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  1. Have either of you actually lived in China? Where do you get your information from? China is not a closed country as you seem to think it is News Flash China cable carries CNN, and BBC and they actually have satelite dishes and can watch whatever they want to on TV. Movies are for sale by the millions - on the street, in stores, everywhere you go there are DVDs of the latest and classic movies ........ Jeeze, stop spouting stupid crap that you heard somewhere -- "Ignorant of the rest of the world" when most of their graduates are going to Canada, the US and England to University? An
  2. Seems to me that China has become a prime target for everything imaginable these days. Human Rights Violations, mistreatment of its citizens, starving children and now cats and dogs. One would almost believe there are villians prowling the streets hunting for innocent little pets who strayed out after dark. This is nothing short of ridiculous - and ignorant to an extreme. Instead of spouting Media propoganda against China why not just go there and see for yourselves whether these horrors really exist? China has become the new "bogey man" of the US. Wonder if that means Bush is warming
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