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  1. Folks, Stay on topic or start a new thread. Avoid making the discussions personal or move on down to the Clubs section.
  2. Folks, Stay on topic. If you need help staying on topic, then get help.
  3. Folks, If you want to discuss something that is not Andrew Scheer needs to go. then I suggest starting a new thread discussion or finding an existing thread discussion that suits whatever you want to discuss.
  4. Folks, This thread is locked due to it being cross-posting.
  5. This thread is temporarily locked because it is a poor attempt to start a discussion. Add a bit more to your Opening Post and I will re-open the thread.
  6. Do not troll your own thread. Folks, This thread is locked.
  7. Folks, Stay on topic or start your own thread or stay out of this thread.
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