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  1. Folks, Please avoid trash-talking your fellow members. I took down some off-topic off-forum trash-talk that, incidentally, derail the topic of discussion of this thread.
  2. You can all quote as excessively as you want now. The new forum software updates default automatically to condensing large quotes.
  3. This thread is a poor attempt to start a discussion. Please do not start a thread that way. The cartoon section is down below. Start a thread by expressing your thoughts and giving your reader a reason to watch your linked video.
  4. Folks, Stay on topic. I took down some off-topic posts that were derailing the discussion.
  5. Folks, I took down some off-topic posts.
  6. Folks, Do not just post a link. Do not clutter the forum with videos. You may post videos but you must writes something to get your point across and to accompany your link. Photoplay is not worth a thousand words.
  7. Folks, I sill have no magical cure for thread derailment syndrome. Who wants quarantine?
  8. Folks, Do you want help avoiding thread derailment syndrome??
  9. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to stimulate a discussion. Nobody should have to guess the subject matter to be discussed.
  10. Folks, I do not have a magical cure for thread derailment syndrome. Who wants quarantine??
  11. Thank you for bringing this thread back on track. Keep it that way, folks.
  12. Folks, Who wants quarantine? This is a final reminder: Avoid thread drift lest I help you do so for you.
  13. Folks, Do not feed thread derailment syndrome.
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