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  1. Hey Social Workers dont smile, they snarl at you :angry: ........... its a very hard road to travel. If you can survive with even a little self respect and dignity, you are doing well.
  2. Does that make it okay? Has our society become so desensitized by violence that no one cares when children are being killed and wounded and ripped apart by bombs that we just shrug, or make a joke about it? What a snapshot of good mental health. And people around the world think Canadians are "nice" people, yah right ......... No one is forcing you to look at the photos, but if you want a dose of reality instead of "intellectual debate" feel free to access the information some people are dying to send out to the world ...... so that you dont just get reports from censored media sources
  3. In 911 the US broadcast that the terrorists came straight from Canada, since then they have repeatedly said Canada harbours terrorists. Would we sit idle and let them flatten Toronto and Montreal and Vancouver killing hundreds of civilians or would our Armed Forces, as pathetic as they are, get involved and try to stop an invasion into our country? I doubt that we would feel or say the US was justified The Lebanese Armed Forces have not been engaged, have not fired a shot while Israel flattens their country. This is not how you fight a guerilla force like the Hezbulloh - countless innoce
  4. And of course Jews dont hate Arabs, they have extended the hand of brotherhood to them - give me a break. The Jews are not innocent in any of this decades long conflict, and to suggest that the Lebanese should just move out and give up to their country is pretty unrealistic .. and ridiculous. They were there first after all.
  5. Given that from the latest reports Israel seems to be flattening Lebanon one city at a time .. I cant see Syria not getting involved. And ultimately Iran, which sets off a domino affect that will result in a war will affect the all of the Middle East and then Russia and China if oil resources are threatened - and on and on This is what one of the media in the US is saying ....... How amazing that an AMERICAN would have the nerve to write something this stupid in view of the BILLIONS the US dumps on Israel ...... Americans are so stupid they are scary dangerous ...
  6. This time Argus you have gone far beyond any semblance of human decency, and I have reported you for your outrageous comment about the photos of the dead children So far I have bit my tongue and kept from insulting you as you so willfully insult everyone else and if I get banned I dont care, I am far far too angry to care at this point .. On every thread, on every post you have shown what a deeply disturbed, uneducated, ignorant person you really are. People such as yourself are a disgrace to Canada. Not only are you too freaking ignorant to post one intelligent comment anywhere on this
  7. A war with Lebanon can very well escalate into a war with Iran, and Syria, do you think Bush it that interested in Lebanon? Hell no, its their association with Iran that has him supporting Israel - If you think it will all end here, with Lebanon wiped out and no retaliation then you have more faith than I do. IF Israel sets it sites on Syria then Iran has stated emphatically that it will be an all out war unlike anything we have seen so far ..... and then the US will move alongside Israel to take over Iran ....... Something Bush has been gearing up to do for a very long time ---
  8. It happened during WWII when the world had enough, and stood together, the US wasnt there in the beginning, they didnt even enter the war until Pear Harbour was bombed - of the world did it once, they could do it again ..... but it wont ever happen with Harper, he would have to wait for Bush to tell him its okay. Even if Canada has said its out of proportion and unacceptable ...
  9. As long as Bush has one ally, in Irag it was Britian, just one country agreeing with him - what if the whole world told the US they had enough ?
  10. Like I said he is going to outdo even Clark and Mulroney, but by election time it will be too late for the Lebanese children -- and what will be left of Canada's reputation and integrity and standing in the world? Mark my words we are going to see terrorist activity and see it soon because of Harper (Bush Toady)
  11. The BBC is reporting foreign tourists trapped in convoys that are being shelled by Israel air attacks, how do you flee when there is nowhere to go? Bridges and roads are all blown up, and Israel is now dropping bombs on the convoys of civilians trying to get out, others are too terrified to risk their lives trying to flee and Israel has rolled into Lebanon ...... they dont care if you are Canadian, American, British or Arab, a bomb doesnt discriminate .....
  12. Crime is defined by cultural mores, what is considered a "crime" in one society or country, isnt in another. Who's to say which culture, society, country is "correct"? Correct by who's definition?
  13. Then how is it that people are prosectured for Hate Crimes? Why dont you get a Legal Definition rather than a dictionary reference? Of course the definition says its a theory, its an intangible action or prejudice - But I must say, tell that to a victim of racism and hatred - no one can be that dumb, you are arguing semantics and it serves no point does it?
