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  1. Folks, Do your best to ignore trolling. Agreed.
  2. Charles Anthony

    Macron and Trudeau gang up on Trump

    Guys, Avoid thread drift.
  3. Charles Anthony

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    After a while, all of the spam looks the same to me. I have to squint to see the differences. Getting rid of all the spam is only a few clicks of the mouse away. The challenge is timing and getting them early enough in the morning.
  4. Charles Anthony

    Target of virus/hack attackj

    Sorry, guys. The spam sneaking through this past year has been peculiar. It seems like Big Bad Brother knows when I need to catch some shut eye. I have alerted Greg about this most recent surge.
  5. Charles Anthony

    Terrorist Attack in Pittsburgh

    Folks, Do not litter the forum with your personal vendettas.
  6. Charles Anthony

    What happened to the report button?

    Top right corner of each post. It only becomes visible once your mouse-cursor slides over the space.
  7. Charles Anthony

    Ford-Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation

    Folks, Avoid personal attacks.
  8. Charles Anthony

    Syrian Civil War

    Folks, You are free to avoid thread drift.
  9. Charles Anthony

    USA Sinks into Authoritarinism

    Folks, Just discuss the topic. Please avoid making the discussions personal otherwise, I will have to be authoritarinist on you.
  10. Charles Anthony

    Bam Bam !!!

    Folks, "Rule of thumb: play the ball, not the person (i.e. Tackle the argument, not the person making it)."
  11. Charles Anthony

    Ford-Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation

    Folks, If you encounter trolling in the forum, report it and then ignore it. Do not respond to what you believe is trolling.
  12. Charles Anthony

    Ford-Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation

    Folks, Avoid personal attacks. If you can not discuss this topic without inflaming other members of the forum, then do not post.
  13. Charles Anthony

    Ottawa man beaten to death by police

    Folks, Grow up and stop trolling.
  14. Charles Anthony

    Unread Content Link Slow to Load

    The same goes for me. I thought it was because I am cheap by pinching free WiFi connections. That is the only link that seems slow to me. I can not imagine what machinations must transpire to discern everything I have unread from what I have read.