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  1. And the US is all over with its media saying Lebanon is "unfairly" supported by Syria, and demanding that Syria withdraw its support, do they think people are that stupid to not know about the US support in Israel?
  2. IMO Its time Harper learned some new phrases, and comments, he is beginning to sound like a puppet - "Collateral damage" is one phrase he has spouted a tad too often - He is coming across as a totally inffective incompetent PM who is at a loss as to how to deal with an International crisis
  3. The UN members appeared enmasse tonight to say the bombing was deliberate, that the UN Peacekeepers on the ground were in contact with Israel. had given them their coordinates and asked them to stop shelling in their area, and told them there were no Hezballuh in the area and the immediate response was to send a rocket their way, probably using the coordinates they had been given ......
  4. What were those figures on welfare and immigrants again Argus? Something like 8% of Immigrants end up on welfare, and thats usually short term. Ever been to a welfare office ? I have with clients and all I have seen there is WHITE people, dozens and dozens of BORN IN CANADA WHITE PEOPLE ......... You should do some research before you constantly open your mouth and make a fool of yourself.
  5. Of course we could just IMPORT and do no EXPORT to offset the cost, wonder why our Politicians are working so hard to establish a greater presence overseas, now that would be really difficult if no one was allowed to ever leave Canada and had their Citizenship revoked when they did. Harper is overseas right now, lets pull his Citizenship ...... and not let him back into Canada
  6. I was going to find other statistics but for someone to post that Canada doesnt benefit from International connections and markets really isnt worth reponding to As I said you dont seem to know what is happening in the "real" world Coming from a self admitted racist, thats good .. better arrogant than ignorant ........ my non-white friends are twice the human being you appear to be, and pay a helluva lot more taxes than I am willing to bet you do ......Heres a thought if you are ever in need of Medical Assistance and God forbid you get a doctor who isnt "white" why dont you refuse to be tr
  7. And of course everything they have done has been so RATIONAL up until now?
  8. Except jobs, affordable housing, a viable Health Care System, reasonable taxes, programs for the poor and disabled, housing for Seniors, a good education system, and a PM Canadians can be proud of, and oh yah, jobs for all the University graduates ........... And I wish you would move out of your parents basement and buy your own home, pay the same taxes (54%) that myself and other pay, and stop judging the world and others from your narrow little world, which is CLEARLY not the world of an adult coping with the problems that exist in Canada ...... and CLEARLY not the business world ...
  9. Actually Israel and Lebanon have "kidnapped" each others soldiers for ages and then traded them back for the release of their own prisoners. Israel stated empathically that they knew this is what Lebanon thought would happen but "this time they had changed the rules". . YAH what he said ....... you jackass ......Actually a great number of Canadians are concerned about Darfur and actively protested sending out troops into Afghnistan when they would rather see them go into Darfur ....... Canadians are VERY much involved and upset about Darfur, its our PM and our Govenment that doesnt give
  10. Lets pass a law that once you become Canadian you can never ever leave the country again and force every Canadian working overseas to come home and collect those pensions and/or welfare and that way no one can question their loyalty again, not ever ....... in 2001 there were 1.17 MILLION CANADIAN BORN Canadians living and working overseas ... lets force them ALL to come home, now where will we get housing for them? Never mind jobs. Thats one helluva lot of people who you seem to think should have their Canadian citizenship revoked, even though they were BORN here .........
  11. So whats your point Leafless? If I have my own private retirement investments in Canada and I declare myself as Ex-Pat the Canadian Govt gets to keep 25% of my investment AFTER growth and you see this as a benefit to the Ex-Pat? I dont follow your reasoning Your second like states that OAS is ONLY available to people LIVING in Canada .. not Ex-Pats so again the logic of your argument is lost on me. In order to come back to Canada and Repatriate there can and usually is a HUGE tax penality depending on how many years you were overseas and your income .... IF you dont repatriate you are onl
  12. So basically what you are saying is that people who cant find jobs in Canada that pay a decent salary, say a Teacher with a Masters degree in Physics should take a job flipping burgers, or better yet file for Social Assistance, rather than work overseas and pay Cdn taxes? Or someone with a degree or experience in Business Management should be working at Walmart, instead of taking a job as CEO with a European or Western Manufacturer who has major manufacturing plants in China, or Japan, or India, or has business interests in the Middle East? As usual, a post that is devoid of any knowledge of
  13. Clearly you have not travelled and are not aware of how high temperatures in the Middle East can rise, and how threatening they can be to people's health, nor have you ever been in a situation where water was not available and not aware of how dangerous it can be to NOT have water.
