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  1. Donald Trump has lost all support of Hamas and Hizbollah sympathizers.

  2. Tell me how it works then. Please.
  3. I agree, Michael. You make another astute point. Why don't people speak about the CIHI? That question has bothered me and kept me up at night many nights. It's time people started speaking about the CIHI. Thanks for the excellent link, Michael. You bring to the forefront a very important topic that people are ignorant of.
  4. hey Tim, why are farmers in Alberta so angry with the NDP? What's going on there?
  5. I like the Liberal plan for child cheques. I will receive over $600 a month tax free. That's pretty sweet. Harper only gave us monthly cheques that were taxable.
  6. Yet another outstanding post by you, Michael Hardner. I continue to be amazed at how astute you are on a variety of topics. This forum is lucky to have you as a regular contributor. I continue to be blown away by your outstanding cognitive abilities.
  7. Justin Trudeau was born during the same century as Mike Hardner.

  8. Justin Trudeau was born during the same century as Mike Hardner.

    1. bcsapper


      So was I. What do you think it all means?!?!?

  9. Sorry...I should have mentioned it was a cite. My mistake and my apologies.
  10. I don't see any racism or bigotry on this forum. People will make up whatever they want to make up. It's becoming to easy to cry racism every time one disagrees. It's simple laziness.
  11. Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau were born in the same century.

    1. socialist


      Justin Trudeau’s first Question Period as prime minister was a miserable affair for the government, so exposed is it on two policy positions that never made any sense – beyond being blatant political bait for voters so hungry for change they were prepared to swallow any mendacity.

    2. The_Squid


      It will only be a matter of days before this government falls.

    3. socialist


      No, they won't fall. But they won't be the saviours you think they will be, squid. PM Butts makes me a little nervous.

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  12. I'm glad the mayors of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, among many others, are at the Paris Climate debating "International" ideas. Free trip. Pigs at the trough, covered by the taxpayers, smallc.

    1. overthere


      I don't think Nenshi or Iveson from Calgary or Edmonton- most affected cities- are there.

      Joint failure to kiss ass I reckon.

  13. I honestly don't believe squid knows what he's talking about on this subject. Some people's use of sarcasm is a sure sign of insecurity. I thi k that is the case here.
  14. I guess ISIS is no longer considered Junior Varsity.

  15. Here smallc. You can play around with the calculator. How much will you get? https://www.liberal.ca/realchange/helping-families/
  16. Not yet. They are doing away with the CPC's $100/$60 per month taxable cheque.
  17. Yes. I will receive a nice tax free child care cheque every month. Close to $600 a month tax free.
  18. The Trudeau govt is a month old: Ottawa spends tally so far: 7 spending announcements totalling $2.849 billion. None to be spent in Canada.
  19. 3 stabbed at London tube station in terror attack.

    1. socialist


      He mentioned something about Syria.

    2. DogOnPorch
    3. socialist


      Both a result of climate change.

  20. How would learning be done at a 7 year old's won pace.....for example? What if their pace is super slow? What do you do?
  21. Squid, act like an adult and your posts won't be deleted. Time to grow up, kid. :)

    1. The_Squid


      You even left me a lovely goodbye in my PMs.... which I certainly appreciated very much, even if I never sent you a return message....

    2. socialist


      I was suspended for using a derogatory term....cupcake.

    3. socialist


      I leave PMs because I'm civil.

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  22. So you are in favour of banning multiplication tables? Yes, I used to think like that. I'm ashamed to admit it, but we all make changes to how we view things. I witnessed first hand the damage inquiry math was doing to students.
  23. Approximately, there are 32,000 gun deaths per year in the United States. Of those, around 60% are suicides. About 3% are accidental deaths (between 700-800 deaths). About 34% of deaths (just over 11,000 in both 2010 and 2011) make up the remainder of gun deaths and are classified as homicides. Sometimes the 32,000 and 11,000 figures are used interchangeably by gun control advocates. Clearly, the 32,000 figure is a far more dramatic number and it is often used for impact by anti-gun activists. The murder rate and gun violence rate spikes in large cities with large gun populations. Solve the p
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