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  1. Some more posts were sent here: https://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/40508-the-coronavirus/
  2. Folks, Please continue avoiding thread drift. Some posts were sent to this thread: https://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/39679-the-road-to-2020/
  3. This here above thread is locked. That thread down there: is still open.
  4. Anybody out there interested in discussing whatever may be the intent of this subject matter above, please feel free to start a new thread on behalf of our new member thereby setting an example of how to compose an Opening Post that may stimulate public discussion.
  5. Folks, Please continue avoiding thread drift.
  6. You were not notified because the backlinks did not update immediately. No. When the backlinks update, the answers to your questions are open and obvious.
  7. The backlinks did not update immediately. You should have been led to your post automatically. On your profile now, the backlinks are correct but I do not know why they did not update instantaneously:
  8. If you want somebody to read your writing, then make it easy to read your writing. Forgive me but this should not need an explanation: excessive quoting makes reading threads unneccessarily cumbersome. Folks who are too lazy to trim their quotes are desplaying gross disrespect to their fellow members of the forum. Why is this not obvious? This is the umpteenth time that this feigned misunderstanding is brought up. There is a huge wealth of shared knowledge in this forum. You are all free to write whatever you want here as long as you do your best to follow the forum rules and guidelines. They are not difficult. Do not abuse that freedom. Do not make anybody censor you. Other than being Canadian and maintaining order, there are no agendas here. Correct. It is just a default feature of the software. I am not sure why anybody is bothered. No. The intent of a poster matters when it comes to moderator intervention. Forgive me but what appears to you as an inconsistency is due to differences in intent of posters. If the intent is to sow disorder, then the intervention will be vastly different than if an innocent mistake is made. No. My intent is to maintain order.
  9. Folks, This thread is locked because it has derailed off-topic beyond hope. Please start new threads to discuss whatever you want.
  10. Nobody said you broke any rules. That changes things.
  11. To keep discussions focussed and to avoid clutter. I encourage you to review the forum guidelines and rules. Here is an excerpt:
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