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  1. Them's be fightin' words.........I'm Red.
  2. I walk dogs as part of my occupation. Our Dog Day Care happens to be located in the homeless/Drug Addict populated side of town. I see people so messed up all day every day it gives you a new outlook on life. Our Drug laws are so savagely weak..........Police occasionally patrol the park and move the addicts along, but more often then not they are powerless to arrest any of them. They harass bikers, bladers, other dog walkers....... The owner of the day care has actually stopped calling the police just for that reason. Physical threats and agression are the language these people speak. Maybe
  3. The sate of affairs as it is right now, I can see Israel making the same fatal mistake the Germans did....Pissing way too many people off way too fast. I don't agree with the Israeli invasion in any way....but it just seems to me that they are going about this totally wrong. I think this whole middle east thing could be settled with a massive pay per view Risk tournament. MANDATORY 3 DRINK MINIMUM
  4. Aren't there only adults in the bar ? Fake ID's are surprisingly easy to get........and you would also be surprised at how easily young, slightly dressed females can talk thier way into some bars..........One particular bar in Calgary (i won't mention a name.....but it's very well known) is particualrly notorious for having a large number of girs that are under age in thier club. Times are changing. Not for the better either.
  5. Sex is an objective subject. What one group may see as fine, others may not. And as long as there are people out there trying to push boundries.....there will be opposition. There are certain cases however where a line MUST be drawn. Child pornography is as depraved as it gets. Nowhere should it be allowed. A young human should for no reason endure exploitation for profit. As far as i am concened the legal concenting age for sex is far too low. Myself being 21, I see things in the bar that would horrify adults. We are on a trend right now that is seeing sex become more and more acceptable
  6. I think it's safe to say that the way kids are acting today is far different then from how they acted in past years. Historically if you misbehaved in school, you were given the strap or the switch. Today if a teacher yells at a kid, the teacher is in the wrong. Past teachers put the fear of god into children, and you know what....THEY BEHAVED.........otherwise, they got whacked harder. Physical dicipline would drasitcally change how our kids behave in society. I believe our schools would run smoother, there would be fewer violent issues, and our kids would grow up better people. But hey...
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