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  1. The best thing that can happen to Liberals now (and NDP) is merger with NDP (with Liberals). It'll happen now or a in few years/decades down the road accompanied by painful soul searching Canadian style before finally coming to realization of stu...ly obvious reality that it's the only way thing can happen in this system (and we won't have any different one at least for a few more generations). Then, a small dissatisfied sect would split off the main conglomerate forming distinct but useless "third" party and the things would resume their rightful and normal order. Amen.
  2. Because he's a bloody murderous thug who unleashed his military against his own people to annihilate anybody, man, woman child, civilian who would dare to challenge his grip on power? Because he proclaimed his full intent to make a bloodbath and his henchmen were on the way to executing it? Because he's shown that he'll lie and twist and do anything possible to stay in power and continue his murderous policies? Because if we allow this sort of murderous tyrants to quash dissent with bullet and torture, there will be no hope of better future for this humanity?
  3. I beg to disagree. Not every vote is a meaningful one, and (by far) not every vote results in any change in representation. For example in our system, with over 90% certainty (exception is some 20 ridings out of 300+) a vote for a party that is not called "LPC" or "CPC" results in exactly zero meaning (i.e zero effect on representation). This is why we routinely hear statements like "this election will be won in a handful of switch ridings" and have grown so lazy, careless or complacent to remember that results of an election were supposed to represent the will of the entire country. This sys
  4. A, who cares, right? We'll just have another Bud
  5. France will have to go on its own.. doesn't look like there's anybody else who can still act. Salut!
  6. Back to "Rwanda" mode... hapless pendulum swings from stu..d and bloody proactivity of Iraq/Afghanistan. Oh well.....
  7. And against heroism of people of Lybia, our non existent role isn't really worth mentioning. Bangling into wrong places or standing by idle in endless discussions seems to be the only choices we can take.
  8. Heavy fighting is reported in a number of cities in Libya, including the capital. The forces for freedom show outstanding courage and determination even facing superiour brutal power of the remnants of the regime. And they shall prevail.
  9. I'm not confusing anything. Not by the number of casualties, nor by the facts (i.e. troops) on the ground. Nothing like that is proposed for Libya. But nothing happens anyways. Looks like we're making all the wrong moves for the wrong reasons.
  10. And attack on Iraq? And ongoing attack on Afghanistan?
  11. No need for a war. Just level out the playing field by dispatching particularly nasty thugs with heavy guns and let the people deal with the despot. Ironic isn't it how our moral worth is all spent in Iraq and Afghanistan's dubious to say very mildly projects only to be passive observers in a historic events that are unfolding. My respect and every word of support, sympathy and encouragement to the people who are bravely standing up for their freedom. Bravo!
  12. The reality here must be The Government telling you when to go out and when stay home, and showing you baton, rubber bullet, strip search, night in a cold cage, and other such niceties (no exaggeration!), paid for by your own tax dollars, if you try to exercise your constitutional right to go.
  13. Seriously. This is something that's useful and doable right now, without excessive cost or risk, and would actually have infinitely more value to the people who are trying to liberate themselves than useless and oftentimes hypocritical lectures or backfiring invasions. Unless of course, as per Dancers, our help cannot come other than with a guarantee of decent return on investment, on our terms.
  14. Wow! At least somebody's noticed that it's 21 century outwhere.. while our constituonal system is right where it was couple of centuries back. Good stuff! If I ever decide to take part in the quite pointless execrise aka "voting in Canada", Layton gets my vote.
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