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  1. No. We actually don't need any new agencies. Any new civil servants, and any new gov't projects. And sorry, I don't buy into the whole 'if we just spend money, we can save money' garbage that the gov't has been selling you guys for years. If you still believe that then you need help.
  2. I was student. If I was in the union and a real civil servant, there's no way I would have left. I would have turned out a different person though that's for sure.
  3. Ummm.. Socialism and Communism breed poverty. Read up on it.
  4. When it comes to our real estate market, what makes Canada different is that it relies almost completely off immigration. We have the most immigration per capita than any other country on earth. Also, when it comes to these topics, I do not pay attention to Canadian institutions and take them with a grain of salt. I do not trust in Canadian intellectuals. I do however trust American ones and definitely listen when they speak about these kinds of topics. I can say that 500,000 people a year move here to take advantage of our system. That also includes getting into home. Jobs who cares? They
  5. Who's paying for the dinner? "Come to Canada.. for a 'free lunch'. or dinner."
  6. At our expense. Don't thank Canada, thank the citizen like myself who suffers for a surplus of people to enter our house and job market making life very uncomfortable and difficult for us.
  7. Only because Canadians pay her a hundred thousand a year and paper the shows she performs at (the gov't departments buy tickets with tax dollars and give them to themselves for free.. I used to work at the gov't and there was always free tickets going around. I got taken to countless events. I grew up in Ottawa keep in mind.). If she was accomplished, she wouldn't be relying on tax payer funds. Most people in the arts get nothing. This woman is just a 'lottery winner' chosen elite of the elite class of Canadians. I've never heard of the lady, neither does anyone I know.
  8. While I have the same opinion of not *personally* being natinoalisitic, it's for different reasons. See, you hate our country and want to partake in destroying it from letting outsider in. You are the type of person that wants to ban Christmas and destroy everything that Canada and our culture stands for. It makes you happy to see foot basins in our air ports.. mosques taking over neighborhoods, and languages other than English and French being spoken here. You are the type that 'gives away' everything that we as people have worked for. I don't like nationalism because the 'ra ra' blind che
  9. No you're not. The real lady in the story was making 50k. 32k is average salary for most private sector, non unionized Canadians. They get hit the hardest when there's new taxes to fund a new gov't spending (civil servant) project. We need to stop immigration, and to fuel job growth, civil servants will be available. Good luck to them in the private sector. They don't know what's going to hit them.
  10. My lot in life is much higher than the average Canadians so I'm doing very well for myself. My Neighbor just listed his house at $624k. I'm a citizen and want to see Canadians prosper and be free. I don't only care about myself. I don't like to see fellow Canadians in the underclass private sector struggling to survive because the gov't takes all their money away for an elite class of society.
  11. Are you kidding? The problem is we're ALL getting too many taxes taken away from us. I don't believe in giving certain privileged over another. This is why I agree only with a flat tax. It's fair for everyone, and everything. There's one reality you have to face though. If taxes are cut, the civil service will have to be cut big time. I'm talking big time. Look I'm from Ottawa. I worked for the Department Of National Defense. All my friends were civil servants. I'm from the culture. I know it very well. We can't continue to hire people into these 'play office' make work jobs where they sit a
  12. That's a very good question. See, this is not idealism. This is based on a true story. An old co-worker has a degree, medium income job, two daughters. Is divorced. Lives in a 1200sq ft shoebox. Like MANY in the *PRIVATE* sector (the underclass in Canada), she spends 11 HOURS a day commuting and working ALL WEEK. This is not uncommon to anyone in the private sector. With the traffic and commute, this is our full day. Not a 5 hour postal worker day or 3 day nurse work weeks. Anyhow, what her TOILET breaks as well as the pipe under the bathtub. They are connected. She had to go OUT OF TOW
  13. You'll say that to me, but not to immigrants. It's okay for them to not even call themselves a 'canadian' and you're ok with that.. just as long as they vote NDP and Liberal. And I tried to leave long ago. But you know what? Other countries have this thing called 'an immigration policy'. Canada is the only one that lets anyone just come in if they have a degree. If other countries had the same policies, I'd be OUTA THIS HOLE!
  14. If I lived in a great country like you did, and was able to take part in a great free market economy like you are in, and I knew I was going to get the amazing medical care that you will get when you get sick, I would be optimistic and happy also. Since you used to post way back, this country has really gone in the gutter. Our neighborhood is going to have a 15,000 square ft Saudi funded Islamic Center in our neighborhood. One of the last Canadian neighborhoods in our city. Our neighbor has already sold his house and is moving. When then center is built, we will lose our neighborhood, loos
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