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  1. One of the main reasons Ontario's economy is stalled is everyone is worried about Wynne's soaring Hydro, her shiny new carbon taxes and her new pension plan tax.
  2. We can't keep expressing surprise when we lose jobs. If government continues to install job killing ideas and programs, it will only get worse. Small business is the absolute driver of jobs. Any economist will tell you this, yet sky high hydro rates, new programs like the expanded CPP in Ontario are just killing things. I know everyone thinks small business owners are all rich, but I hate to break the news that many are just making it and now these additional costs are just killing many of them.
  3. Hey tax payers without a tax base there is no money to promise $1.2 million on refugees $100 million to the UN $240 billon to climate issues and no secret back slapping payouts.The one thing thats is transparent is in your face spending and no resistance.Get It !!

    1. Smoke


      Don't worry, the economy will take care of itself.

    2. socialist


      Knowing that is what puts me at ease, Mr. Smoke.

    3. Wilber


      We'll put it on Visa. Sunny days.

  4. It just gets worse and worse for the USA and national security. Apparently the disgusting terrorist Tashfeen Malik used a fake address on her VISA application, but the American government, that Obama claims we can trust during the vetting process, let her in anyway. When confronted with this, State Department spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau said Friday that the State Department stands behind the visa process that allowed a terrorist into the United States and killed 13 Americans and wounded many more. Knowing that the Islamic terrorist had sworn her allegiance to ISIS, they had a bomb factor
  5. Liberals' tax-the-rich plan will end up costing Ottawa and the provinces billions.

    1. The_Squid


      Being an unemployed teacher, it won't cost you a dime...

    2. socialist


      I'm an employed former teacher. Maybe you need to find a job besides trolling this forum 22 hours a day. LOL

    3. Smoke


      Wrong again Squid.....looks like they be lucky to pull in $1B extra, while losing $4B in revenues. Liber-o-nomics ya know.


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  6. Talking about polls 6 weeks after election = BigL LOL

  7. The multiplication tables, or the memorization of them, has been demonized in modern day educratic circles where people with pointy heads try to influence the latest generation of Academic" hostages. I think memorizing the tables are good. It allows one to quickly move on to the next part of a challenging problem without having to exert the effort of figuring out what 8x7 is. Many think that it is damaging to students to memorize the tables. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/12033514/Ban-times-table-tests-in-schools-says-academic.html
  8. Early Wednesday morning, Syed Rizwan Farook asked his mother for the sort of favor grandmothers love to grant: A few hours of baby-sitting. Farook told her that he and his wife, Tashfeen, had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t want to take their 6-month-old daughter.

  9. Whenever China makes noise about Japan it's to deflect attention away from something iffy they're doing back home.

  10. I can't top that. You should get a "saving the planet" sticker.
  11. Where is the outpour for the support from the World for this attack. Hundreds of thousands of Americans showed there support for France when they were attacked. Where is the world for America. I Stand with America on this massacre of human life. RIP to the fallen and I praise all the LEO's in California that did an AMAZING JOB yesterday.
  12. A handful? Of which utopia do you speak? And you will support cops killing people for simply owning guns?
  13. Yes, we need a return to the days when there was really no difference between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives. Why would they be different? They are both controlled by Power Corp. But, hey, let's let the ignorant public "think" they have a choice.
  14. After they outlaw guns, the only ones with guns will be the outlaws.
  15. So far all we know abut the shooters involved in San Bernadino tragedy is that they were not named John or Mary Smith.

    1. bush_cheney2004


      ...and they didn't have government paid nannies.

    2. kimmy


      Disgruntled employees "going Postal" is a tradition as American as baseball! It sounds like Mr Farooq was a well-integrated citizen.

  16. Ontarians paid $37-billion over market prices for electricity because of haphazard planning by the province.

    1. scribblet


      This means that people have been overcharged $1000/year for the past 8 years.

      $37 billion, 8 years, 4.8 million private residences - you can double check the math

    2. socialist


      Liberano economics.

    3. Ash74


      Hey that is only 2.74 exlarge coffee's per day at Tim Hortons. Wonder why Bob Chairelli didn't use that argument.

  17. Harper changed his own PM pension plan in a move that cost him a million dollars. Remember that when Justin bills us for his nannies.

  18. You should have brought this up when it supposedly happened......the 1980s.
  19. And he was speaking when he should have been at the HoC representing his constituents. Liberanoism at its finest.
  20. "Canadian taxpayers are paying the wages of two nannies hired to care for the children of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, according to cabinet orders posted online." So the uber wealthy Trudeau and his wife need the taxpayers to cover the costs of his nannies. So JT criticized Harper and the UCCB, yet JT feels he's entitled to having taxpayers pay for his nannies? Is JT a member of the middle class that he is supposedly helping? This reeks folks. Some of us could see through these phony promises before the election. THE LIBERALS ARE BACK, BABY!!!!! http:
  21. Nothing you say makes much sense. I try to ignore the politically correct gibberish.
  22. I don't believe any scientist who has looked into climate change would agree with those who parrot the received wisdom. This 'wisdom' is the product of a computer and a model - the latter clearly flawed. Obviously fossil fuels emit a toxic mixture of chemicals. How important acidification and smoke particles are to life I am not qualified to say but one thing I am qualified to say is that atmospheric warming by CO2 is negligible. It is negligible in absolute terms, and it is ignorable in comparative terms. There is no chance I will ever say I feel a chill as a cloud of CO2 passes before the
  23. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg & More Than 20 Other Billionaires Launch Coalition To Invest In Clean Energy ... *Soros and Soros Junior (Zuck) both in on this.* A day before the start of the United Nations climate talks in Paris,Bill Gates is announcing the Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a group of more than 20 billionaires who have agreed to invest in innovative clean energy. “Our primary goal with the Coalition is as much to accelerate progress on clean energy as it is to make a profit,” said the billionaire. I guess us the schlubs will pay for it.
  24. A global conference of BSers, eager to shove lies down the throats of commoners for the express purpose of lifting those burdensome dollars from our wallets.
  25. The intention of the elitists at Paris. Global governance, a wealthy ruling class, & poverty for the masses.

    1. socialist


      No, Mimmy. I red the literature coming fro the Council of Foreign Relations. Try it and educate yourself.

    2. scribblet


      over 350 people for Canada, imagine that carbon footprint

    3. overthere


      40,000 delegates. of course, many got their in amphibious vehicles powered by plentiful static electricity

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