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  1. I suspect Lisa Laflamme. She has a low voice and a flamboyant name. Vladimir Putin is in fact a lesbian.
  2. Hi guys. Clearly Egg and X have a personal stake and appear on the different sides and part of me does not presume to tell Chinese what is good for them. I believe that the majority of people in HK we're brought up with a different approach to life and extent of gov. Intervention than mainlanders and do not want to be assimilated. I sympathize with their fears and X the attempts to play them all off as terrorist zombies is dumb. If you want to do that then it's fair to call you a mindless Borg. Please find out what the Borg are and know resistance is not futile. That would be illogical. Regards, Bones McCoy.
  3. I would say Trump is a racist elitist sexist and any other ism or ist. Most American politicians have at least some kind of ism and ist. As do all humans. In Trump's case he is open about it. He does not favour you wimply because you are white although he certainly manipulates certain whites by making them angry towards others who may or may not be white. He certainly does intentionally incite division and hatred. He leads not through inspiration but by appealing to difference and competing interests and making people feel insecure. He's a fascist pure and simple. He is no different than Mussolini. He is Mussolini reincarnated right down to the body posture, lip pursing, and meaningless speeches full of burping and farting. Then again the only difference between Reagan and Trump is Reagan swallowed his burps and blamed any farts on Nancy standing next to him. As for your leader in Quebec, to me he is just reincarnated Réal Caouette -Marcel Duplessis and is anti anything that does not fit his criteria of what a Quebecois is which at this point in time is a very ambiguous definition. The closest thing I can equate it to are Nordiques fans who want another NHL team but would never invest their own money in it.
  4. Lol not to get off subject but yah Dougie if one reads the Bible particularly the Old Testament literally it presents the concept of a divine source in a manner I believe reflects the prevalent human psyche at that time. I would like to think to find the definition of the source of all sources the closest one gets is a glimpse if they listen to Janis Joplin. I also think once Boy George started wearing his hat the way he did, it ruined it for Hasidic Jews forever.
  5. Yah so you die from a gun so I can live in a nation where I do not have to have a gun. You see my problem. Its hard to thank you when you are dead Dougie. So I do it now.
  6. Yes they interpret laws and yes especially on the second part using the Charter to define "cruel and unusual" but so far its only been used to allow people who commit serious crimes in other countries who flee to Canada not to be deported back to their countries where they committed the crimes.
  7. Yes. I also get your strong defense of civil rights and distrust of authority. I respect it don't confuse my hatred of guns with that. You know what makes this ironic Dougie? Its people like you we always ask to do the killing and die because we are assholes and can't learn to use reason. I am tired of asking people like you to die for what? The right to carry a gun? Oh phack that. Whether you believe it or not, what you did or served to be more accurate means many more of us do not die from guns or have to use guns. Its an irony that does not pass me by and you bet I appreciate it.
  8. First off Judges do not create laws, elected officials do. Judges only interpret and enforce laws, they do not create them. Secondly actual terms are created by the elected politicians. Judges can only enforce them. On a scale with a low to high level, on the first offence they sentence low, second mid range, third high range. The case law has set that precedent. Judges have very little say in the range of sentences and they can not overthrow minimum sentences on a first offence. So sorry the Judges are not and have never been the issue any more than blaming police is. Politicians are who we delegate to create and pass our laws. Politicians reflect the constituents in their ridings. Politicians wanting to get re-elected often talk tough on crimes but the very same politicians will not sound as tough when told how much our taxes will go up if we actually build prisons. The issue has always been very simple-if you do not want many prisons or increasing taxes to build more prisons and maintain them, there is no where to place convicted felons and so they have to be let out early which they are from ANY sentence. The average jail sentence is automatically sliced in half simply because prisoners must be released because of overcrowding. There is nothing cruel and unusual about a jail sentence for a gun conviction. Guns used in crimes always increase the sentence and that is not cruel and unusual it in fact differentiates the level of danger in the crime to society. Thanks but I do not fear the American republic nor do I want a police state. Please don't be so quick to assume what I think...but yes I have good reason to understand that guns flow in from the US...its a fact. Also if you want to point a finger accusing someone of fear point it at gun owners who think owning a gun protects them from totalitarianism. That is illogical and based on fear. People buy guns because they fear. Guns were created to kill.. so let's stop with the bullshit they are anything but a tool to kill. Prison industrial complex? Come on Spare me the rhetoric Dougie. I am a lawyer who knows the weaknesses and failures of our legal system and no I do not support a police state or stripping people of civil rights but as I said, you can't have it both ways. The same civil liberties and rights that protect the innocent, also can enable those with guns to commit crimes because of search and seizure procedures, warrant requirements, and how "reasonable cause" is now being construed and a Charter of Rights. I spoke directly with Prof. Hogg who wrote that Charter. He said neither he nor Trudeau had any idea it would become widely used or interpreted by the Supreme Court of Canada as it is now. Not a clue. You want freedom of speech, be my guest. You want the freedom to carry a gun as part of that expression of belief, yah I have a problem and it doesn't make me a fascist or communist, just a shmuck who pays taxes and hates bullets. I have no political ideology when it comes to guns. I hate all of them and yes I believe in longer sentencing for gun offences.
