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  1. Lol too cool for my school. I am old. I like Melissa Auf Der Mar. To me she is Queen of Canada (well I know Trudeau thinks he is but....) On a different note I am old enough to remember Ed Broadbent who I saw walking around with Singh on the news. I forgot he is old now. He was the last socialist I can think of that everyone took seriously.
  2. Listen when Celine Dion runs, protect her. Save it. I am arranging she take over the Liberals.
  3. I would tell you buy Griphens not F35's. I would say on immigration do away with the current refugee/protection process in its entirety and instead provide financial aid to refugee camps. I would say in regards to immigration we match economic needs to economic classes of migrants we bring in to enable the economy to keep growing. In regards to guns I think hand guns should only be allowed in gun clubs and they must remain in gun clubs in safes in the gun clubs. I think all the talk on assault rifles is bullshit as we already regulate them. I believe we should give municipalities more say in their regulatory powers how they want to handle hand guns and rifles so there can be variations in cities and rural areas. Rural people and farmers need rifles out of necessity. I am not sure on your no.5. I am not sure your Charter of Rights (notice I said your...to piss you off) would make that easy. Otherwise I like it but I challenge anyone to call the above right or left. Its Canadian. Its a bit of everything. I myself now after listening closely see zero difference between Sheer and Trudeau and I am disappointed Canadians will forgive Trudeau over this ethical violations, Lavalin, deficits, and continuous mistakes and mismanagement not to mention his absolute betrayal of war veterans and his patently dishonest out and out lying about carbon emissions control. Trudeau's legacy was to reconstruct the Bloc Quebecois, alienate the West and make it clear he is a person of no moral code, a blatant shallow opportunist who places Quebec interests first. He is no national leader. He is a Quebec rump politician who has pandered to Quebec and who he thinks are visible minorities and he can't be both as he is finding out in Quebec which loves Bill 21.
  4. Hi. I rewrote my answer above. Please its not meant to tell others how to think only to say how I think. I am just expressing my personal opinion. As for what you said, here would be my answer. I believe much of what was written in the New Testament and for that matter Old Testament has to be questioned. It was written at a time and in a context where things we consider today as immoral were considered moral. I believe morality is an ever changing concept reflected in the writings of humans as it was at the time the passages in the Bible were written. Thus I would question much of what was written in the Bible. As a Jew we created a Talmud to give us a guide how to debate and continue to challenge each and every sentence in the Bible. We do not see any passage or set of words as having one fixed or literal meaning and that the purpose of the Talmud is to continue to come up with new meanings and applications of the very same sentences. So obviously I am not an Orthodox Jew. I am not a fundamentalist. I am very out there reform alternative in thought using many constucts from many disciplines like Taoism, Bhuddism, Hinduism, certain Existentialists and so on. I believe in many formal religions such as Christianity that there is still a prevalent belief your read the New Testament or whatever Holy Book it may be, literally, and so you can not question and most conform to and follow the literal meaning dictated to you by so called experts who are either clergy or missionaries or self-appointed preachers who believe it is their mission to convert you to their belief system because they believe if they don't you will go to hell. So I have a lot of issues and disagreements with many passages. I read the Bible and any holy book as I do Aesop's Fables. I believe they are supposed to provide parables to explain lessons on how we are supposed to behave if we are to repress our primal tendencies and be civilized. I believe religion is an exercise to control we primatesfrom killing each other. I believe it is a code of customs we created as primates (apes) so the pack we live in can be cohesive. I agree with Freud that if we do not repress certain primal tendencies such as anger, rape, murder, our societies can not develop and create civilized interactions So I probably would agree with every tenet you read and find immoral for the exact same reasons but would explain that the immorality arises when we humans apply words in a specific context and application to give them their immoral meaning. The BIble is written by humans. The New Testament is all heresay. It's all many times removed versions of what people THINK Jesus said. Me personally I believe the very exercise of writing the New Testament was political and used to head off a civil war between Pagans and Christians by mixing the two. I believe the creation of a physical house of worship and a confessional booth had nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with King Constantine creating an institution he could use to spy on people to see what they were up to and control them through clergy favourable to his biddings. I also read much of the New Testament in a positive way. I choose to recontextualize it as a code of civil behavior and lessons on positive behavior. I believe we all have the potential to be saviours and literally heal each other through positive acts where we expect nothing back in terms of reward or compensation. I believe when we do that we act morally. I think that was the pith and substance of not just Christianity but all religions but may get lost in the translation by people who miss the very simple meaning intended. That said I believe I know nothing more than you and would defer to your opinions as well if they work for you. In my scheme of things I a simple life form not wanting to harm other life forms and simply want to be a salient being whose interactions with other life forms is benevolent and symbiotic not parasitical. I claim no truth or wisdom just a source to generate discussions on spiritual concepts.
