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  1. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  2. Folks, I took out some trash. Stay on topic and avoid derailing the discussion.
  3. Do not tell anybody not to post here.
  4. Folks, Avoid thread drift lest I do so on your behalf.
  5. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid derailing the discussion.
  6. Folks, Do not clutter the forum with garbage. Despite what we have all been taught, pictures are not worth thousands of words.
  7. Folks, Start new threads. This thread is locked due to irredeemable thread derailment syndrome. Good question.
  8. Do you get that message EVERY time you use Edge to upload a file? Do you ever get that message when using FireFox to upload a file? I just tested both browsers and they posted audio, video+audio and image files without a problem. I am alerting Greg about this but he will likely need more information.
  9. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  10. This thread is locked because it is not a discussion. If you want to continue a ticker-tape news reel, then start a thread in the Clubs section below.
  11. No. This thread is locked. Do not troll your own thread. Try again.
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