  9. I appreciate Grizzlies are absolutely unpredictable and can circle back and stalk, etc. I appreciate some people in rural areas have to live with some of them. I won't discuss that with those people as they will do what they think they have to do to defend themselves. I can only speak of what I do know, black bears. Except for mating season and getting in the way of a mother and her cubs, most times they are not a problem. I mean any wild animal being attacked by black flies or clouds of mosquitoes can go nuts, and you leave food around especially bacon grease you will attract anything and everything, but pretty much for the most part black bears are not a danger. The problem is idiots feed them at the side of the road, or drive like idiots in the dark on highways or leave their garbage out. My problem is mostly with my own species homo sapiens. I think we are arrogant, infringe on the right of other life forms and do not respect our place in the scheme of things. The few encounters with black bears I have had were simple, I get under the canoe or climb a tree and wait for them to pass or go in the lake. I myself use an air horn with coyotes and bears if I have to. However back to guns, I believe we often confuse the concepts of regulating guns (gun control) with banning or blanket prohibition of guns. It is impossible to issue an absolute ban on rifles in Canada. They are needed by necessity hunters and people in rural areas. As for recreational hunters, the vast majority who I don't personally want anything to do with, follow the rules and bring in revenue. What we are really concerned with is how guns get into the hands of people who are violent and/or criminal. The reality is the guns come in across the border through reservations no different then how tobacco goes back and forth. Living next door to the US means they will come in. I laugh at people who say get to the root cause of guns, poverty. The vast majority of poor people do not have guns or turn to them which makes that idiot comment to me despicable. It uses poverty as an excuse for why people use guns illegally. People use guns illegally because our borders are not stopping them coming in and individuals make the choice to use them. Terms of sentencing for gun related crimes are now too light. That is because our politicians do not want to raise taxes to finance prison building to house criminals with longer sentences. That is the bottom line. Our existing prisons have no room for criminals so we reduced the sentences for using a gun. Either have sufficient prisons to place people in prison for longer sentences or have the lenient laws we have because of lack of prison space but you can't have it both ways. Also if police can't engage in active policing interaction on the streets with people in certain neighbourhoods, of course in those neighbourhoods there will be more shootings. No one will say it but gun shooting went up when carding went out. The same people who whine about racist police and carding and profiling are now whining about an increase in gun crimes. You can't have it both ways. If you want police to handle gangs who for the most part are responsible for the hand gun crimes, shaking people down on the streets as it was once called, is a necessity to keep gang members out of the wrong neighbourhood and to make sure they do not carry out in the day time as they now do. I know our system. I have been on both sides of the fence with criminal prosecution and defense. Stupid boys grow large petunias to compensate for their small dicks by carrying guns. It gives them instant manhood and they now are carrying them around in broad day light because they do not fear getting hand searched on the streets. That is the reality of being a cop. You do not role down the window and ask questions anymore. You don't stop these jack asses walking like they got a pickle shoved up their ass. If you stop someone and shake them down you get accused of being racist, etc., so cops have stopped. Shakedowns consisted of asking questions doing random body searches, it kept the streets somewhat under control. Someone with the wrong colours or in the wrong place, was picked up and taken back to their side of the neighbourhood. Now every loser has a gun and think it makes up for their atrophied testacles. I use such terms because go look at the stats and see how few women use guns in crimes. Guns and testosterone don't mix well.