  5. As Busch Chaney said in the thread on Trump, defending his abandoning of the Kurds, Turkey is a real ally of the US and the above is proof why. What a wonderful spokesperson explaining the reasons the US has a good ally in Turkey. The above is an example of how Erdogan's position on Kurds is that they are ALL terrorist: https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/to-solve-the-crisis-in-syria-turkey-s-kurdophobia-has-to-be-addressed-first-1.6985363 Turkey is now attacking and killing with deliberation, Kurdishg civilians not soldier in an attempt to move all Kurds out of Syria. So where will they go? Lebanon? The Shiite Hezbollah which is an extension of Iran wants them all dead? Where else? All Kurds in Turkey are defined by its government as terrorist. Iraq? Kurds face what Israel once faced before it fought for its life and created a nation.
  6. You words aboive sound no different than the people who write the script for the fat boy in North Korea. Your attempt to create a personality cult and salivate over the virtues of Donald Trump are lovely Mrs. B-C. I think you should create squads of Trump supporters and have them erect statutes of Donald everywhere in between smashing store windows owned by Latinos who came illegally and burning books written by anyone but Trump. Go for it. In regards to the second comment you project your feelings on two people. You do not know what they think or want. The thing the three have in common as all politicians do is they have large egos and narcissistic drives that cause them to feel the need to broadcast publically their opinions as something everyone must embrace. The degree of the malignancy in their narcissism is for Americans to decide in the next election if he does not melt down and take the world with him by then. Your depiction of Trump's "interest", "drive and zeal" are subjective, partisan opinions as to his behavior. There are other theories such as: https://newrepublic.com/article/140702/medical-theory-donald-trumps-bizarre-behaviorer https://gen.medium.com/trump-is-a-mental-health-story-652c340f4503 https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/pa8k9k/thousands-of-mental-health-professionals-agree-trump-is-dangerous https://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/shrinks-break-silence-president-trump-exhibits-traits-m-article-1.2957688 https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/donald-trump-mental-illness-narcisissm-us-president-psychologists-inauguration-crowd-size-paranoia-a7552661.html https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/07/29/psychiatrist_trump_mental_health_urgently_deteriorating.html#!
  7. The above is a rationalization and partisan opinion of what you think his role is. If you really believe he is stopping or has stopped "globalist bleeding" what does that mean? What does "globalist bleeding" mean. What is it with you Trump partisans you make up words as you go along to justify his behavior which mean nothing. Globalist bleeding. It sounds like something Joan Rivers used to joke about in her stand up act. Then you make up bullshit that his doctrine is by design and transactional. Yes this is why he does not read any briefings, has no knowledge of history and fires people constantly....this isn't spur of the moment tantrums, its design. The refusal to consult with his military and security advisors over the implications of abandoning Kurds as he did. Oh its by design. Its by design the US now has everyone realizing he has no allies but Russia and North Korea. That's design. How about your fantasy he has little regard for the left. If as you said he is wrecking the globalist bleeding, how would that show disregard for the left-it would in fact support the left. Do you even give a thought to your concepts? Multi-nationals running the world do not favour the left just the exact opposite. In fact global bleeding is a leftist term first coined by Marxists that you recycle. Virtue signaling zombies...what are those...the only virtue signaling zombies I know these days are people like you using the pros you do in favour of Trump. Read back your words in the above. Tell me what are his rallies? Are you telling me there are no virtue signally zombies there screaming make America great again just like you cheering him on? Then here is your best rationalization " Trump is rude and crude to force the tide back..." What bullshit. Tell me FDR, Truman, Churchill, when they took down Hitler were they "rude"? Was Reagan "rude" ? Since when does being "rude and crude" force the tide back on anything? Did it work for Hitler, Stalin, Hussein, Ghaddafi? What world do you live in where being an insulting bully and engaging in grade 2 name calling on twitter changes the world?
