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  1. (emphasis mine) Don't EVER expect the fruitcakes to acknowledge this.
  2. That is a very dangerous way to do things, and preventing territorial gains by conquest was the prime reason for the creation of the UN. Basically, 'Balls to the wall anarchy' (as someone here previously said). The United Nations lost what effectiveness it had when it allowed membership to every variety of brutal, thuggish, banana replubic dictatorship from around the world. There are 192 members of the United Nations. How many are responsible nations whose people have a say in their government? A few dozen, perhaps. You cannot expect an organization largely made up of murderers and crimina
  3. What? Do you mean that people don't think about the future?Then why do they have children, plan for retirement, consider the resale value of a house? Why are we even having this discussion? People sell things for many reasons but in general, they will sell something now if they think the price will go down. They will wait if they think the price will go up. Incidentally, the price of a light sweet crude futures contract on NYMEX for delivery in December 2012 is $68.57. This fact alone should lay to rest any idea of "peak oil". The people who trade in oil futures have alot more interest
  4. Abide by standing UN resolutions and leave the Occupied Territories. This is the #1 recruiting tool of Islamic fundamentalists worldwide - and ESPECIALLY in Lebanon.
  5. This is absolutely known! Wow, my scholarly friend, a cite would help! I know you're not usually asked to actually back up your sweeping declarations with any evidence, but this isn't high school debate class and I won't prove a negative to you. Other than your staunch and seemingly unthinking blather in Israel's defense, do you have any actual facts? An unbiased, non-Israeli source, if you please.
  6. Thats funny - I read that quote to mean the Occupied Territories - since that is what he is clearly talking about. I like how you attribute other meanings to it - when we have a black and white quote. This has been the rallying cry of the sycophants - Israel is defending itself! Hezbollah wants to destroy Israel! No, Hamas and Hezbollah wants Israel to give up the Occupied Territories, land they have illegally occupied since 1967 - and a fact you conveniently gloss over. If this destroys the 'greater' Israel - then yes, I guess they are calling for it's destruction. But really they are ask
  7. Sorry, been working alot lately. I think my assertion that Iraq is plunging headalong into the abyss of sectarian civil war - and that our 'intervention' caused it - is the one I am referring to. It is obvious at this point to any who care to look the experiment in exporting democracy to Iraq was a collossal failure. No wonder, considering how unrealistic their expectations were - 'we'll be greeted with flowers!'. As I understand it, prior to the invasion, they had no real reconstruction plan. Also stupid was the decision to disband the entire Iraqi army and to pass out no-bid contracts to c
  8. This is what terrifies me the most. People like you are religious extremists, no different from jihadis. I dont care if your invisible superman wears pink ponytails or dances the macarena. I dont care if you think once you have 'Greater' Israel you're all going to grow crops 10 feet tall and you'll live extraordinary long lives. I simply do not care what superstitions drive your irrational belief and value systems. Do all of us goyim not matter? You suggest that Israel has 'no room' to hold the people that live on it already - and then further go on to speculate that Arabs should not want to
  9. Ha. The Germans WERE a military goliath. Most advanced tanks in the world at the time - most advanced tactics. Highly coordinated lighting strikes with airstrikes followed by a ground blitz. However, you are completely wrong in your second assertion. Israel has the fourth most powerful military in the world, placing it behind the United States, Russia and China. It also has nuclear weapons. Canada, by comparaison, is somewhere in the 100's. Edit: Poor troll bait title, btw.
  10. From your link, maybe you missed it: This sounds to me as an ultimatum that does not call for the destruction of Israel. Rather, like the rest of the international community, it is asking Israel to abide by standing UN resolutions and leave the Occupied Territories. Much of Hezbollah is displaced Palestianian nationals, for your information. Get it?
  11. jbg, I think you're setting the bar pretty high. There are examples of skirmishes and conflicts that they've stopped, but perhaps the visibility hasn't been high enough. Does that mean they should be dismantled ? Seeing how internation relations have been put in the hands of relatively inexperienced statesmen, of late, I think it would be negligent to eliminate one line of security altogether. One line of security, at what cost to taxpayers of corruption? More importantly, it creates a bogus "world opinion" that is shared by the chattering classes of diplomats. All I can sa
  12. August1991, dont take this personally, but that is incredibly naive. A 'training camp' can be your basement. Think creatively. More importantly, it seems none of you have mentioned it was a US-backed alliance of warlords - well known for their cruelty - who were defeated by the Islamic militias. In Mogasdishu it was well known that the warlords were receiving financing from the US - it was also widely reported in the Western media. This does no good for Americas image and I would imagine emboldens extremists. America needs to pick its "friends" more carefully. Remember the Northern Alliance?
