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  1. Why European Union's stance on Hezbollah differs from USA, Canada? The United States, Canada and Israel consider Hezbollah a terrorist organization, claiming that the organization initiates attacks against civilians and ideologically supports such attacks by other similar organizations. The European Union does not list Hezbollah as a 'terrorist organization', but does list Imad Mugniyah,who is widely believed to be heading the international branch of the Hezbollah.[citation needed] Russia does not consider Hezbollah as a terrorist organization http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hezbollah
  2. I think that article is only available to subscribers. Also, those figures are likely American figues. Chrysler's most productive and best rated factories have been in Canada. This has been true of GM and Ford as well. They might cut production but it doesn't necessarily mean it will be the Canadian factories that are cut. And Canadian sales have differed from U.S. sales. Two different markets. I have no idea what the latest results are. Buy Canadian sounds good but Canada lives on exports. We are more likely to suffer from chauvinistic policies on trade. I copied and pasted for you. T
  3. British say "British made, perfect made". Americans had a campaign "Do not buy Japanese". Should Canadian made Chrysler 300 (half Mercedes Benz) replace BMW?. Chrysler is struggling to cut inventory thought to be about 76 days of supply and is offering car and truck buyers zero percent financing to help bring levels down. Meanwhile, production will be cut back by around 10% in the third quarter and discounting may need to increase through the rest of the summer if the unit is to achieve its objectives. http://online.barrons.com/article/SB115412...ine_market_week
  4. Is modern day Freemasonry something like a golf club? It was a surprise to discover that anyone wanting to join one of the world's most secretive organisations need only log on to a website, call a number cited there, and make an appointment to see one Chris Connop at the Freemason's Hall in Covent Garden. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/7a59912a-1dd5-11db...00779e2340.html
  5. What does it mean to be a conservative? It is a simple question on its surface, but one that could potentially lead to a wide array of theoretical labels for elephant party members. Washington, D.C., interns gathered together on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for Rep. Jack Kingston’s (R.-Ga.) last 2006 summer intern event called, “Better Know a Conservative.” “It’s easy to be conservative, because that is what America is all about,” said Rep. Sam Johnson (R.-Tex.). “To be a conservative means to be for freedom.” Johnson was held captive as a POW for seven years during the Vietnam War. “I didn’
  6. "There is increasing political interest in using measures of happiness as a national indicator in conjuntion with measures of wealth. A recent BBC survey found that 81% of the population think the Government should focus on making us happier rather than wealthier." Adrian White said “The concept of happiness, or satisfaction with life, is currently a major area of research in economics and psychology, most closely associated with new developments in positive psychology. It has also become a feature in the current political discourse in the UK.” Denmark ranks 1, Canada is 10. http://www
  7. Russian president tells press conference in Madrid he intends on inviting group leaders to Moscow in near future; Hamas official says group would accept invitation Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a press conference in Madrid Thursday that he intends on inviting the leaders of the Palestinian terror group to Moscow, Itar-Tass news agency said. Hamas politburo Khaled Mashaal welcomed the Russian initiative saying group representatives will travel to Moscow should Putin address an official invitation. “If an invitation is addressed we will accept it. We welcome the courageous Rus
  8. HUNGRY men are more likely to fancy FAT women, a study claims. But once they have eaten they go back to lusting after skinny girls. Boffins say it is a throwback to the days when starving cavemen saw obesity as a sign of health. Liverpool University’s Viren Swami asked 60 lads, half who had eaten, to rate pictures of girls. She said: “Hungry men rate big girls positively.” http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006340642,,00.html
  9. Please provide other message boards links. Do you know any Us ones? Thank you
  10. Next time provide some links so we can check this out. Here you are, if any help to you. It does not provide English version. Will post if find somewhere else. http://www.rzeczpospolita.pl/gazeta/wydani.../swiat_a_1.html English links would be good. Why would you not have done that in the first place? It takes long time for the original, Polish link to open and I believed nobody could read it so it did not make a difference. And there is no English translation/version and if I come across I will post it for sure. /quote]
  11. Next time provide some links so we can check this out. Here you are, if any help to you. It does not provide English version. Will post if find somewhere else. http://www.rzeczpospolita.pl/gazeta/wydani.../swiat_a_1.html
  12. US want to open missile inclave in Poland to shoot down Iranian or other Arab missiles directed to USA with exclusive right to fire without consulting Polish government. US soldiers subject to US law and courts only. Americans have no such rights in any other of their basis.
  13. Kindred, Jesus Christ is an example how end up those who care for poor and disabled and expose establishment doublethink.
  14. Two Russian-made Su-30 jets arrived in Venezuela on Sunday and Caracas plans to purchase 24 of the fighter jets from Moscow this year, the military announced, Xinhua news agency reports. Chavez has also vowed to sell Venezuela’s F-16 fighter planes, if the United States refuses to provide spare parts to his country. Alberto Muller Rojas, the presidential advisor, has indicated that Venezuela is considering selling the planes to Iran if Venezuela does not receive spare parts from Washington. He described Sukhoi Su-30s as “100 times better than the F-16s that Venezuela bought from the United
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