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  1. Ok. I broke the rules in Argus' club. Report it to Argus and he can penalize me. No but rest assured that when Argus and I both agree on a discretionary moderator intervention, there is a better than even chance that we are right.
  2. I am not sure. What do you prefer? I would prefer leaving you all alone as much as possible in the Clubs section and to trust your judgement.
  3. No, obscene language is not permitted. There was something else going down --- namely, personal attacks upon a member of the forum -- that took priority.
  4. The forum rules and guidelines apply to the entire forum.
  5. Folks, I want to thank you all for making this a discussion. For what it may be worth, no, I do not believe in freedom but if the rest of the crew continue to do all of the heavy lifting and keep the ball rolling, I just might re-open and merge this thread into your original thread.
  6. Sorry. You need to put more effort into writing your Opening Post to stimulate a discussion. Try again. Either open a new thread with more of an Opening Post or add to this here your above post after which I will re-open this thread.
  7. Folks, Do not make me help you avoid thread drift.
  8. This is not a discussion. If the thread is nothing more than a ticker-tape newsreel without any authentic intent to discuss events, then it belongs down below. Start a new thread in the Clubs sub-forum down below and I will merge these above posts into your new thread This thread is temporarily locked until either the Opening Poster or somebody else follows the above order.
  9. Folks, Please try to convey your messages politely. Watch your language.
  10. This thread is locked due to cross-posting text.
  11. That is because I took down all of the off-topic nonsense from public view. Carry on.
  12. Folks, Please avoid thread drift. I spliced off some of the last few rants into the following new thread: <INSERT WHATEVER HERE> diversity harms a country's social cohesion and I invite the ThreadDrifter/OpeningPoster to edit the title to fit whatever is intended to be discussed.
  13. Folks, Avoid thread derailment syndrome.
  14. Folks, Avoid thread drift and start a new thread or form a Club down below.
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