  10. Back to the thread. If I brought up Kamala Harris was Asian and Black in a debate it would be called racist and irrelevant. When she does it its self serving and ethnic pandering is it not? Why is it relevant? I happen to actually like her. Her being mixed is irrelevant to me and her being a woman is not relevant to me. Her mind and views are what matters. I do not like it when we ethnics use our identities to pander. We facilitate the bigotry of Trump et al in so doing. Just my opinion. For a country that is supposedly a melting pot the US is so hung up on its ethnicities as much as Canada if you ask me. She is a well spoken moderate. I like that. I don't find her any different than Mitt Romney in many views if you read them. She is more to the middle than some think. I prefer her to the other Demos at this point. I think she is not an accident. Someone is deliberately test driving a female Obama candidate now Biden has fallen apart. I think the Demo machine is ready tol push her to gp up against Trump in a re-match as an Obama + Hilary hybrid with no Clinton baggage. It seems quite obvious. I ask anyone to point out anything really outrageous she said so far. Her scripts are vented. She is being pushed like Obama was slow and easy. If the powers behind the scenes feel Trump has gone too far nothing surprises me with her. The thing is Trump seems to have a clear green light for another 5 years.
  11. Thank you. If these detention centres have problems and they do, using scripts that incite shrill emotional reactions will not help simply show the persons using such words like concentration camp have never been to one or experienced one. No one is being forced to do labour,, starve to death, subjected to torture, execution. Over-crowding is the actual issue and the people who use references like concentration camp offer no solution from their sheltered neighbourhoods.
  12. Your words do not show a concern for the world at all just a need to bash the US with one sided thread starters designed to incite anti American responses from leading questions speaks for itself, "Joe".... https://www.zdnet.com/article/iranian-social-network-scammers-impersonated-us-political-candidates/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/twitter-says-it-receives-half-a-million-of-spam-reports-per-month/ https://mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/1?.intl=ca&.lang=en-CA&.partner=none&.src=fp http://www.politicaljack.com/threads/russian-troll-brigade-paid-to-spam-social-media-sites.82357/page-2 https://www.newsweek.com/2015/05/15/russias-greatest-weapon-may-be-its-hackers-328864.html https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/bending-internet-how-governments-control-flow-information-online Whether our name is Vasilchenko or Basilone is not the issue. Never was, "Joe"...its your script. Слон не может скрыть свой пенис.
  13. If Canada has a close relationship with the US where is room in the bed for Justin with Donald when FatBoy Kim and Vladimir seem to be hogging the bed. This is a threesome not a foursome. Trudeau is on the floor playing with himself.
  14. If you are going to repeat that bullshit canard back it up. What billions of dollars of aid. Provide your sources. In fact your canard has been proven again and again to be misleading. Israel receives military aid not foreign aid: https://theconversation.com/us-foreign-aid-explained-74810 Your comment does not reflect the difference.Military aid to Israel allows the US to co- develop military weapons or other technology it then can sell to other nations and your blanket statement does not explain then how that military aid actually helps generate new income for the US as a benefit of that alliance. You of course would like to promote this canard that Israel simply sucks the US tit and thr US is an idiot controlled by Israel. Here is an apolitical explanation of how the US benefits from foreign aid. American businesses unlike you are not blinded by any Jewish brainwashing but by economic investment principles: https://www.gatesnotes.com/Development/Foreign-Aid-Helps-Americas-Economy Here is a US State department site explaining what aid goes where and it would be nicei if you had the intellectual honesty to differentiate military aid from foreign aid assistance. https://www.foreignassistance.gov/explore By the way every one of our damn consumer products come out of spin off from the US military industrial complex so if you want let's shut it down. You might want to then look at the no. of patents that come out of Israel because of the US Israel economic alliance and the direct benefits to your lifestyle when you paste up the usual Israel crap on this or any thread. This thread is just a pretense for another Marcus anti Israel diatribe with no balanced discussion on global economics and relationships. Ask Marcus why instead of funding terrorism around the world and particularly in the Middle East, Iran does not take its money and build an infrastructure for all Muslim nations in the Middle East. It has zero excuses other than its theocracy hates Sunnis, Shiites, Bahaiis, Zoroastreans, Kurds, Yazidi, Jews, Christians and prefers instead to fight a Muslim on Muslim war with Saudi Arabia equally to blame. Using Israel as an excuse to detract from the bigoted hatreful ideologies of Shiite and Sunni governments fighting each other and their lack of economic planning and rampant corruption is a spent script. Just look in the eyes of the Ayatollah or yourself. Your pro Iranian bias is what fuels your response. Get back to me when you want to attempt a balanced discussion. https://theconversation.com/us-foreign-aid-explained-74810
  15. Actually try Iran. He is a not so subtle Iranian devotee. As for looking in peoples' eyes, that about sums up how absurd this thread is.