  14. Check out the photos of dead children and the Israel air attacks on fleeing Arabs and tourists I posted to the International thread ......
  15. I for one am sickened, I cant look at any more photos of dead children, or tourists being killed, or the annihilation of Lebanon ......... it has been sent out, its been witnessed by a lot of people ...... there is no saying how long these sites will stay up and operational. Or how long these people will be alive is there? Just makes you freaking proud to be Canadian or American or British and stand by and witness this kind of horror ........... and do nothing to stop it ....... Lets not forget the oil reserves in the area, Bush needs to control ALL the oil in the world, all the resources.
  16. Isnt this just what the Nazis did ? Blitzkrieg attackes. http://www.cmylebanon.com/images/albums/us.../10001/tyre.jpg http://www.cmylebanon.com/images/albums/us...sion%20time.jpg http://www.cmylebanon.com/images/albums/us.../bridge%201.jpg http://www.cmylebanon.com/images/albums/us...%2520bombed.jpg http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2110/565/320/3.1.jpg Another Hazbulloh soldier killed by Israel? These photos are being sent out by Reuters and Associated Press FYI and I cant look at any more of them, remember all the brave Journalists who were "accidentally" killed by the US in Iraq?
  17. http://www.cmylebanon.com/images/albums/us...ace%20maker.jpg Here are two cars blown to pieces containing those people who have been "ordered to leave" Southern Lebanon ..... Israel has ordered them to "line up" on the roads and then is carrying out air attacks on fleeing convoys and civilians as they try to flee the area ......... like shooting fish in a barrel .......
  18. During 911 we also found "news reports" and other information "popping on and off" the internet, there one second and gone the next .......... Its called censorship - or "oops better get that off there before someone sees it and uses it against us when the dust settles" - During 911 Journalists were surfing like mad, trying to pick up the original "news" being posted to sites like Fox, CNN, MSN and it was like chasing dust ....... An example, the original and first news reports to pop up put all the blame on Canada and were urging retalitation, then they all dissapeared ...... but not
  19. I accessed US Foreign Relations "official" sites and budget reports, etc. Papers from Congress and it was ALL there last week - all the stats I did a long post then and somehow it got lost in posting, said I wasnt logged in and when I went back it was just gone - And now all that info on the US Government sites is gone. I searched for HOURS last night, and found nothing on Foreign Aid funding or Policy for Lebanon. The figure $150 million stuck in my head but I am not saying its true, it was SO woefully LOW compared to the billions heaped on Israel, and remember there are hundreds of PR
  20. I cant find the exact figures on US foreign Aid to Lebanon but if memory serves me right, its in the millions, like around $150 Million, nowhere near what Israel receives. Interesting that those stats have dissapeared off the internet .....
  21. And where do charities get their money from? Oh yah Government Funding, duh - and why is it up to charities? Do you mean private citizens should donate money to rescue Canadians from a war zone? Your reasoning escapes me, what charities? Do you have the names of these charities that go into war zones to bring out innocent travellers and vacationers?Its amazing, it truly is, you bitch your head off about people coming to Canada who arent lily white and abusing the services, then you bitch your head off if they leave Canada and dont use the services here - you really are one confused person ar
  22. Politicians have been concerned about the "brain drain" for years, maybe they should take a look at the Income Tax people pay in Canada. It has one of the highest tax rates in the world, and unfortunately doesnt have the services to justify it. Not when compared to Scandanavian countries and other European countries, even countries in Asia provide better bang for your buck than Canada does. People working overseas receive a "Foreign Tax Credit" and so they should, because they typically pay taxes in BOTH countries and dont use what services there are in Canada.
  23. The only way to avoid taxes is to declare yourself an Expat and to work in a country that doesnt have a tax agreement with Canada. Typically its done because there are no jobs in Canada for professional people, and because they want the experience and education of living in other countries. Most people dont want to spend their entire lives rooted in one country and exposed to and knowledgable of only one country, one society, one point of view. You can see the repurcussions of that on this forum.
  24. Argus I am willing to wager I have lived in Canada a helluva lot longer than you have, and paid a helluva lot more taxes than you have. Are you too ignorant to realize we now live in a global economy and there are thousands and thousands of Canadians living and working overseas? And most of them are paying taxes on foreign income? And not using medical services or any other services those taxes pay for in Canada.
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