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  1. Oh man conspiracies. Proud Conservative I really used to get annoyed with you until I realize your really believe what you write so as much as I disagree with you I respect you. I think with due respect its distorted by something else but let's respond to it directly. Proud-when we see things that are full of chaos and they make no logical sense we do something. We engage in what is called apophenia. We all do it. Our brain takes all the random info coming in at it and tries to make sense out of it. It creates patterns where none may actually exist. So let me put it this way, you could be seeing incompetence and your brain turns it into logical order. Let me put it this way: there are dirty wet markets. They create a virus. Then this absolutely large, inept government tries to cover it up. They fail. They panic. The damn thing spreads and they try cover it up because if the people realize just how inept they are they might realize how useless they are and revolt against them. The virus spreads. Many other governments with equally as useless government bureaucrats get caught. The disease keeps spreading. You can't possibly imagine its just the nature of government, that government whether its Chinese, European, Canadian, its made up of people like you and me sitting at desks. Each one of us at these desks gets fragmented and disjointed pieces of information. We work in layers of redundant layers of the same function often working at cross purposes to one another. We cause stupidity and mishandle things. Maybe just maybe what you see is not complex organized thought that goes into conspiracy planning, just stupid people. Yah we are stupid. I worked in two governments. I am telling you I was stupid and still am. No conspiracy. Just stupid. Basic shit we screwed up on. We took the most simple things and screwed them up. Let me say this to you, After Sars all governments knew they had to once and for all create early warning systems to test contagious illnesses. Most had the plans in place. Instead of spending money on those early warning systems our governments took the money and spent it on other stuff to get them re-elected-feel good stuff. Its what politicians do. They don't spend their money on essential services. Its not sexy. Its long term and no one sees immediate benefits so it doesn't get them re-elected. Politicians want to get re-elected so they spend the money instead on useless feel good shit. For example look how fast after the tragedy in Nova Scotia Trudeau was up posing as a saviour of all of Canada against guns. After months of screwing up on Covid, his handlers saw it as an opportunity to pass a law no one wanted and to restore his image as a decisive leader-so presto he's banning 1,500 rifles with no plan thought out to how other rifles good easily be recalibrated to the same rifles he thought he is banning. No thought to the fact that his banning will not stop the smuggling in of hand guns which are the no.1 source of wrongful deaths. No thought to how handguns that kill are in the hands of people illegally. He focused all his energy on law abiding gun owners. He did throw token amounts of money for a few ammunition sniffing dogs at the border and an unspecified program to look into gun smuggling. Really? You think with a border the length of ours where the same Trudeau created a precedent to allow illegals to walk across this border addresses the issue of security on our borders. Its such a long and never ending border its not possible to prevent smuggling of drugs and guns and people. However look what he did. Use a tragedy to pose himself and look good. Dr. Tam his health expert was wrong about everything she said. Repeatedly. No one with any right mind can imagine why she is still there. But there she is making speeches that mean very little. The world you live in is internet where messages come to you asap. That immediacy distorts what you see making it look bigger than it is and more urgent than it is. Covid is real...but we reacted to it based on the media which presented it in an hysterical way. The lock down the responses by government, those were genuine people trying to prevent other people getting ill. They reacted as they did because they screwed up and are still trying to cover their butt. You really think getting angry on the streets will help that? What it will do is give your government the ideal excuse to shut you up and cover their stupidity up. If you really care, be calm. Use educated reasoning. Challenge peacefully. Use logic. Use data and facts based on objective methodology not feelings to make your arguments. Your inept government can handle that. If you are not violent and rational, your opposition can be a valuable tool to change things. Its only when it becomes violent it turns people off. One last example, people rioting in the US has only served to cause police to react with more physical brutality. However in Portland, Oregon something powerful happened. The people protested peacefully. The police sent out knowing they were being peaceful...didn't beat them and tear gas them, they kneeled down with them to show solidarity. Sometimes the very enemy you need to connect to..to put out a fire. Martin Luther King was a man who preached that. He said to blacks and everyone else, reach out in turmoil to your very enemy and make him an ally and that is what he did. He turned his supporters into a coalition of every colour, religon, etc. and that is what made his ability to try change things work. Oh yah of course he was killed but his cause and what he did was so big at that point the dummies who killed him could not stop it. Now it looks like what he tried to do failed. It has not. The crap you see its part of the ending of that process. Its the final line of resistance. When a cop does such bad shit, it forces police all over to say no more we can't allow it. They will. It sometimes takes absolute tragedy to change things. That is what covid and the death of that man will do. It will be slow. It won't be quick, but its happening. Question, challenge, but understand, burning shit down doesn't help it hinders.
