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  1. Given the sheer plethora of Turkish spam on this thread may I now bring attention to the only thing that counts in Turkiye: CANSU DERE.
  2. You are not a troll a for stating facts. You are a troll for insulting the intelligence of the moderator who deserves people defending him for protecting the integrity of this board from spambots. I appreciate his vigilance and you are wasting his time. Changing your name will not change a damn thing. https://www.dw.com/en/the-rise-of-political-bots-on-social-media/a-19450562 http://www.digitaljournal.com/internet/op-ed-your-online-political-heroes-are-bots-not-people/article/506645
  3. Well your comments can be documented by: https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/canadian-provinces-territories-by-percentage-of-french-speaking-population.html. However you may also want to consider: https://bilingualkidspot.com/2017/05/23/benefits-of-being-bilingual/ https://www.healthfitnessrevolution.com/top-10-health-benefits-of-being-bilingual/ https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hide-and-seek/201807/beyond-words-the-benefits-being-bilingual Oh go on try. Try this one on for size: Les glorieux sont la! Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP2QlfPMbss Please understand, God is a Habs fan and so the chosen ones are Les glorieux. As we speak the Saints look down upon you: Howie Morenz George Vezina Gump Worsley Maurice Rocket Richard Bernie Boom Boom Geoffrions Toe Blake Doug Harvey Dickie Moore Rene LeCavalliers Danny Gallivan JC Tremblay Butch Bouchard
  4. Quebecover being a former Montrealer Jewish Anglo you know what that meant. Just out of proper manners I speak French and grew up bilingual although it was possible I never had to speak French. You know the two solitudes. To me it was a matter of manners nothing else to speak French. I was a minority growing up in Montreal and had my run ins with both Anglo and Franco bigots. Just life. No one forced me to speak French. I wanted to. I grew up with the Habs. I know it had a meaning to Quebecois as a symbol of them being the best at something in a world where they were put down by the English and as a Jew I got that need to show people you were as good as them, but no Quebecois ever said to me this was only a French team- they loved their non French players equally and we left our politics out of the Forum. To me Quebec's true cultural identity is the Habs and that vision of the world- which is now multi-cultural but one that will always have a special unique reference or nexus or connection to support and acknowledge the collective French identity in Quebec if its taken out, the team can not exist and this is something many non Habs fans don't get. I argue the same identity with taking Quebec out of Canada.
  5. Hang on Y....and I admit I am a Habs fan so I have a bias. but... About Drouin: This guy is asked to be a defensive player in Montreal. On any other tea he could put up 30 goals easy. He is under-rated. Watch him play. He is a two way player now and bought into a defence first system because he is unselfish. If he was on a team that let him play one way like Vegas, Phoenix, Nashville he could score the lights out. I think he is an excellent leader. As for Domi I was skeptical on the trade then fell in love with his play last year except for one Kadri moment where he took a dirty shot and looked like Claude Lemieux. He has a penchant for the odd dirty hit like his Dad and that did not go down well in Montreal where you do not do that. The Habs coach is no different than Babcock. They were two peas in the pod as to their views on two way hockey and dirty shots. In fact identical which is why you will not see Gardiner in Montreal and why Marner would fit in very well but not Nylander. Drouin actually in Toronto would be a excellent partner for Tavares but the Leafs and Habs are mot a match. Same division same weaknesses and strengths. Drouin is loyal to the Habs and vice versa. The Habs will never trade Price, Drouin or Weber and I doubt at this point they would trade Gallagher who is to Montreal what Wendel Clark was to the Leafs although Clark was traded for Sudin so never say never. Poheling I hope can play 4th line this year. I appreciate his first game up was the last game of the year when he got his hat trick but he played solid 2 way hockey in college hockey so we shall see. I think Drouin is better than any winger in Flo. In fact I take Drouin over Nylander and Drouin is to the Habs what Marner is to the Leafs. He makes a lot of passes and defensive cover plays now cramping his offence. He is a team player. He is their defacto leader. He and Gallagher are the two leaders and of course Weber and Price. They have 4 solid leaders. The Leafs only need one, Tavares and his game does all the talking. He's their man. The Habs weakness is goal scoring and fast moving dmen. They got some slow foots back on the b line....so their break out game and power play is held back. God bless Petry and Weber and they asked Petry to carry a lot, but these are older guys now. They need help on the b line. We have a bonafide start in the making in Mete, but then it becomes cement heads. So we shall see if anyone can pick it up on the blue line. I think Domi had a career year and so did Tartar so whether they repeat we shall see. Hudon has disappointed everyone and this is his make or break year. On paper he sould be similar to Pacioretti in style but he's been invisible. Poehling has overachieved every year at centre. He has no one particular skill but he just seems to not give up. I have high hopes for him at centre and Special K the Finn can only get better so I think with those two and Domi we have centres now for 3 lines and we have nop shortage of at least 4 guys to play 4th line centre or wingers. What we need is some goal scorers and maybe a 4th dman. The Leafs I say leave alone. You made your moves. Now play hard.
