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  1. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  2. Folks, Avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  3. What can you tell us that they can not tell us?
  4. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to start a discussion.
  5. Hmm....... perhaps it is The Mark Of The Best!
  6. As a child, every television show told me that my great-great-great-grand-parents were monkeys. Today, our children are corraled by "adults" who play games with the souls of children --- who devote their lives believing and unwittingly teaching idiotic science-fiction disinformation cartoons to children. I am suggesting that your point is much more meaningful within the context of the extended family and the cycle of life. I realized my parents were just regular people when I spent time with my grand-mother alone under her roof. After being forced into marriage to an asshole, she was a widow at the age of 18 years. An only child, her daughter did everything possible to keep us apart. My mother still believes most of what she sees on television to be true. She is now reduced to a child-like state. My great-grand-parents did not celebrate SantaClaus nor the easter bunny nor the tooth fairy but they did teach the invisible boogey-man was real.
  7. This thread is temporarily locked. You all need to tone down the inflammatory rhetoric or take your games elsewhere.
  8. Folks, Do not derail the topic of this discussion with hate-mongering and other crap.
  9. In that case, this thread is locked. You will have to do much better than that to start a discussion here or go play games elsewhere.
  10. Folks, Please be polite. Tone down the inflammatory rhetoric.
  11. This thread is locked because it is a poor attempt to stimulate a discussion. Perhaps place it in an active thread.
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