  2. Of course you see no racism. Many however see the colour of the officer and the colour of the person he killed and ask is that related go what you only see as bad. They do this because they have seen a repeat pattern of behaviour with white police and blacks. You appear to choose to see only your vision and not concede other people may see other things.In so doing you make the thread about your vision and dismiss any other. So now what.? You saw no racism. Poof it never happened?Anger and fear are incited by what people think they see not what you tell them they should see. For this reason I can guarantee you if a black person robbed you, everytime you walked down the street and saw another black man you would think twice. So are you telling me if a black man sees as cop do what this cop did he would not be afraid of all cops now? How does this perception process work where you dismiss any vision but your own? Your position is that his evil was colour blind unless someone proves otherwise. Others believe evil in this case was fueled by racism until someone proves to them otherwise...and so now? Does your version prevail? Why? Better still if you are right..then...what don't worry that guy is evil with everyone? Are blacks not part of that everyone category as well? You really wang to lecture black people and say relax man he killed him unfairly but it's because he hates all humans not just blacks. Oh well then that's a relief. You need to get that not all people grew up with pleasant experiences about police. So yes they might fear them when shit like this goes down. My grandmother died afraid of police. I grew up to witness police outside my synagogue guarding it from Jew haters. I grew up because my parents live in a country where they could live without such fear. So me, I can not . I am not asking people to go out and attack cops...but I am also not presuming to tell blacks or anyone else how they should feel. I will though tell black people I have to stand next to them and cry. Nothing else. They don't need my patronization. They just need us all to witness what happened ad join them and say no more. All of us must avoid violence. Americans will deal with this. It is part of their infinite struggle to resist tyranny.
  3. Some days I can't resist thinking Trump is just a Russian troll and so are the outraged responders as well. Time to run a third party in the US. The question is who? Kayne West? Gary Bettman? Maury Povich?
  4. The two way exchange between Spank and Wes was some damn excellent discussion. Good on both of yooz sob's. Excellent stuff in your back and forth. And to think I give you two shit. Kudos
  5. All I can say is positive change begins when we decide at an individual level not because we are ordered to by anyone let alone government. I myself don't buy into crime as being excused because of being poor. That is too simplistic. Certainly crime can become an alternative commercial source of finance to those who feel they have no fair chance to make it in legitimate business dealings but why is it you have two guys that come out of the same poverty, one is a terrorist the other a doctor, one a legitimate businessman, the other a "made" man, one a cop, one a bank robber, one a priest the other a pimp? I appreciate environment shapes our lives, but so surely does an inner voice inside us? Am I naive about that? Am I naive to believe anyone can pull their way out of shit? Where should our compassion lie? Should it lie with people who have tried and failed or people who have never tried at all/ These are complex issues. So all I can say Indy is we shouldn't use social issues as an excuse to avoid responsibility for our individual choices, but on the other hand we both know a guy with a job and some feeling of self decency because he works, is less likely to commit crimes. I have no answer for you on how much a government should play a positive role in helping people and how much of a role people should play in helping others and themselves other than to say both can help. I do agree with FDR's new deal for example. I think that prevented far worse issues but I can also see how a permanent new deal could cause the opposite effect of what it intended as well. Balance. How do you find that balance. In regards to racism, I have no answers. I can only speak for myself. I have experienced bigotry like you and many others but I can only explain how I dealt with it. I can't presume to know how others deal with such crap. All I know expressed with humility is I had to learn to not be so damn angry and ignore a lot of people I would otherwise react to. I had to learn to believe in myself and not allow others to define me. Those are abstract things I still work on of course but help when you think you live in a hostile word that has no respect for you. If you don't respect yourself first, of course you think the world does not respect you. You project it outwards. At least I think so. So self-esteem..how do you build that. Black or white if you don't have a strong family, strong faith values, a belief in something bigger than you out there, I am not sure how you go about finding that self esteem. Seems to be people who are racist over compensate for their own feelings of self loathing and people who face racism might at times over react if they do not feel confident in themselves and need to learn how to feel strong so when the ignorance comes it rolls off them easy. Easy for me to say.
