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  1. Looks like canada can vote now turkey is calling for an invasion http://www.wnd.com/2...ttack-on-syria/ the un angle is also tacitfully calling for a prevention of civil war slide.. only problem here is both sides committed war crimes apparently " http://www.theaustra...6-1226545322022 " the chritian incentive, slaughter of christians if islamist rebels win u.s. accountability act
  2. no idea but I bet home for the holidays about 20 mps went today though http://www.theglobea...article6802005/
  3. http://www.theglobea...article6802286/ railline between t. and Montreal. this just before nye... good thing this isn't rail line sabotage, there would be a lot of derailments and deaths this is probably hitting vias pocket book likewise there was an action at the pm's constituency office
  4. http://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/idle-no-more-protestors-gather-at-the-legislature-1.1095941 this circle of people they are asking for to discuss the issue rather than internalized and behind the scenes backroom dealing is totally healthy for a democracy
  5. it was a stupid point thanks for saving my future time. it is one of those my rationality and simplicity of the truth is so apparant but contrary to your desired outcome points so you just kick up a storm to derail and cause a stinkbomb so the argument becomes personalized rather than focused on the issue. That is what a crook does and you are a crook. your tone sounds like someone suffering gyno.
  6. this is nonsense angus has been front and centre
  7. I've been following ai for over a decade, the only thing stoping the systems from being fielded is a desire to have them fielded. The stuff all exists. Darpa tends to focus on ground based assistants, and hunters. The pilotless drones are another fielding. Here is an example http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2240394/X-47B-stealth-drone-hoped-carrier-borne-unmanned-aircraft.html There is a lot out there.
  8. just retracting, it appears mulcair has not met spence, meaning there was a false report in either this article or the one that stated he had. http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/12/28/health-minister-b-c-chief-urge-theresa-spence-to-end-hunger-strike-as-idle-no-more-protests-continue/
  9. yeah then you need to worry about problems at the border, and people think it won't happen to me. or, lost/stolden wallet/passport or giving all you info, to someone else, have laptop scanned, copied. or them doses of radiation. god forbid a border gaurd arbitrarily make an error and take up hours or longer waiting staring at a wall over a technicality. sounds all nice but all it takes is one hickup and all those savings disapear. why don't you just buy their products up here, the us earns the same if not more
  10. You are just being stupid. https://www.google.c...iw=1366&bih=575 come back when you actually arn't in denile, insane or a lying manipulator. People don't go on hunger strikes to die ignoramous, Your whole angle is faulty logic and bad rhetoric that only a moran! would be swayed by. It is a strawman at best. at worst you are trying to get retards to be conservative party supporters. think about it. Canada doesn't need more. It is about the future.
  11. I wasn't talking to you and you are clearly just sh1t disturbing. why don't you add something meaningful to the discussion. I don't need someone not even from Canada spewing feces onto a thread to which they have no insight. You are out of touch.
  12. ai is self learning. it can also dream, and plan. it can be fed the whole of every air battle in existence in which physical data exists for every potential given probable attacks and equipment, it can absorb and handle far more data than a human pilot exposure time of a pro pilot is limited to probably around 20 years do some research on ai your post seems mostly based on false assumptions there are even neural emulations that function like the human brain now. here is an example uwaterloo.ca/stories/spaun-offers-rare-window-workings-human-brain-0
  13. no, hunger strikes are a recognized form of protest. keep grasping big guy has nothing to do with mental illness it is courageous passive resistance.
  14. yankees have no place in this discussion to state what is a concern for them this is a canadian issue. learn your place what the hell does an american know about treaty law
  15. not possible, either it is black or white. you apply a filter to the go ahead. there is no such thing as total awareness aside from god. so could an ai. what are you asking? so could an ai, you have no clue what ai is capable of. the pilot has the option of ejecting. machines think purer speed than humans. humans may manage a few forked processess with some ability but machins do not need limbs or physical movements. in terms of response machines are more capable. humans have a value system however, that can be applicable but it does not equate better effectiveness in war. it doe
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