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  1. No. You were not accused of anything. Quite the opposite. No. That is not close enough. Quite the opposite. Therein lies the crux of the dispute. Nevertheless, I split the derailment into its own thread because its tone was increasingly more obnoxious but had not yet spread into the on-topic activity of the thread. Had the spirit of the derailment been cordial, I would have likely posted more dry general reminders. You are welcome in the forum.
  2. Folks, Avoid thread derailment.
  3. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  4. Sorry but this is a poor attempt to start a discussion. Try again. Start with the title. HINT: If you can not think of a tag to accompany your new thread, then your thread is not ready to be posted.
  5. Folks, If you encounter a fellow member violating the forum rules, report the post and ignore it. Do not respond in kind.
  6. Thread jacking is off-topic disruption of the discussion. I prefer to leave you all alone unless the dialogue gets nasty or silly and other folks intend to stay on topic. SHORT VERSION: Pretend I enjoy reading your posts for the sake of learning the topic of discussion. HINT: A pleasant sense of humor sometimes makes a difference. No. That is not possible. Moderator intervention does not imply judgement upon the "allowed" post being responded to. Let by-gones be by-gones is the way. I prefer not to censor any of your on-topic discussion . My goal is to lead the discussion back on track. Sometimes off-topic discussion branches off into worthy discussion --- albeit of its own thread. Thus, I am going to try a different strategy to make members happy without them feeling censored. When thread drift occurs too much in a particular case, I will create the new thread by splitting threads off the derailment. What do you all think of that strategy? For example: Yup. That works. No. You did not hijack this thread. Quite the opposite. HINT: There is nothing to win in the forum discussions.
  7. Folks, Avoid making the discussion personal.
  8. This thread is locked. Folks, Please avoid personal attacks.
  9. This thread is locked because it is a garbage attempt to start a discussion.
  10. No. None of it is good enough for this forum. Do not respond to low-quality posts. The best thing to do is to report them and ignore them. I apologize for letting things things slide.
  11. This thread is locked because it is garbage. Folks, Do not post garbage here.
  12. This thread is locked because it is a garbage attempt to start a discussion.
  13. This thread is locked because it is a garbage attempt to begin a discussion.
  14. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid thread derailment.
  15. Folks, I took out some trash. Stay on topic and avoid derailing the discussion.
  16. Do not tell anybody not to post here.
  17. Folks, Avoid thread drift lest I do so on your behalf.
  18. Folks, Stay on topic. Avoid derailing the discussion.
  19. Folks, Do not clutter the forum with garbage. Despite what we have all been taught, pictures are not worth thousands of words.
  20. Folks, Start new threads. This thread is locked due to irredeemable thread derailment syndrome. Good question.
  21. Do you get that message EVERY time you use Edge to upload a file? Do you ever get that message when using FireFox to upload a file? I just tested both browsers and they posted audio, video+audio and image files without a problem. I am alerting Greg about this but he will likely need more information.
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