  6. Is it only used against blacks or anyone that looks poor in which case then Eye's blaming it on capitalism raises its ugly head which was his point. Is it a class war or a race war or both? I think with respect to you stop n frisk targetted anyone who looked homeless or was panhandling and was designed to take them off the streets to protect tourism in New York in Manhattan.
  7. I suspect you are dead on Hal but the problem is when you kill someone black and you are white the added perception is like a flame to gasoline and trying to then put the fire out once its lit is the damn problem. I just do not know what to tell you. So much emotion is triggered. Racists use it as a platform. Extremist agitators use it as a platform. Angry citizens with their own distrust of police for many reasons get triggered and police get triggered. Its a vivious cycle. For a lot of cops when they see this shit they get even more paranoid then they were before tensing them up and making them over-react on the most routine stops with black people when they are white and vice versa black people are all tensed up about any ecounter with white cops. How to de-escalate that cycle of negative reaction which spins into further bad behaviour is the issue. It requires long term solutions of course, but in the short term people need to see tangible signs to cool off. Sometimes that requires a politician doing that. Trump certainly does not. Sometimes it requires leaders all sides respect saying cool it. We don't seem to see people like that emerging. Sometimes a musician or actor or sports figure tries but hey have limited effect and some of them simply use it for their own personal agendas.
  8. Its precisely why you detest communism because you know you must be free of anyone telling you who you must be. I get you. You and me we do not approve of rioting and violence but we don't tell a man who feels he's not free he is. You and only you could decide when you are free not me. I witness your freedom. You are the teacher in that sense. Indy I am not sure how this horrible shit ends but it will when certain people feel they are in control of their lives. It is a tough one. I think America struggles but it is because it constantly looks for freedom. It's what can be ugly at times but leads to some beautiful things.
  9. Anyone else want to post pictures of black gangstas..oh look he has a lot of rings and big lips..oooh...now what should I post a picture of Elvis, Donny Osmond, John Denver? That's debate? Its pathetic.
  10. Good luck on that one. You make a lot of assumptions about a hell of a lot of people and what they have experienced in their lives.. Read it back. Where do you get off telling any black person how they should feel? Is your idea of educating them telling them what they should feel? Why stop there? Tell gays, Jews, women, Chinese, aboriginal, Muslims, any group you can think of how they should feel. Go on tell them all. Tell them their experiences are not real, only what you tell them is.Good luck on that. Oh come now Dog you wanna teach blacks to listen to Elvis and pretend they don't know who Big Mama Thorton was? I give you 5 minutes until 1 of your student's gives you 2 fat lips and a flat nose. Careful. I still want you to come to my class, Jewish Sarcasm 102.
  11. Your words evidence racist expression of the worst kind. When a tragedy happens like a fly to shit you are there making slurs about all blacks using the tragedy as an opportunity to pass off your racist hatred as political opinion. Your words are vile filth. To write them exhibits what you have to offer, with those words, bitterness, hatred
  12. I think Dog this kind of stuff unites all blacks and it also makes all people distrust cops. Cops are in that sense visible minorities. People are quick to negatively blame them all, the way some do with blacks. They all look the same. When this crap happens black and white leaders, leaders from all communities need to come together, share their outrage but tell people to stay calm. It is easier said than done. You ever tell a kid raped by his father to stay calm? I have. You think its easy? You so sure?
  13. That cop with the knee looked like a scrawny guy. The other cops ignoring him and his knee were 2 white and 1 Chinese and none of them black. Would a black cop have done that to the guy? Would the white guy have done that to another white guy? Would the Chinese cop have done that to a white, black or Chinese person? Those are the questions ignited by the film. Everyone now acts angrily assuming the answers based on their own biases. The fact is none of us know what the phack that cop was thinking and people are too angry to care... they want that cop punished with an open transparent court proceeding. The anger will be reignited during the trial. No good will come of this. Everyone is angry. Even cops. They do not a cop like that making matters worse.
  14. No they happen in all black communities regardless of their political beliefs and financial levels. Especially after this incident. Its just people in nice homes will not burn them down.
  15. Nothing to do with capitalism everything to do with culture and values. Poor people and socialists are just as racist if not more so.