  16. Dom you will be accused of being part of the illumanati for your comments, i.e., population control because it will impact more on China, India and the third world thanIst world countries where birth rates continue to shrink. Interestingly nature agrees with you, Because of the amount of plastics we have thrown out, the estrogen from the plastics is in fact lowering the sperm count of all humans to the point where reproduction of our species without artificial insemination may be a fact in the near future.
  17. With due respect Cannuck we also have to remember the constitution was created to allow Quebec to be distinct. It was deliberate so some of this built in dymanic or tension is deliberate and meant to happen. The belief was the two identities through dynamic tension (on-going tension) would like say labour negotiations between management and unions create a synthesis of the two opposites creating an ever changing fresh identity. as opposed to two stagnated identities not feeling any need to change. So for sure we have pandering with Quebec but in fairness there is regional pandering to the Atlantic provinces and at certain times the West and Ontario although not lately. To be honest its BC that gets the real tale end so BC created an economy based on Chinese and Indian immigration investment. Alberta being so dependent on oil sands revenue was and is screwed by Quebec and BC as much as it is the feds. Sask and Manitoba with due respect are small agrarian economies and more screwed by world market conditions on potash, wheat, barley, rapeseed. Rapeseed was our no.1 export and Trudeau phacked that up good with China the no. 1 importer. Tar sands oil is dependent on world market prices as well and its the US expanding its extraction of oil in the US that has the most major effect. Alberta as well needs to diversify its economy. It got too damned dependent on tar sands revenue and all your eggss in one basket approaches are a weakness of both fed and prov government policies.
  18. Don't. Heis a dishonest ego maniac.. This man from the get go only was concerned with his own ego. He endangered Canadian security phacking around with a motorcycle gang whore. He is an egoist and airhead The people in the insurance company he worked for laughed at him. He's a bafoon. He is as shallow and stupid as Trudeau. His entire career now in politics is based on petulance.His stance now is simply to say the opposite of Tweedledee, Twiddledum and the joke of an NDP leader. His only hope is to get some seats in Quebec back from the NDP which is quite possible but in the rest of Canada, he's like Jagmeer Singh,he's a nobody. We are down to two Justin and Mr. Dimples. I am not happy with the invisibility of the Tories. If they want to take back some middle ground or what we call Blue Liberals or Red Tories like me, he sure as hell aint doing the job. As for Trudeau they muzzled the idiot but he soon has to go on the road and defend Lavalin, his China-Saudi Arabia-USA disputes, his deliberate dismantling of Immigration law, the deficit, his fiasco with Jody. I think the Conservatives feel they should just remain invisible and let him self destruct. No. They should be presenting strong alternatives and so far their message has been very milktoast.
  19. No. Not from what I can see at this point. If he is elected then he might do something but certainly during the election he seems to be deliberately avoiding the immigration issue for fear of alienating ethnic votes which is an insult to this ethnic anyways. Ethnics.. Our damn system panders now to what we think is this need to kiss up too ethnics. Please do not kiss my buttox anyone. Just treat me as you would any Canadian,. Stop sending out pandering messages. They are patronizing and an insult to my ethnic buttox.
  20. You ask me, fascism is the extreme of liberalism and anarchy the extreme of conservatism ... if we use those two terms fascist and conservative in their true Bentham and Burke definitional references. Communism, socialism.... unless you have a n agrarian state or choose to live in a cult or closed of society like Mennonites. its not real now is it. Every alleged socialist is really a liberal in the sense they want government control not grass roots cooperatives operating without need of government. Trudeau is just a spoiled rich boy. He is too stupif to have an actual ideology of any kin other than that he feels entitled and acts like some divine Prince. China is a totalitarian regime. Its a centralized government controlled web to keep 2 billion from killing each other.
  21. You waste your energy. C'est terminal ou fait accompli avec Mr. Bean aka Taxme. Tabernackle. Oy gevalt. Parlez Yiddish avec Mr. Bean
  22. Point taken. I am sorry your well stated thread became an excuse for Taxme to do his usual bigoted rantings. Your point is of course dead on. I get you.
  23. This is an issue Canadians clearly have no interest in. The fact its gone on this long speaks to that and so does the fact that Trudeau is probably getting re-elected. When was the last time anyone saw Andrew Scheer. Can you believe we are weeks from an election and not a damn peep in the press about the chaos.
  24. Who are those employees? By the way if a security firm hires ex soldiers to give them jobs which I believe was the purpose of Comm good for them. Please tell me who gets sixty bucks an hour.
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