollah was a bit inaccurate. They shot at me and my friends. I was engaging in peaceful activity and not in Lebanon. My crime was being a Jew. I make a point of knowing my enemy. They are highly educated and disciplined and murderous to the extreme. They despise many humans not just Jews. Their treatment of Sunni and Maronite Christians in their own country as well as women, gays, and their own Shiites is as despicable. They blew up Beirut needlessly. It was a beautiful city before they armed themselves and decided to seize the country with terror.
  12. Me as well. My opinions are not something I hold on you. Dispose of them at will. It is your right. I continue to respect your words I just have my own feelings that are strong about specific issues such as terrorists and I am the first to admit they are based on blood not logic..
  13. Woop tee do? Is that the answer you'd like? For someone who shows a lack of interest in the opinion of others you expect it shown to you so does my wop tee do response also ring appropriate or do you think there is a double standard for you and your "logic"? The topic is ethnicity Dougie not who you dated but speaking about your logic and how you arrived at the conclusion Siekh women are attractive warriors sorry I think you are engaging in more romantic notions. Here: http://www.angelfire.com/trek/baldev/res/default/womenabuse.pdf Dougie I live in a different dimension from you. Terrorism taught me that first hand and that violence is wrong and there is no excuse for it and some of us are blind to it. I appreciate your right to romantic notions about specific ethnic women.
  14. That was illogical. Clearly I was providing a basis for how I arrived at my stated subjective opinion and nowhere did I claim my position was logically superior to yours or anyone else's.
  15. Actually Hezbollah does not have a uniform when it engages in terrorist actions and its been known to have worn IDF uniforms: https://www.nysun.com/foreign/enemy-donned-idf-uniforms-in-lebanon/38156/ As a general rule it does not wear uniforms unless its for parades and to show off to the media, i.e., http://english.alarabiya.net/en/variety/2014/11/07/New-ninja-uniforms-of-Hezbollah-s-elite-forces-unveiled-.html It is true in Syria because they have engaged in both asymmetric warfare and guerrilla tactics some of their units may have had khaki uniforms but they are not uniform. No they are not structured like a traditional army with officers and ranks: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/exclusive-the-hezbollah-military-command-structure/ No Hezbollah is not an army or even a militia. It is groups or cells of about 12 each with a leader but that leader can be quickly changed if killed. If anything all members of the cell are interchangeable if one dies. Anyone can lead. They are the most educated and disciplined of terror groups right now in Syria and they have recruited into their ranks Sunnis, Druze and Christians although obviously the vast majority are Shiite. This thread was about ethnic diversity not Hezbollah. Hezbollah ironically is against ethnic diversity. It wants a one world Shiite Muslim council to rule the world and considers anyone who does not follow its version of Islam to be the enemy. Ethnic diversity is the anti-thesis of the Islamic Dhimmitude Hezbollah subscribes to which makes it hate any Muslims as much as it does we Jews or anyone else if they think we do not agree with them. They are cowards. They believe in killing and torturing civilians to spread fear. They are a classic example of what happens when someone becomes extreme about hating ethnic diversity. That is their only relevance to this thread. As for anyone who tries to argue terrorists are the result of being treated unfairly I say bullshit. Far more non terrorists come out of unfair environments than terrorists and rather than use violence and indiscriminate, gratuitous violence as their method of expression justifying it by claiming they were treated unfairly, the vast majority of humans do not become terrorists when they are treated unfairly. To justify terrorism by making terrorisms victims of unfairness rationalizes their behavior, justifies it as understandable cause and effect and it insults the majority of humans who do NOT choose terrorism when faced with injustice but choose instead peace, rational discourse and to control their primal negative emotions in favour of logic and compassion. Anyone who wants to excuse terrorism as a result of a victim acting out I say this-you need to visit and see who terrorists are and who they kill. They kill first and foremost the very people they claim to defend-they are their ultimate and first and primary enemy precisely because the majority of the people they claim to lead won't turn into the savages they have. I have been there. I have seen the mothers refuse to let their children be taken in the night. I have seen men lit on fire with rubber necklaces for being accused of not supporting Hamas. Hezbollah doesn't go door to door with pamphlets recruiting. It goes into neighbourhoods and kills rampantly innocent civilians and for such good Muslims as they claim to be they are not adverse to raping and mutilating the bodies of women, children and men. This country has choices. We chose to welcome people who were different, not kill them. We chose to welcome difference to avoid becoming stagnant.
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