  13. Any evidence that there were Hezbollah sheltering in those two ambulances mentioned in the report I cited? How about the UN post Israel bombed and then continued to shell during the rescue operation? You know, the one the Canadian soldier is now buried under, they can't recover the body. Were there some homemade rockets there? Any evidence? Or are you an apologist for Israel talking out your butt-hole again? You're sheer rhetoric, no fact. I'll tell you whats cowardly - shelling population centers with artillery and warplanes. That is the DEFINITION of cowardly.
  14. The fact that you refer to the Venezualan people as "his people" is disgusting. No population of any country is any leader's "people". I would be disgusted, as I'm sure all of you would be, if any Prime Minister of Canada refered to us has "his people". The fact that you use this type of language in conjunction with Chavez speaks volumns as to what Chavez is really all about. So we should be worried about this democratically elected leader with ridiculously high approval ratings? The one who survived a US-backed coup? The same one who has rallied the poor and done a remarkable job in easi
  15. Hahahah, okieeeeee 100 X might be an exaggeration but alot of people say the SU- 30 is "better" than the F-16.... Larger weapons payloads and deliverables as well as thrust vectoring being two advantaqdges that come quickly to mind. This shows how much people assume. Here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-30 The Su-30 is one of the worlds most advanced fighters, and would, assuming equal pilot skill, have a significant advantage over the F-16 in dogfights.
  16. Yeah, thanks to Vladimir Putin we managed to defeat them. Big time! I'm curious about your signature: Are you one of the wealthy elite who Conrad is speaking for? Otherwise I am at a loss as to why you would support such a criminal - a man who would consider you, and your opinions less important than a gnat. Or is it just because you don't like the UN you think Conrad Black has any authority when speaking on any subject? At least find someone who has'nt been indicted, yet.
  17. Ironically the Israeli action in Lebanon may be the only thing forestalling a civil war. Notice the Saudis and the other so-called 'moderate' Arab states are having to ratchet up their public rhetoric. Why? Fear of a popular uprising.
  18. Ooops. I guess the people living there just had some shit luck. You jackass. Does this mean Israel will choose to comply with the standing UN orders and leave the Occupied Territories? Or is that just hunky-dory with you? Update: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/fromthefie...15376630513.htm Are these also terrorists? Or is this just acceptable 'collateral damage'?
  19. Uh, that was the point of choosing a NYT review.I figured that if the NYT described the doc as pro-Palestinian, then God knows what Fox News would say. I have seen good docs about the intricacies and stages of the Lebanese Civil War. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict usually winds up being two docs intermeshed: "They are all wrong and we are going to push them into the sea." "If anybody tries to take my land, I'll kill them." Glad to see it has people talking. If you actually watch it, perhaps you can formulate your own opinion. I find thats usually the best way to digest something - fir
  20. Huh? Peak oil is a valid economic hypothesis, and has nothing to do with 'running out of oil'. Peak oil is when we have reached maximum daily production, and yet demand continues to grow, as will happen with the emerging economies of China and India. They will increasingly compete for a share of global oil production, driving prices up to the benefit of international oil companies. In fact, the current oil prices may have nothing to do with 'regional instabilites' and everything to do with the current production rates. The Saudis are notoriously secretive about production figures, therefore
  21. You have yet to show me where I am in error. You fail to mention that Israel does not absorb them either - even with its discrimnatory, two-tier society, Israel wishes to take their land, not the people on it. Where did I say that I supported the King of Jordan? I expect barbaric activity from a monarchy - I do not from a so-called 'western democracy'. It seems to be you are backing up my earlier statement - in order for Israel to acheive peace in the region, and security, they need to come to a compromise with the Palestinians - give them some land and give up the idea of 'Greater Israel'.
  22. You skipped my points. I would argue that Gandhi fought a revolutionary war. I think the British would too. Despite Gandhi's best efforts, violence erupted many times. India is unique in that it has an ancient national identity and unifying national religion, for the most part. The subcontinent has a long and rich history - and it had during the period strong leaders to help guide it through the dark periods. However, even Gandhi was not entierly successful - he wanted a single, secular state - sadly Pakistan formed a seperate Muslim state despite his best intentions. I don't think there is
  23. This is an excellent video on a complicated subject - media bias in the coverage in the Middle East. Partisans will no doubt slam it for the inclusion of so-called 'liberals' like Chomsky - what should be made clear is that this is a academic exercise. As thinking persons, watch it and decide yourself. While sometimes highbrow, it does speak a great deal on an aspect of the conflict that is near-taboo to mention in North America. For many, it will be eye-opening - since honest discussions of the conflict in context are not typically seen by North American audiences. http://video.google.com
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