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  1. Such an amazingly efficient solution for a multi-million personnel, many billion public budget public bureaucracy. Just write to the prime minister. But it always comes to that, by the one and eternal law of bureaucracy.
  2. A pathetic and sadly laughable result for a year of effort of unknown number of overpaid bureaucrats. And we take it as acceptable and normal. And that means only that the next time around it won't be any better. The interesting question here is though, "why". Why, if you take a random person on the street and ask them how to break down data by source of infection, they'll tell you, ok, there are workplaces, schools, gyms, restaurants, personal services, personal contacts (that includes those horror-superspreader parties), cases of infection while exercising in the open air in the park an
  3. Just another Covid mystery to figure out for the curious minds. By the way reminded me of the frenzy buying in days before Nortel went bust.
  4. Not so fast, so "no idea" and "close contacts" (please check your spelling) could not happen at workplaces and schools? And by the way, "outbreak setting" is not only workplaces, and not all workplace infections are outbreaks. For example the number may not be high enough to be reported as an outbreak but still contribute to transmission. And this leaves "community spread" (definition): A case is considered “community spread” when someone tests positive but we cannot trace the source because the person... Now it should be easy to understand where the infections are coming from!
  5. Maybe it depends on how it is spent. If it's real programs with real workers and real wages then there's no way massive deficit spending wouldn't cause inflation as supply of most real stuff is still limited. But if most of the money flow into billionaire accounts, financial speculation and luxury consumption I agree regular folk may not even notice. Of course there wouldn't be much new working in the reality maybe a few more bucks in the handout. Wait, did it remind of something?
  6. Auditor general to review selection of "hotspot" postal codes. Seriously. 21st century, Internet and social media. One in a century pandemics. Equitable distribution of a critical public resource. What could go wrong?
  7. Out of curiosity I compiled this table from two sources: the current number of new cases per health unit; and the number of "hotspot" priority vaccination postal codes in the health unit. Simple statistics: at less than 50% of population and about two thirds of new cases in the province GTA got close to 90% (i.e. 9 out of ten) of priority vaccination areas. City of Hamilton has higher cases to population ratio (~ 1 : 2,000) than Toronto, but 5 times fewer priority vaccination codes, proportionally to the population. Hamilton: 60% population, 70% cases compared to York; 15% (less than one sixth
  8. That's it, there's no new ideas, no meaningful goals all came down to spend a lot more or a bit less, one number to answer them all.
  9. It took over a year of the pandemic and another spike in infections for the public health experts" and managers to finally admit publicly that main sources of transmission are workplaces and schools. At this rate and at some (unknown yet) point in the future they could actually begin doing something about it. Wow.
  10. Ontario's nurses union applied for a judicial review of the Ontario worker protection directive, that does not explicitly state possibility of airborne transmission of Covid. "Currently, the directive to hospitals and long-term care homes only recognizes that COVID-19 is spread through droplets", McKenna said. What is it, you may ask? Why acknowledging an established fact, confirmed by health authorities of USA, Canada and pretty much everywhere needs additional court action to be entered into a bureaucratic directive? Who would benefit from under protected and over stressed health
  11. I would make sure to wait up to 15 days before the vaccine comes into full effect.
  12. Ok we're clearly deviating from the topic, better start a separate one. But if you don't understand or don't want to believe in science you should also stop believing in your truck and iPhone because it's the same laws of nature that drive them and climate change. Or if you like read about Venus and runaway greenhouse effect. And of course anyone can do that mental trick and make themselves believe in the iPhone but not climate science. And that's fine, don't try to explain or convince yourself or anybody. Because laws of nature, including greenhouse effect won't care about explanati
  13. I do not "believe". It is factual knowledge on the same level of confidence as turning on the truck or iPhone. Only, some of us want to isolate ourselves from it because it wouldn't fit one of: a) their deeply held beliefs; or b) just plain convenience. And with that, there is no point in a conversation. Even a catastrophe does not change beliefs it's more like an exception. Even with the skies burning we could convince ourselves that nothing is happening or it's someone else's fault. Good luck to us. Maybe we could accomplish something and maybe not but we chose to not even try.
  14. Belief IS a mind filter. Especially that is not supported by objective information and facts. There's no point in discussing beliefs. I meant not beliefs but responsibility. And blaming someone and something for everything that is happening does not sound like responsibility to me. I'm pretty sure that with the last forest cut and sold and the last glacier melted there would still be someone somewhere to blame for it.
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