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  1. The way I see things, Everything = The Past but thanks for the leads! They help. Do you believe Piccard's balloon rise happened as reported? I do not. I reckon it is still worthy of historical discussion. Do you believe the days in Ook's time were of the same duration as ours? Do you believe that matters?
  2. How do you guys define space "history" as distinct from fairy tales? What pivotal event would you say defines when space history starts? I want to distinguish what is seen from the ground with what is seen/discovered from space exploration.
  3. The Great Year is estimated to be around 25k to 30,000 years before everything above us resets. The sheer amount of recorded historical data to be able to calculate that is inhuman. There are only 2 ways that that any of our astronomical public knowledge can possibly exist: 1) The earth is ridiculously old beyond belief and all astronomical historical recorded data has been preserved during all of that time; or 2) divine intervention. Where is all of the recorded astronomical data? Who has been preserving it?? She holds the key to our astro-geom
  4. Calm down, guys. Stop the nagging. None of you are the topic of discussion.
  5. Grow up, guys. If you have nothing to contribute to the discussion, do not post.
  6. This where I am supposed to say: "I accept your surrender." LOL Space history sure is peculiar. Did Gargarin forget to bring a camera? or Are the Russians holding black-mail photographs?
  7. Folks, Do not make me "Avoid thread drift." for you.
  8. If you encounter somebody violating the forum rules report it, ignore it and do not respond in kind.
  9. Guys, Play the ball. Do not play the person.
  10. Indeed. Folks, Please keep the discussions civil. If you want to be jocular, that is fine. However, do not get mean-spirited among yourselves. That only brings down the forum.
  11. What do you mean by expedient? Do you mean affordable? If the cost to tag along was affordable --- say, on par with vacationing in Florida --- would you go to space as a tourist?
  12. I should have been more clear. I am asking in general for today assuming the travel option was made available to the public. How much would you pay to suit up today to go up wherever the latest crew plans to go?
  13. How much would you pay to suit up and fly up with those guys?
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