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  1. Charles Anthony

    Complexity of Forum Software

    The security updates are tied to all of the other updates.
  2. Charles Anthony

    how to delete profile?

  3. Charles Anthony

    Trump just secured trade deal with EU...

    Folks, Avoid 3rd party insults and trash talk. This thread is permanently locked.
  4. Charles Anthony

    The Great Immigration Debate

    Folks, Please avoid personal attacks.
  5. Charles Anthony

    The Great Immigration Debate

    Folks, Please avoid personal attacks and excessive quoting. If your written contribution is smaller than your quote, then you quoted too much. Trim your posts.
  6. Charles Anthony

    Should trudeau resign?

    Folks, Avoid personal attacks and thread derailment.
  7. Charles Anthony

    Has Trump made it necessary to disband NATO?

    Folks, Please avoid derailing the thread discussion.
  8. Charles Anthony

    Canada's Refugee System in Chaos

    Folks, Rule of thumb: play the ball, not the person (i.e. Tackle the argument, not the person making it).
  9. Charles Anthony

    NAFTA negotiations.

    Folks, Stay on topic. Please avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  10. Charles Anthony

    Trump's travel ban upheld by Supreme Court

    Folks, Stay on topic.
  11. This thread is locked for various reasons. Write a better Opening Post next time. In the meantime, folks ought to review the following threads: Using the [ Quote ] Feature: - 2005 NEW RULE! - Trim Your Posts - 2006 Trim Your Posts and Quotes - 2006 If your reply takes less space than your quote does, then you quoted too much.
  12. Charles Anthony

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave.

    Folks, Avoid insults.
  13. Charles Anthony

    White Pride

    Folks, Avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  14. Charles Anthony

    Tariff repercussions

    This thread is locked. Please review the forum rules and guidelines:
  15. Charles Anthony

    Islamification of Toronto?

    Folks, Avoid thread drift.