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  1. Under an agreement with Ottawa, the provincial government will pay back the $1.6 billion over the next five years with no interest Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/business/b-c-to-re-adopt-pst-after-hst-fails-to-launch-1.1218072#ixzz2PBV6EYx4 So IOW as the liberals leave they leave the NDP with a crippling 1.6 billion dollar bill to pay off over 5 years which just happens to be about the term length. So they can blame the NDP for running a big deficit over the next 4 years, then claim that they've greatly lowered the deficit when they (so they hope) get back into power 4 years later.
  2. An international conference to address famine and drought is of far more value than the right wing throwing a tantrum like spoiled little children and doing nothing to address the problem.
  3. And under the Cons it will never happen until ice freezes over.
  4. We already have electric vehicles. Electric trains are an excellent form of transporting heavy goods. The energy can be generated from renewable resources.
  5. Well put. Conservatives want us stuck in the 19th century in terms of transportation technology, because they can control it and use it to keep society stunted and as close to their dream of the Victorian Age as possible.
  6. Unless you're paranoid. African leaders have more of a justification to collect some cheap ak47s at 5$ a pop for defense than Canada has to buy fighter jets at 135 million a pop which will never be used to actually defend Canadian soil and then have the gall to say that African leaders are spending too much on weapons.
  7. Especially when the threat is non-existant. Its a good way to funnel resources down a hole just like the African dictators do that the Harper govt is hypocritically complaining about.
  8. If there are companies who have been caught using poor practices and having massive spills such as Enbridge then they simply should not be given the contracts. In terms of the tar sands its one of the most environmentally destructive activities in the world at the moment and of course they should not be given a pipeline.
  9. One fifth of 350,000 is much better than millions upon millions going to total waste on F35s. Even if the govt chose not to fund the UN program, that would be OK if it actually spent the money on reducing drought and famine more efficiently. Instead none of it is now going to drought and famine. That's not taking the high road, that's taking the evil road. Spending multimillions on F35s instead of this is just the same as what the Harper government is accusing African dictators of doing spending and diverting masses of public money on the military instead of aid to those who need it.
  10. These massive destructive spills happen, because of cost-cutting practices and lack of regulation.
  11. Millions of infections caused by 'Abstenence Education for Africans,' too.
  12. That's true. Right Wing Conservatives do hate the UN like Hitler hated the League of Nations the UN's predecessor.
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