  8. Why do you refer to yourself as "History"?
  9. Some writers created the story of Jesus as being THE son of God. The use in literature of a son from a God is not original: Here are people who took the form of men and then ascended into heaven:Salivahana of Bermuda Zulis or Zhule of Egypt[13] Osiris of Egypt Oru of Egypt Odin of the Scandinavians Zoroaster of Persia Baal of Phoenicia Taut, "the only Begotten of God" of Phoenicia, inventor of letters[14] Bali of Afghanistan Xamolxis (Zalmoxis) of Thrace Zoar of the Bonzes Adad of Assyria Deva Tat of Siam (Thailand) Sammonocadam (Sommona-Codom) of Siam (Thailand)[15] Alcides of Thebes Mikado of the Sintoos Beddru of Japan Bremrillah of the Druids[16] Thor son of Odin of the Gauls/Norse Cadmus of Greece Hil/Feta of the Mandaites[17] Gentaut of Mexico[18] Universal Monarch of the Sibyls Ischy of Formosa (Taiwan)[19] Divine Teacher of Plato Holy One of Xaca[20] (Fohi) of China Tien of China Adonis son of the virgin Io of Greece Ixion of Rome Mohamud or Mahomet of Arabia. Here are further stories of divine figures: Odysseus Romulus Dionysus Heracles Glycon Zoroaster Attis of Phrygia Horus Moses Herculese Here’s another list of saviours: Thulis of Egypt, 1700 B. C.[5] Krishna of India, 1200 B.C. Crite of Chaldea, 1200 B.C.[6][7] Atys of Phrygia, 1170 B.C. Thammuz or Tammuz of Syria, 1160 B.C. Hesus or Eros 834 B.C. Bali of Orissa, 725 B.C.[8] Indra of Thibet (Tibet), 725 B.C. Iao of Nepaul (Nepal), 622 B.C.[9][10] Buddha Sakia (Muni) of India, 600 B.C.[11] Mitra (Mithra) of Persia, 600 B.C. Alcestos of Euripides, 600 B.C. Quezalcoatl of Mexico, 587 B.C. Wittoba of the Bilingonese, 552 B.C.[12] Prometheus or Æschylus of Caucasus, 547 B.C. Quirinus of Rome, 506 B.C. Here is the point. Original gnostic Christianity has no documents ever found referring to Jesus as THE son of God. The creation of Jesus as THE only son of God sent to earth to save the world is a pagan story. That pagan story like many other pagan beliefs was merged with gnostic Christian beliefs on the order of King Constantine of Rome heading off a civil war between Christians and pagans. He ordered writers into seclusion to create a series of stories merging the Pagan and Christian stories. The days of the week are pagan names. The choosing of Eucharist a pagan holiday celebrating the darkest night of the year and merging it with Christ's birthday is a clear example Christ's birthday if you believe he was born based on the star constellations would be sometime between the end of March and April. The cross now used by Christians was not the original symbol, the sign of the fish, Pisces was. The cross is actually a pagan symbol. When people quote the New testament as you have you have been brought up to believe it can not be questioned and you just assume its the word of God. It is written by humans who base their beliefs as to what Jesus did or said, on indirect evidence, none of it first hand. In fact in original Christianity there was no church. Worship and prayer was a private matter of meditation. You could be anywhere to pray. In original Christianity everyone was said to be a particle of energy from the same source of energy which was neither defined as male or female but was We were said to have chosenthis life form to define the meaning and purpose of life as part of a never ending lesson we set out on. We are deliberately equal parts of negative and positive energy as the clash between the two fuels the movement of us to find and create meaning and purpose through compromises or balancing these opposing tendencies. When we do positive things without expecting anything in return, we set off a ripple effect of positivity