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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, Please avoid making the discussions personal. Play the ball and not the player.
  2. Folks, I took down a lot of cluttered derailment. If your post is missing, then take this as a warning: Avoid thread drift.
  3. This thread is locked. To the Opening Poster, Next time, do a better job composing your Opening Post so as to stimulate a focused discussion.
  4. Folks, Please avoid thread drift.
  5. Guys, There is no need to repeat the Opening Post in your reply. Please review the following threads: Using the [ Quote ] Feature: - 2005 NEW RULE! - Trim Your Posts - 2006 Trim Your Posts and Quotes - 2006
  6. Folks, Avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  7. You have to include more of your own contribution to o the thread if you want to start a discussion. Try again.
  8. You have to put more effort into starting a new thread. Try again. Include your own discussion.
  9. You showed more than enough to demonstrate that the problem is your computer failing to render the code visible. Try a different operating system. There is nothing that can be done for you on this end.
  10. This thread is locked due to thread drift. Anybody who wishes to continue discussing White Supremacists In Canada's Armed Forces is welcome to start a thread entitled White Supremacists In Canada's Armed Forces -- Take 2 and stay on topic.
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