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  1. That seems fair to me. Our beef is with extortion through licensing.
  2. If you had a genuinely good faith interest, you'd spend the minimal amount of time required - less than thirty seconds - to find articles pertaining to economic conditions in Alberta following the NDP's seizure of power. Correlation isn't causation in the main, as oil prices have dropped about 50% in recent times, but the NDP's policies have had a lot to do with it.
  3. Let's not pretend that legalized mafia-esque extortion via licensing fees is the same as third-party insurance. I'm (grudgingly( willing to accept mandatory extra-insurance for taxi drivers (including Uber, of course). What I oppose is a licensing fee, where individuals need to pay the government for permission to use their private property in voluntary transactions with other people. It's evil and immoral. And expensive. Cheers.
  4. If you accept the premise that the provincially administered "Human Rights Commissions" and their tribunals are eroding natural rights to free speech/expression, association, and property rights - then are you disappointed that Harper and the CPC have neglected to make this a campaign issue? The absurdity of the HRCs and HRTs recently reentered my mind when watching a clip at Rebel Media pertaining to a Muslim-only subsidized housing project in Toronto. The double standards applied by the HRCs and HRTs, in my view, are worthy of examination. Too bad Harper and the CPC won't call for their abolition and for adjustment of the so-called Human Rights Act of 1977. http://www.therebel.media/update_more_non_muslims http://www.therebel.media/_no_infidels_allowed
  5. There's been a plethora stories since the NDP's seizing of power in Alberta related to the hemorrhaging of cash from major oilsands companies due to increased NDP revenge taxes, as well as recent layoffs from these players numbering in the thousands.
  6. I have no idea how you have the patience to deal with these people. An utter waste of time.
  7. I just realized what an utter waste of time it is to ever engage you. I won't make that mistake, again.
  8. Exactly. We've got virtually zero statistics across the country due to hysteria from the left. Now, trying to import the neo-Marxist #BlackLivesMatter narrative into Canada, the left wants data to misrepresent.
  9. "Proper Insurance". I'm referring to paying for permission from the city in order to use your own private property in a voluntary transaction with someone else. Taxi licensing isn't insurance - it's pay-to-play corruption.
  10. UNDHR is an awful document, filled with counterfeit rights. I recommend reading important philosophers regarding human freedom and liberty. That said, the presumption of innocence and protection of right to due process are essential.
  11. Perhaps Uber can facilitate the destruction of the corrupt mafia that is taxi regulation in Ottawa? It is wicked and immoral that one must pay for permission to sell transportation services with his/her own automobile. It's also why taxi services are so expensive in Ottawa and many other cities.
  12. You should view the economy as a deeply integrated ecosystem complete with feedback loops. The material quality/wealth of a person's life is impacted by all taxes paid across the board, not just direct out-of-pocket taxes paid via income, property, service, duties, or excise/sin taxes.
  13. It's a function of our parliamentary system. The PM is hugely powerful in a majority government, no matter what his (or her) party.
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