that comes back to be felt b y us when we least expect it. In reverse if we do negative things, we set off a ripple effect of negativity that comes back to be felt by us when we least expect it. That is the central belief in most all religions and in the concept of Teekam Olem which Christ would have taught and Christians today call the Golden Rule. Jesus Christ personified, was created in human form to explain what all life forms set out to do.By explaining this concept as a human doing it, it made it easier for some to then understand. Your Jesus is an attempt to personify the abstract energy flow giving an easier to understand explanation for where it came from and who it will share itself with. You God, your bible, your Jesus, they come from a book written by humans, and you choose to give them meaning to guide your behavior and assume they are the only vision to see in the universe. I respect that. I would suggest to you what you see is what you now choose to see. If you adjust the lense you look through, you will see other things as well. Jesus as an agent to teach healing and humility is a wonderful lesson. There are other vehicles that also can teach this The problem is the very same stories of Jesus are used by those in the name of Jesus to justify intolerance, hatred, killing and wars. If any human of any religion tries to impose their beliefs on others because they believe only their beliefs are the correct ones,this sets the stage for war, violence, conflict. So I would say in answer to you that you answered your question when you posed it. You already believe you have your answer and want others to agree with you. I do not agree or disagree. My beliefs would not be something you would understand and from the sounds of how you pose questions, you would NOT want to consider. Just the fact I believe the term "savior" means the potential in all of us by our actions to heal or injure the world in which we live meaning Jesus was simply an allegory for what we all are, would not be accepted by you. I do not believe any human is more divine or less divine than any other form of energy called life on this planet. I believe all energy life forms have meaning and purpose but most of these meanings and purposes will remain a mystery to us unless we look for them in a creative, open minded manner. I believe evil is a human construct as is goodness and both are equal tendencies in our inherent nature. I do not believe as Satan as a life form. I see it as negative energy that is capable of clustering in a large form or breaking into smaller forms of movement and we choose to embrace or reject t but ultimately we choose whether we embrace or reject it-your free choice ultimately to reject or accept comes out. Your concept of being deceived by an external force, I believe is we as individual forms deceiving ourselves. I believe we create and project what you would call Satan when we are afraid or fear learning something or fear we do not have the ability to do something. The only Satan I know comes from the reflection of my image in a mirror. Some days it looms large, other days it does not exist. I do think people can use their energy to influence others in seeing the same image of it and in so doing magnify its seeming existence. When people worship materialist values, inanimate objects, value based on accumulation not sharing, I believe they build up this negative energy and others add to it by imitating such behavior. I believe a miracle is any act no matter how small where a positive reaction to a positive action occurs and serves as a lesson how to continue that positive continuance of thought/energy. That to me is the creation of new life.
