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  1. Screw the UN. They do shit all other than write carefully worded statements.
  2. Becareful what you wish for. The next guy could be much, much worse. Likely will be.
  3. reports coming out that PASOK are refusing to join a New Democracy coalition
  4. stop. trudeau wont give in to peer pressure and enter the race hes made it known crystal clear dozens of times that he isnt ready
  5. Why are left wingers so dumb? cause they will believe everything they are told

  6. what else is there to expect from left wingers their hobby is reporting people
  7. That might be because of the immigrants we have brought in More than half of our country is of European descent. And Asians are pretty good. Some groups bring in more trouble than others
  8. I'd rather we restricted our immigration and only let in people who aren't that religious.
  9. jesus christ without me here none of you would know whats going on for days The court deemed assisted suicide ban unconstitutional and gave the govmnt a year to change the law Gloria also got an exemption to seek assisted suicide
  10. I have no love for Islam but the same people bitching about my jewish billionaire reference are the same ones throwing slurs at Muslims So why dont you cry a river
  11. I find your screen name highly offensive.

  12. What about the Chretien government and military lying to us about not getting involved in the Iraq war and we ended up doing more for that war than 95 % of the coalition of the willing
  13. I don't think so Tim. I bet this reinvigorated the party base.
  14. What about the Military lying for Peter MacKay? Remember that? You can't spin that, its a matter of public record.
  15. I'm not talking about the calculations. I am talking about them having 2 sets of figures and only sharing the lowest one.
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