  16. Please the Richard riot in Montreal makes that one look tame. Actually Bush you are right other than 2 hockey riots and one rebellion with Louiis Riel we do not have that. We do have liberal guilt parades in reaction to this kind of stuff and some black lives matter rallies but nothing close.
  17. You and Shady are both right. The actual percentage does not have to be higher than what Shadh said but what you said is also true. Som ed viruses mutate like Sars and become very difficult to catch but become more deadly. For some reason this particular covid strain seems to be completely unpredictable. You can have as we know people with immunity issues, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, cancer, age all fatally killed by it but sometimes health people too. They are still trying to figure out why it makes blood clot.
  18. Bogey Saabs the car is a piece of doodoo but the jet is a good one. Good write ups. The F35 has the lobby group that owns both thd Libs and Tories and they did what Argus mentioned. They offered the most jobs in Canada. The jet is an overpriced nightmare but mp's want it to get jobs in their ridings. Lol you trust American cars these days? Not me. I have a Kia. Its fiberglass but its idiot proof. The Grippen is the solution. P.s. I never liked Mats Sundin. Borje Salming yes. IKEA no. ABBA hell no. We could get more Grippens, they are easier to maintain, land on ice, and leave money forvou ef navy. Ah who are we kidding. Our F18's like everything else will be pushed too far and like our Tudors endanger our pilots. I hear Trudeau will hire summercdtudrnts to fly model jets and they will call them th ed new scales down air force.
  19. It's still a problem in Toronto and Mississauga where I live.
  20. Lol I find you important! I visited Helsinki. I am a Montreal Canadiens fan. Saku Koivu. We loved him!
  21. I am surprised the usual did not comment about Dr. Tam being a transgender.
  22. UpThe thread suggests the US is evil and for your any of uourcrespobses be predicated on that assumption. It trolls by limiting answers to having to conform to one premises. It's been repeated on this forum continuously with clumsy lead in to the Tdot labelled anti US rants. The syntax on all the lead ins is CV identical to those under the Tdot label. If you do get a response trust me it won't be from Nevada. The premises of the thread is deliberately stupid to fish for anti US responders.
  23. First, I inferred nothing of you. I was discussing why the land lease to Hong Kong provided no legal basis for the UK to have done what you suggest. Second, claiming Thatcher made a mistake is illogical. The law predicated how the lease would end not her. She never drafted the lease. In regards to Hong Kong's right to determine it's own government that is termed suffrage. Its right to sufferage or political independence can not be decided by the UN only the people of Hong Kong and the government they may wish to cede from. The UN declaration if read properly does not deny their rights but it does say Hong Kong is legally a city in China under the Chinese government so under the principle of sovereignty other countries can be sympathetic and offer humanitarian support but can not invade the country on to change the government. The system I refer to is international law and the international laws of sovereignty and suffrage and defacto recognition of legal rights. I sympathize with Hong Kong citizens but interfering in the internal affairs of a country whose ideology we may find unacceptable is complex and unlimited. Invading g a country to free it's people from tyranny is the first thing a totalitarian regime uses as its pretext to invade and conquer and so for that reason we have international laws to try stop illegal invasions protected as liberating a country. That said if China had any common sense it would ease up on Hong Kong not tighten the noose. The problem is the current political regime feels it will loose face if it did weakening its control over all of China not just Hong Kong. Many countries choose to not recognize Tauwan because China says if you recognize them we will not deal with you and the countries that cower to that threat I personally believe are wrong but that is another issue non legal and in fact political and for me governments capitulating to China because of its economic control over their debts is cowardly.As you are aware countries have sold themselves out to China and for that reason Taiwan and Hong Kong should not expect any open support from such nations. Interestingly though Israel strongly supports Taiwan as an ally but Communist China government also has relations with Israel because China can't afford to have Israel invade Iran and has internal issues with its Muslims non Chinese Muslim terrorist groups are aiding so it asks for intelligence from Israel with such groups. Bottom line, if China needs something it knows how to compromise. It is not the invincible Tiger it is portrayed as. Its petrified of it's own By the way Taiwan is prosperous. The same two faced hypocrites who do not recognize it openly are only to happy to do business with it without a formal relationship.
  24. Now Canadians...seriously Canadians...why don't you. It's dead. The headline, lead in, talking to your multiple voices...done. the Nevada sun dried them out.
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