  10. Jean Jacques from Ohio. That was funny Boris. This thread was a spambot.
  11. First off Kurds are not pigs with Lipstick. They are human beings, The fact that you try dehumanize them and then make reference to the term “Muslims” as being one identical entity/enemy of the West is your projection. It is something I and others will ignore as illogical. It is a stereotype. No they don’t all eat fried chicken. but what I do know is this proven fact-they were loyal allies of the US fighting side by side them against ISIS and lost 11,000 doing so. Next, the issue is not about the US right to withdraw from Syria or anywhere else-it is how Trump ordered some of his troops to depart from a specific area of Syria at a specific time after talking with Erdogan and sharing intelligence knowing full well it would lead to a massacre of innocent civilian Kurds after the US troops were moved. In fact to date Trump has moved very little if anyone out of Syria. He’s simply shuffled their positions as he just did to enable Turkey to attack the Kurds. Trump knew what would happen: “Erdogan's top adviser told CNN's Christiane Amanpour that Trump knew in advance about the scope of the Turkish attack. Read More "President Trump and President Erdogan have reached an understanding over precisely what this operation is," Gulnur Aybet said from Ankara on Wednesday. "He knows what the scope of this operation is." “ source for above: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/09/politics/turkey-syria-us-anger-ramifications/index.html also see: https://theblackwallsttimes.com/2019/10/11/general-says-trump-knew-turkey-would-attack-kurds/ https://www.businessinsider.com/us-shared-intelligence-turkey-may-have-aided-attack-on-kurds-2019-10 His decision goes against what his owned military wanted: https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/10/07/erdogan-defying-pentagon-trump-endorses-turkish-operation-in-syria/ It has also alienated the fundamentalist Christian base that ordinarily votes for him: https://www.npr.org/2019/10/09/768697873/evangelical-christian-leaders-push-back-on-turkish-invasion-of-northern-syria https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/oct/10/kurds-trump-evangelical-christians-syria His decision has alienated his Republican base: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/09/politics/turkey-syria-us-anger-ramifications/index.html https://www.businessinsider.com/republicans-former-us-officials-slam-trump-abandoning-kurds-in-syria-2019-10 https://www.cbsnews.com/news/lindsey-graham-syria-troop-pullout-reaction-republicans-call-trump-us-troop-pull-back-betrayal-of-allies-today/ https://www.azmirror.com/blog/mcsally-opposes-us-abandoning-kurds-who-now-are-under-attack/ His decision further inflames tensions with Western Europe supporting an alliance between Trump and Putin over alienating Western Europe: https://euobserver.com/foreign/146242 His decision has alienated one of his few allies in the Middle East, Israel, who are now forced to defend the Kurds: https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/As-US-leaves-Syria-Netanyahu-reiterates-Israel-can-rely-only-on-itself-604175 https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/96793/netanyahu-says-israel-great-sympathy-kurdish-independence/ https://www.courthousenews.com/trumps-abandonment-of-kurds-gives-israel-second-thoughts/ Trump’s decision has alienated US War Veterans: https://www.france24.com/en/20191009-trump-blasted-by-us-veterans-for-abandoning-kurdish-allies Now let’s get to the crux of the matter He made his decision on a spur of the momenb. He did not consult his military advisors, National Security Advisor or fellow Republicans in the Senate or Congress. Nor did he consult with his military allies Britain or Israel over the matter. Then he made matters worse by sending a series of nonsensical twitters referring to himself in bizarre grandiose terms and claiming he would economically destroy Turkey as he already once before did. Those words were and remain clear evidence of his dementia. They make no sense Then he showed a remarkable ignorance of history and as Rhys Bajalan Assistant Prof. of Middle East History at Missouri State University said in regards to sayin the Kurds did not fight at Normandy that: “It’s a weird framing that doesn’t really make sense historically or politically….Numerous people who didn’t have nation-states weren’t necessarily at Normandy but participated either directly in the war or in terms of providing materials and labor for the war.” Also as Jordi Tejel, a professor of history at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland stated: “They (Kurds) didn’t have a state, so they couldn’t act as a state.. still… individual Kurdish fighters from across the region did join other armies, fighting alongside the British and the Soviet Union’s Red Army." There were Kurds who sympathized with the Nazis, seeing them as an anti-colonial alternative to the British or French,… but others went to