  6. Well I think you are right for all the reasons you said. I doubt he would trade Nylander. I am just jawing for fun on this thread. I think by the way Ceci is a head case but a good gamble. Its beyond me how a guy like him played so bad. I watched him. Makes no sense. He is good movement laterally and soft hands. I don't get his head case effort in Ottawa. I hear Marner wants like 12 million. und-dog Kelly, John Ferguson, Stan Jonathan, Bobby Clark. I will get back to all time players lists later. You guys wanna talk here and now no prob.
  7. For all you fans, take a look at Jersey this year. You have to like them on paper right now. Right now Buffalo and Jersey on paper look good although the chemistry on Buffalo is weird and they underachieved last year. I like those two and the Leafs. I see this as an off year for the Penquins, Islanders. Everyone is touting Florida and the Lightening are still a fantastic roster. So those are the guys I would watch. Buff, Jersey, Flo , Torontoi nd Tampa. I have to go with those 5 in the East. I see Boston fading to 6 and the Habs at 7 or 8 with Detroit. Also Ottawa is not as bad as everyone thinks but won't make the poffs. I do think Connor Brown not being with the Leafs and Kadri gone as well makes them a very soft team upfront. That's fine when you play finesse teams like Tampa, Montreal, Florida, but not teams like Buffalo, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Boston that use the boards hard. That could come back to harm them. Their blue line is better yes but Ceci can be a head case so let's see what he does. On paper he should be a no.4 or 3 but he plays like a dummy. Maybe with a different coach he smartens up. The Leafs need a back up goalie. So listen to me. Domi, Lundrigen, Hudon, Tartar, Petry for Marner. That is my last offer. In the West still have to go with Dallas and Calgary before anyone else. Vegas still is to be watched. Those 3 and never write off Chicago with a better goalie this year and Shaw as a solid checking centre they missed if he does not get injured. He's had a few concussions but if he's healthy he gives the Hawks some grit they missed.
  8. Of course Y I am full of sheeyat on the trades. Its wishful thinking. I know that. Just hallucinating. I love Price I just think the Habs are in no man's land and we will get good in two years or so but not now. Down the road we have some promising centres, dmen and even a goalie waiting but its 2-3 years from now. I am 63. I will die before the next cup comes maybe. I am old. I can't chase Halle Berry anymore. I am winded. That said Nylander was on a team that did not need a puff pastry. In another division with less hitting where he is going don't be too quick to piss on him. If he does turn around its in Chicago where they have similar style players and Bowman and Chicago are no dummies when it comes to scouting. By the way back to your Leafs, I agree with what they did this summer. Its too bad about Marner. I think that will fester all year. Dubas is ham struck. He can't trade him no one will give him his value. He can't sign him either. So we have a stalemate and I do not blame Dubas on this one although I do think they should have traded Nylander before they signed him and signed Marner last year. Easy for me to say. I would trade Nylander to make the money space and pay it in bonuses not salary for 3 years to Marner. Marner is too difficult to trade. You just can't get a clear picture on his value until one more year to see if he's for real. I think he is and I think he is a great asset but he will not be a goal scorer like Mathews or Tavares. He reminds me of Dave Keon, Doug Gilmour, Jacques Lemaire. He gets far more assists than goals because of his style and that is o.k. He's a two way guy with great passing ability and I see him on any other team as a centre not a winger. Man he would fit in Montreal well and I bet you as much as you think I am crazy if the Habs offered Domi and Gallagher for him and the Leafs could not sign him Dubas would do it if they could and try ask for Mete as well although I would send them Alzner and take money back or Petry but not Mete. can't sign him. In fact I am working on it right now. Crazier things have happened.