  14. Lets not forgot that Mulroney supported and was completely ready to comply with this scheme , even if it meant flooding the Rocky Mountain Trench in BC (settled areas) and displacing most of Canadians along the border and throughout the southern "trenches" of the country .... it would also mean relocating all of Canada's infrastructure ... rail lines, Trans Canada highways, hydro etc. This scheme had Canadians "shaking in their boots" bank in the 1960's and it isnt dead yet, I saw a reference to it within the last couple of months by Bush and I am unable to find it again .......... A lot of
  15. Another little tidbit from 2002 - we should remember Chretien could say no to the Americans, can Harper? Do some research on a little thing called "NAWAPA", more plans for Canada from the US
  16. And so it began..... Lebanon, as a nation was considered "insignificant". A country without an identity or Nationalist sentiment, open for the Zionists to move into ..... Essentially the early Zionists were seen as fanatics and trouble makers and not wanted anywhere ...... Initially they supported the idea of German Nationalism, keeping in mind that this is the Zionists and not the majority of Jews who sought to distance themselves and renounce Zionism, a movement that had its roots in Russia
  17. And of course there are "Work Visas" which you must get in order to work in another country and those are also registered as they are attached to your passport.
  18. Actually it does, with a little thing called an "Income Tax Return" - you have to declare income earned outside the country and are taxed on it.The alternative as I posted before is to declare yourself an "Ex-Patriate" and relinquish your "Rights" to services in Canada. When you return to Canada there is a waiting period before you are eligible for those services, such as medical coverage.
  19. It is a bigger "crime" in terms of "punishment" in Canada to be poor or disabled then it is to murder someone. Criminals get free Legal Aid, the poor and the disabled get no assistance from the system and no assistance to fight the system ......
  20. Its all there in black and white on the official Canada website, Canada will help you in emergency situations, such as natural disasters and war - how many people bitched when assistance was given to Cdn tourists in Thailand during the tsunami? Or is it because there is a suspicion that the majority of people needing to be evacuated might be Lebanese that is creating this backlash on the forum? Census Canada requires you to name a nationality of origin - what were your parents? What is your families Nationality, when you fill out census forms. No matter how many times it is posted here t
  21. IF Canada had jobs for all its citizens maybe so many wouldnt be working overseas, Beijing for instance has 40,000 Canadians living, and working overseas and thats just Beijing - and I am sure the numbers are just as high for other countries. Stats say about 1.5 million Cdns are working and travelling overseas at any given time and that isnt counting students who are studying overseas Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  22. As I said before I have friends who are Jews and friends who are Arabs, and I dont "support" either side. I have "studied" the situation for years - reading publications from both sides of the "issues" and both sides have their pros and cons. I think its regrettable that Israel was carved out of the Lebanese territory, I feel it wasnt "right" to take the land away from the Lebanese, who had virtually no voice in the decision. But I dont believe "the people" are good or bad, from Israel or Lebanon, I have listened to the hate from both sides, heard the resentment and seen the general decenc
  23. Read more here http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO411C.html
  24. Or they could have just ordered everyone out of the city and then blew up the bridges, roads and airports so they couldnt leave and then started shelling the civilians trying to leave just in case the kidnappers were in one of the convoys and they could have blown up Argus and his family, if he has one, and we could have all shrugged and said "oh well they deserved it because they lived in the city where Cross was kidnapped". Another mini bus filled with innocent people fleeing the area was blown to rat sh*t today ........ what does Israel say about it "oops its difficult to identity the enem
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