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  1. Is this really a step in the right direction? Or is it just another tax grab by ever expanding governments. Missing is the tax relief elsewhere (income taxes or corporate taxes) as well as reduction in the provincial payroll, especially the number and pay of civil servants. Electricity rates will go way up, a foolish move as "renewables" are not nearly as green as advertised and certainly not renewable as solar panels or wind mills have to be replaced every 15-20 years and are triple to QUINTUPLE the cost per kwh ! Taxing carbon is for the little people, not the elite NDP - same old - do as
  2. I don't know, Tim. Notley will chase so much capital out of Alberta and Canada that it will take a decade of high oil prices to bring it back. She and the idiots in Ottawa are going to make certain that there is no tidewater outlet for Canadian oil. The giant oil companies can invest anywhere, they have lower risk to capital in places like Russia, anywhere in the Middle East and Africa. These companies know how to deal with business risk anywhere on earth and now Alberta is going to be too costly to compete with places like Kazakhstan where there is a lot of easy to find conventional free-flo
  3. Thousands of Albertans out of work, all from the private sector. No Public Sector employees have lost their jobs, in fact Notley will have to hire thousands more to monitor Albertans. This absolutely stinks of outright socialism.

    1. overthere


      Notley has debts to pay to unions. No surprise here.

    2. The_Squid


      Alberta tanked under the Conservative mismanagement.

    3. Smallc


      It's a pretty poor argument that we should take on job losses by cutting jobs. That's for sure.

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  4. BC has had a carbon tax for nealy a decade. The funds generated from it were to go towards establishing alternative energy options. Since day one the tax goes into general revenue and not one alternative option has been funded. "The government expects its $30 per tonne carbon tax to generate $3 billion in annual revenues for the province, which is currently facing a $6.1 billion deficit following the collapse in oil prices that began in 2014." I can't help but believe that this is really what it's all about. But of course that's what it's all about. If it was all about halting climate change
  5. This is nothing more than an underhanded, regular revenue creating scheme by the NDP. It is how they will be regularly padding the treasury and their pockets to pay for their gold plated pension plans and severance packages come next election. The taxpayer will be shaken upside down until every last nickel is shaken loose, then bent over a barrel and repeatedly screwed to the max - all in the name of "saving the environment". The positive thing about this will be that it will better prepare Albertans for the reckoning of what the Trudeau government will do to them after Notely and her thugs
  6. And we shall see gost, if your new hero, Trudeau will really be any different than Harper. It doesn't end well when one worships a politician.
  7. Wonder where Carlos Marcello was? Do you ever wonder that? I do.
  8. People who commit crime should go to jail. That's a simple concept to comprehend.....for most.
  9. Albert Pike is from the past. His eerie predictions seem to be coming true. Mind you, I don't see what the big ti foil fear of a police state is all about. If you are law abiding, you have nothing to fear, whether we live in a safe police state or not.
  10. Do you think the Paris attacks are a step in the formation of a permanent police state? What do you make of Albert Pike's past predictions for 3 world wars?
  11. Yes, I was a teacher, and if you don't believe that...then so what. I would call you a slave of the system because you don't know that the world is run by shadows. You think that what the CBC tells you is the truth, and you fail to seek the truth. Maybe I was once a slave of the system, but you continue to be one while pretending you are in the know. And that's a nice picture of JT, eh?
  12. Yes, I became disgusted at what I saw. I saw Inquiry learning destroy kids' academic progress. I quit teaching because I was powerless against the machine. Inquiry learning is alive and well in Canadian schools, hurting thousands of kids. I had to shut up or quit. I quit. You either preach what the bosses tell you and keep your job, or you speak up against the nonsense and get pushed out.
  13. I was a socialist. When I was a socialist I, like you currently, believed everything I heard from the CBC. Maybe you are unaware Gost, but the CBC has its own agenda, and informing the public is not part of that agenda. Have a great day my friend.
  14. I think it revealed that she is a simple Foreign Canadian Elitist who really is dumb, so I agree with you. Another narrow-minded elitist who knows what's best for the , um, middle class.
  15. What high profile positions in other countries? She didn't do herself any favours by appearing on Real Time. I guess she's an elitist who knows people in high places that can give her a phony rave review. But I won't fall for elitist nonsense that the average Canuck falls for.
  16. What makes here an accomplished Journalist? Who considers her accomplished? What did she manage?
  17. Were the Liberals really keen on obeying Kyoto? Or was it just a typical facade?
  18. Freeland seems like a loon to me. She doesn't give me confidence in our government as she is a high ranking minister.
  19. I enjoyed this discussion that involved our minister, Freeland. Does Freeland share the thoughts of a majority of Canadians? or would most Canadians agree with Maher? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7OsQRI-LBU
  20. I feel so much better knowing how fast the UN Blue Hat Cavalry will come to the rescue.[/size]
  21. All of Europe will soon be a police state. But " at this point what difference does it make?"
  22. Wow, that Albert Pike had some outstanding foresight.

    1. bcsapper


      I'm sorry for misleading you about my Wikipedia status.

    2. socialist


      Don't apologize. You do whatever you need to do to get your jollies.

    3. bcsapper


      Thank you. You're very understanding.

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  23. Do you think the UK parliament will vote to bomb Syria next week?
  24. Immigrants of the past came here for freedom and the right to work hard and make a better living while contributing to their new country. I am the descendant of Eastern European immigrants who got a piece of land on the prairies. They got a piece of shitty land and were able to turn it into farmable land. They worked damn hard, many hours a day, raised large families, and for the most part were self-sufficient without nanny government giving them oodles of social benefits. I may now live in the city but I am not ignorant of the past.
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