great lengths to counter Nazi influence in the Middle East.” Let’s now deal with actual facts not the ignorance of Trump. In 1941, pro-Nazi Iraqi army generals helped launch a coup d’etat, installing Rashid Ali al-Gaylani as the new prime minister. It was in fact the Kurds who went on to play a very large role overthrowing that this Nazi sock puppet. As of 1942 the British assembled in Iraq what was called the Iraq Levies which was made up of 40 service companies and the lst Parachure Company which was 75% Assyrian and 25% Kurd. By the net year there were an additional 4 companies made up of 22 Assyrian, 5 Assyrian-Yazidi (a type of Kurd),10 Kurdish, 4 marsh Arab 3 3 Baluchi companies. These levies were renamed in early 1944 the Royal Air Force Levies. In fact the Kurds played the key role in defeating the pro Nazi regime in Iraq and went on to fight in the British and Russian armies so Trump’s comments were past ignorant and idiotic. Because of Trump’s poorly thought out spur of the moment decision, 300,000 Kurds now face death and/or displacement as they now are being bombed and apparently there are reports the Turks are using gas. If a wide spread massacre happens NATO would have to expel Turkey, Israel will have to prevent another mass gas attack and pro Assad forces in Syria will take advantage to attack not just the Kurds but Israel. This vacuum may also cause Saudi Arabia and Iran to step in further destabilizing the area. For a leader who claims he is withdrawing troops from Syria at the same time Trump has just sent jet fighter squadrons to Saudi Arabia. Go to: https://federalnewsnetwork.com/government-news/2019/10/us-sends-fighter-jets-air-defense-to-saudi-arabia/ which says: “U.S. is deploying dozens more fighter jets and additional air defenses to Saudi Arabia, beefing up efforts to defend the kingdom against Iran even as President Donald Trump repeatedly insists that America must get out of endless Middle East wars.”
  12. Your intent is perhaps benevolent but there is a limit to how far the state can regulate how any man uses his penis Call me a libertarian when it comes to my penis. I think I would d a a better job regulating my penis than a Ministry of Penis Authority investigator giving me an audit thank you.
  13. To start with Ahmadi-Ahmadiyya Muslims and Kurds have been persecuted by mainstream Muslims for thousands of years so simply calling them Muslims and pointing out their persecutors are Muslim as well suggests they have the same beliefs and are all the same which is not helpful as they are victims of the very Muslim extremism you claim to condone. Their versions of Islamic faith are not similar to mainstream Sunni or Shiite sects. Next not that you care but Islam has many schools of thought, numerous sects, and a wide variety of inyterpretations including: Conservative Muslims who believe that all the Qur'an and (usually) the Hadith traditions should be applied for all of time unless it says otherwise; Liberal /Progressive Muslims follow Western modernized lifestyles and range from secular to non secular. Some follow parts of traditional Islam others do not. Innovative Muslims is a word used to describe the racist , the Nation of Islam (Black Muslim group) which believes black race (whatever that is) us superior to the white race who were created by devils. Extremist fundamentalist Muslims are any Muslim who believes their Islamic beliefs permits them to impose their views on others and their views are the only correct ones. They could be a mix of any or all Muslim sects of variations I explained above. Their beliefs are fundamentalist, i.e., they follow a rigid verbatim translation of the words they quote and see things in black or white terms with no room for variations being used when applying any rule Terrorist Muslims are extremist fundamentalist Muslims who believe they can and should express their views through violence including attacking innocent civilians, children anyone or anything. Like the extremist fundamentalist Muslims they reject all laws except their own immediate version of Islam which even then changes constantly depending on who the leader is at any moment promulgating the rules. They believe the world must be liberated from all persons on the planet including Muslims if those Muslims do not conform to its specific interpretation of Islam. Muslim Brotherhood are Muslims who created a group imitating the Masons in structure, ceremonial recruitment and beliefs and many were Masons and remain Masons. They have created a network where they believe only Muslims through networking in their organization can then inherit divine providence to rule the world through a circle of enlightened Muslim members. Regards, Mal X
  14. The current one. I don't blame her either. SBF they call it.
  15. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. Ah its back to the good old days XUL...... How many this time XUL? 20 million? 49 million? Go on wake him up:
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