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  1. What bothers me most about MLW is the obvious targetting on those who disagree with the moderator's politics. Case in point: When I was a socialist, I never received a warning point. Since I have renounced socialism, I have received 19 warning points. Coincidence? I think not. But I better watch what I say here or I will get banned. Silencing me would cause many happy faces here....because I challenge conventional bullshit.
  2. Yes, my point was obvious. Different eras, different concerns. I din't think what I said was that confusing. Oh well..... Mr. Hardner doesn't like me, and he's trying to bait me. I will continue to discuss the issues and give my opinions.
  3. Yes, incentives based on hard work, like trying to attract Eastern European immigrants with free farmland that wasn't prepared to be farmed. They made it because they were forced to work hard clearing land. Nowadays, it's get in and social benefits will look after you, with no incentive to work. Big difference, Mike.
  4. It is hard to see the elephant in the room because it is hiding behind the opaque mammoth. The mammoth is that Islamic refugees ( esp.Sunnis) tend to have a lot of religious baggage that is not compatible with a secular society. Equality for women and gays along with freedom of religion are not a few of their favourite things. The 25,000 will be almost completely Sunni. The Ismailis, Ahmaddiyyas, Christians, Yazidis, etc. have avoided the refugee camps because of religious persecution in the camps. The elephant is the fact that once a refugee touches Canadian soil they will be granted Ch
  5. Lets see here, the US with all it's might and resources are planning to take in 10,000 and officials tell us it will take 10 -18 months to vet each refugee but Canadistan is bringing in 25,000 by Christmas. Does anyone else see a problem here?

  6. I'm tired of the statement, "This country was built by immigrants!" Those immigrants were not sponsored, they used their own resources, sweat and hard work to get ahead. These new immigrants totally rely on sponsorship, grants, welfare, subsidizes, and handouts. The qualified, English speaking ones, create a brain and resource drain from the country they come from leaving that country in even worse shape. The Western world needs to help the people there, not bring them here. Education is the key, it lowers the birthrates, provides better government, and than the third world countries can move
  7. Even those who agreed to bring"refugees" in from Syria as promised by Trudeau during the election, have to be concerned with the time frame. It's foolhardy to put your own people at risk to keep an election promise. Liberals and promises are not always a team, we all recall Chretien and the GST. Ontario is another example of getting elected on promises which didn't materialize, McGuinty was a master, he got dubbed "McLiar", the dough heads in Ontario rewarded him repeatedly. Given the current situation with terrorists on the attack a leader with a brain would stall keeping this promise until
  8. It's sure to be entertaining to watch the EU collapse as the citizens of each country apply pressure on their gutless politicians. They have been asleep, lulled by their fantasy. They are in for a very rude awakening. And North Americans have bailed the morons out enough times in the last 100 years. Maybe it's time for them to solve their REAL issues by themselves.....and "climate change" ain't one of them. I'm Glad I visited Europe when it made some sense.
  9. So terrorists can't mix with refugees according to the ill-informed.

  10. Obama's Media refuse to mention that Boston Marathon Bombers were 'refugees' who went though 'vetting' process. Why?

    1. drummindiver


      Are those the same boys JT said only did what they did cause they was excluded and needed some Liberal hugs?

  11. It didn't take long for me to get another warning point. I guess some don't like the truth.

  12. France has already been attacked and defeated by chemical weapon: Their water supply has been laced with estrogen!

  13. But one must realize our own media shows us very little of the truth.
  14. You seem to be a member here who knows what is really going on in this world. You know the media in Canada sells us fluff, and a majority of Canadians eat it up like cupcakes. But please be objective and let me know what you think of this video. To me, it's alarming. http://americandigest.org/mt-archives/enemies_foreign_domestic/coming_attractions_from_t.php
  15. I'm back. For how long? Who knows but the "big cheese." LOL

    1. socialist


      Then quit ratting on me, squid.

    2. Peter F

      Peter F

      I'll rat. I'll rat every chance I get.

    3. bcsapper


      Ah, but will you rerat?

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  16. Look what is happening at Yale now. These children have no idea how the rest of the country is laughing at them. Yale used to be an institution of higher learning. Today it is merely an expensive day care center for spoiled brats. Sad.
  17. When was the last time you were in a university classroom?
  18. I get out and about, Mike. I live life. My life consists of more than this silly little forum. I talk to many people. I make observations.
  19. Let us not forget that far too many academics were raised in the very coddled way that they now promote in their classrooms.
  20. This PC nonsense will penetrate the real world and we will have to spend the next 40 years working in an environment that requires 'safe spaces' and any comment can be turned offensive. Work will become a solitude environment where it is easier to avoid talking to everyone to prevent upsetting the few.

    1. overthere


      I feel threatened by the OP. The govt should do something.

    2. Scotty


      Anyone going to a university, particularly one like Yale, who is pretending to be a woeful member of the downtrodden crying about how unsafe they feel should be expelled for being too stupid and whiny.

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  21. I cannot help myself, I am immensely cheered to see the Diploma Mills reap what they have sown. Their product is so toxic it cannot even clear the production line. Taking money to indoctrinate/"educate" these unpersons is so micro-aggressive. This is how the committees always implode, they get so righteous and quick to condemn all who fail their own level of irrationality, that they eat their own. Quick send condiments, let the progressives enjoy their 5 minutes of hate as they consume their birthplace. We are already well past the point where a university degree is a positive , when hiri
  22. Nonsense at a university is occurring daily now somewhere in North America. Our society is full of Che wannabes and is collapsing around us and the cultural and educational elites brought us this.

    1. kimmy


      I'm really sorry that your thread about Ezra Levant's new "show" got deleted. I was really looking forward to making fun of it.

    2. socialist


      Oh, you are so big, Kimbo. You rock!!!!

  23. Kimmy, Six munts agoo I cud nut evin spill engineer, now I is one. Sure but it takes creativity and intelligence to survive some of the insanity engineering students brought down on themselves. Been there had the T shirt. -1=e^ipi nails it; academia is stupidity personified, self righteous and ignorant fools stroking each other's egos There is no real world grounding any more. At one time European Engineering students had to have a ticket in the trades, before the universities would accept them. Then they were encouraged to work school holidays in the field. Now they don't see real worl
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