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  1. i would hate to see what our country would look like without the unions to protect the little guy. i talk regularly with some cupe guys and can honestly say i wished those guys were running the country. they truly care about the small guy like myself.
  2. those are my brothers and sisters in the streets protesting. you have no right to put these brave people down. who are you? what have you done to make canada a better place? i know nothing is the answer. easy to criticize people who are trying to make a difference in our country from your computer between bites of your corporate big mac.
  3. No troll here asshole. I am a student and i am gonna be a high school teacher after next school year. i can symapthize with the quebec protestors and the poor because i wasnt born with a silver spoon like you. i admire the hell out of tom mulcair much like i admired the hell out of jack layton who was the only leader that i ever known that truly cared about canada and making sure every canadian had equal access to rights. dont feed your self righteous bullshit to me.
  4. thank goodness al gore had the balls to produce a movie exposing what greedy pig capitalists are doing to our environment. global warming caused by human activity is a FACT. it should be a crime to think otherwise. how come some people don't give a rats ass about having a clean planet. maybe these greedy pigs should start studying social justice so we can all have equal goods and rights.
  5. this strike against the wealthy elite is great. its about time young people like myself start to fight back at goverments that take away my rights. i should have the right to free education for as long as i want so that i can develop my skills properly. our brothers in quebec are the only people in this country who have balls of steel. we all owe them a debt of gratitude for their sacrifices. maybe if the rich paid taxes we would have the great countries that some of the forefathers envisioned. we owe alot to all the brave occupiers who are fighting for are rights. nobody even knows what democ
  6. these new ei rules suck. i should be able to collect ei for as long as i want. there may not be work that i want to do in my area. why should i suffer because of a capitalist goverment. thomas mulcair would never do this to ordinary canadians who arent part of the rich elite. like denmark i should be able to collect benefits for three years after working for a year. this country is so ass backwards that we wont even reconize it by time the greedy capitalists are done with it. easy to step on the small people.
  7. you can't argue with deniers. the greedy capitalist western pis need to pay through their teeth to compensate africa for the damage done by the wests haphazard use of fossil fuels which is warmin the earth at an alarming rate. the pig capitalists dont care about the environment. they disgust me.
  8. socialist


    The West is becoming more and more left-wing. next election you will see the "real" orange wave. We haven't seen a great leader in the likes of Mulcair in ages. Mulcair will make sure all Canadians are provided for. Those households making over 90 K a year (the rich) will have to finally pay their share to make all Canadians equal.50% of their income should be taxed in order to help those who need the help. The greedy rich capitalist pigs need to pay for the damage they have inflicted on the poor, needy, and the environment. 2015 canada will finally become a great country with equality for al
  9. socialist


    4 more years and Mulcair will become PM. Mulcair is what this country needs; a great, honest leader that can unite all Canadians.
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