  9. I think you need to get a beer (not an American one) and chill West. Come on. To take anything Trump says literally or as having ANY meaning is kind of silly. Clearly the US has established the POTUS is not running the country. Whoever is just uses Trump noises to keep people like us distracted from the actual agenda. Trump hasn't been able to hold down a security advisor, Defence Secretary, State Secretary or UN Ambassador. He can't find anyone to work in his cabionet and has "acting" secretaries that quit every six months. Please don't think this man runs anything but his own delusions. The actual state of the West is not being decided by him or his alliance with Kim, his toady act with Putin, his hot air with China. Global economic markets run by God knows who, determine our fate. What is apparent is that China's economy can't grow anymore. Its gone as far as it can go and is beginning to shrink and as it does, each percentage point of shrinkage causes millions in internal unemployment and eventually an internal revolution because its economy is a stack of dominoes and always was. Its just a pyramid scheme and its beginning to teeter. On the other side of the coin are a mess of disorganized, ever changing alliances of economic interest consortiums forming and breaking up in mutual interest alliances. What we now see is The US engaging in aggressive financial policies after years of allowing nations like China, Japan, and the EU get good trade with it. It now wants more to compensate for all the cheap labour jobs that have been sent off shore. The US realizes its turning into a specialist economy and can no longer depend as it did like China on cheap labour. Its allowed its clothing, food and certain manufacturing interests t3o go offshore and in return is trying to recapture revenue from more its advances in information technology and military hardware often one and the same. I think you will see in the coming years massive unemployment all over the world as we switch to specialist economies in the first world and the second and third world scramble for what is left over. Right now in Canada, our immigration policy is designed to bring in and capture fast food and minimum wage workers to replace born in Canada citizens who won't consider such jobs and expect the government to finance their schooling which is being extended into their thirties due to specialization. Something has to give and it probably means in the next fifty years a growing alienated and uneducated sector of permanently unemployed individuals who could not make the transition. This has nothing to do with Trump. He's just a blip in a massive movement of historic events way beyond the control of him or anyone. The motion was set long before any present day politician came into their brief tenures as elected leaders.
  10. The Habs eed to get real and trade Price to a contender this year .They need to finish the rebuild. I am a Habs fan but they need to stop with this idea they can rebuild around him. How is this for a shocker. Marner and obviously the Leafs goalie for Price and Domi. Both win on that one. How about Price and Domi to Buffalo for Reichel. Yah you heard me. I like the Habs draft picks but they need to finish it.He also deserves a cup.
  11. Drafts are always a crap shoot. Most people who are good are never predicted high. Scouting is a guess.bMe I am old school. I start with skating. You can' t teach it. Gretzky, Esposito could not skate but they are the exceptions. Give me skating and soft hands and I can mold the rest. Thus Nylander was touted. What ails him is puff pastry attitude. He can not handle the physical game. A year with Kane and Toews may change that.
  12. Turkish cheek resemblance technology exposes Nicky Manaj, Jenny Lopez, Km Kardashian as Armenian operatives. Oh it's true. They are same person. Oh it's true. Satanic illuminati agenda exposed. It's over Kimmy Kardashian.
  13. I consider any communication from Trudeau oral and questionable . Also he is a beast.
  14. It's the estrogen in plastics causing sterility.
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