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  1. Sounds like beavers bother you...lol...they'z just cute furry things you know....now mind you I hear your people love eating river rats in Moscow...go figure..but who am I to judge what your people eat..you mix me up with you...
  2. I hope he knows yer mooning him..they don't call you moonlight for the hell of it...geez if he spends it on a sex trade worker he would have to wear a mask and gloves...better off spending it on Jack Daniel's, lemon juice, crushed ice, a Corona ( the beer man not the virus) to the side and listen to some Janis Joplin.
  3. You have been on a roll for two weeks. Some fine pros. You have evolved tremendously in expressing yourself. Kudos. You have gone from rigid and dogmatic to creative, tolerant and variable in your presentations. God damn it but I like when someone proves me wrong.
  4. Kind of sad..I mean worrying people might not be hateful....
  5. Get off Dialamah's back. Trump has been in a mental melt down now for 3 consecutive days.
  6. I have three dogs. Rescued all 3. Know what you mean. All 3 came with trauma issues. The fearful one...you know...is just being like Betsy...you just gotta know lol when to stay back.
  7. You clearly did not understand what you cut and paste.
  8. Why would I? I have never argued against what Tam has said you have. I actually have defended what she said.
  9. Sino-Soviet relations appear strained at the moment both on this forum and over oil prices China does not want to pay Russia. You boys need to speak to Joe about who to sell your oil too...Donald is too busy blowing up his Navy.
  10. I am not of this world. Boo.
  11. It is a shape shifting demon whose purpose is to serve as catalyst to push us past our complacency so we can continue to evolve...life lessons are painful but without the pain we could not experience the joy..the two are inextricably linked..without that link..there would be no destiny..
  12. Bare with me please......to be accurate they are all equally as dangerous to people with breathing issues because any flu or virus is equally as serious and a problem and potentially life threatening to people with cpd or asthma.....however the point is there are so many more unknowns about covid than a common flu we must assume the worst for now in containment strategies and of course this virus allows infections to piggy in and attack the lungs of even those without cpd or athma. Either way virus welcomes lung ailments which in that sense adds to the list of life risks for cpd and asthma patients and any immune compromised individuals who live with that vulnerability. So not different...just as bad... and I know it sounds like Inam playing semantics Pik here is my point..it ie important in the sense of knowing treatments created for cpd and asthma patients are now helping covid patients so thanks to the past suffering of cod and asthma patients and of course the work of their doctors people without their specific diseases who now have covid can borrow their treatments and recover. So in that sense each person who dies or suffers does not do so in vane. In that sense they suffer and die but help others to live which is why being fearful is a wasted emotion..we need to be a weird as it sounds joyful they died but in so doing helped pave the way to create new treatments. Out of death comes hope and life damn it.
  13. Now I can agree with your last statement and yes there are major differences as to these rates. Look the bottom line is its a fucking dangerous virus.
  14. All immunologists or doctors said is any virus is more likely to be transmitted indoors because of our closer physical proximity. So in winter as proximity indoors increases so does the likeliness of contamination which is why some refer to some viruses being more likely to be spread in the winter..orca season where you must remain shut indoors..the point is..itsvtye time you spend shutb indoors not necessarily the season and it also is dependent on many arecshutbin with, how close you are to them and your hygiene protocols. Sars mutated to both become more challenging to the body but much more difficult to spread. So it's more of a problem in confined indoors facilities..but proper hygiene protocols have contained its spread meaning it does not suddenly increase in our winters anymore. So speculating about what could happen with any virus without proper data is musleadingb because a virus may mutate to something more harmful or less harmful until a vaccine or efficient treatment protocols contains the virus.
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