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  1. Try your best to be polite in the forums. Correct. ----- In this here Argus' club section, everybody loves Argus and follows Argus' rules.
  2. Folks, Avoid thread drift lest I do so on your behalf.
  3. Folks, Avoid thread drift.
  4. Folks, Avoid thread drift lest I do it for you on your behalf.
  5. Folks, Please avoid thread drift. I took down some posts.
  6. Do you want your poll to remain closed after less than 2 days of being open?
  7. Folks, This thread is permanently locked due to too much clutter. Feel free to re-start a new thread with more focus.
  8. Agreed. This has been referred to Greg for final review. In the meantime, if you folks encounter a forum violation, send a Report to us.
  9. Folks, Stop making the discussions personal.
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