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  1. “We should have a temporary ban on refugees coming here until it’s clear that there aren’t any terrorists embedded. Wehat's wrong with that? Jimmy did it. But the establishment and the MSM has the stupid people in a tizzy.

  2. “We should have a temporary ban on refugees coming here until it’s clear that there aren’t any terrorists embedded. Wehat's wrong with that? Jimmy did it. But the establishment and the MSM has the stupid people in a tizzy.

  3. Didn't Jimmy Carter ban Iranians from coming into the country for a period of time? Not all Iranians were revolution seeking madmen.
  4. A German lady beaten by a group of men. Did you see this on the MSM? Me neither.

  5. Let's fix overcrowding and make the hippy alarmists happy. How? Let's regress back to the days when the average life span was 35.

    1. -1=e^ipi


      Well one way to deal with overpopulation is to encourage the use of birth control. But the pope, who the alarmists love for some reason, is against that.

    2. socialist


      Life expectancy 1800-1850 was 37 yrs. But they didn't have globloney warming.

  6. I agree. The climate has always changed. Much of North America was under a sheet of ice approximately 2 miles thick. It melted before you, I or Mike Hardner started smoking cigars. Maybe the atmosphere was overwhelmed by dinosaur flatulence that had been trapped for millions of years.
  7. Global warming is not a reality. It's a money moving scheme. What kind of renewable energy do you feel could replace oil and natural gas?
  8. IS this Twitter? LOL More hashtags please. MORE!!!!

  9. It IS the poverty ... just not in the way those school boards mean it. The affluent parents simply send their kids to Kumon, Sylvan, or Kaplan, to overcome school foolishness. The poor parents are stuck trusting schools. The obvious irony is that schools do it because they think this is the way for greater equity -- not to demand much from anyone. They don't realize they actually contribute to making the gaps bigger, as the poor have few alternatives to public schooling.
  10. Does math instruction need a revolution? http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/10/its-not-just-writing-math-needs-a-revolution-too/263545/#article-comments
  11. Follow the money, Mikle, follow the money. It takes some effort though. Then and only then will you begin to understand the magnitude of the deception. Ic used to believe humans were causing climate change when I was a closed minded socialist. Follow the money, Mike.
  12. This shows you what happens when you "unmuzzle" the scientists. How embarrassing for the Trudeau government working to whip up support for their global warming fiasco. It has only been a couple of months and already they look very amateur. http://climateaudit.org/2015/12/07/what-science-is-telling-us-about-climate-damages-to-canada/
  13. You should realize, Mike, that it's all a massive fraud. The goal is to put in place, permanent carbon tax revenue streams that will guarantee a cushy lifestyle for the public sector in western countries. The transfer of wealth to third world countries is what the UN bureaucracy hopes to get as their payoff but these elitists are no fools as they will get the revenues in place then demand verifiable proof of harm as a precondition for that transfer of wealth. They want the wealth to stay here in their pension funds. They do know the climate is almost locked in now, a mere glance at the HADCRU
  14. There is no need to apologize for the Harper years; he will soon look good compared to the power at all costs driven LPC, who exist to further those with whom they're politically connected.
  15. Did Harper throw the election because he wanted the Liberals to be at the helm when the economy went over the cliff? Now, JT and his short pants advisors can pump the brakes all the way to the bottom of the cliff. And all those big promises to fulfill when all he has is a bag full of nothimng to hand out.

    1. Smallc


      The amazing Harper. He engineered his own defeat, just to teach us a lesson.

    2. socialist


      He didn't want to win. That's obvious.

  16. Let's talk about the middle class tax break that is coming into law. So, at 45k per year a person will receive an extra $56 per month. WHOA!!! Now, when the other shoe drops - increased EI, increased CPP, carbon tax on fuel, Cap n Trade, loss of income splitting with a stay at home wife - you'll be paying them an additional $112 per month. Typical Liberal largesse. Give with the right hand and shaft big time with the left.
  17. The paranoia cabal is coming after "Ole Socialist.

  18. Day by day I become more impressed with the outstanding intellect of our moderator, Michael Hardner.

  19. Hey Mr, Hardner; what did you think of Mark Steyn's commentary at the climate hearing? http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/12/08/mark-steyns-illuminating-and-entertaining-testimony-to-the-cruz-hearing-on-climate-today/
  20. Yes, I received under $200 tax free. $380 I received was taxable. Now it's over $600....and all of it will be tax free. So I am happy with JT about this. I guess if you don't have kids it doesn't benefit you.
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