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  1. Here comes the anti-terrorist train lets all jump on board - news flash this is NOT the friday night movie, this is freakin' real and while you all sit back and enjoy this newest entertainment children are suffering, being wounded and killed and terrorized -- how the hell did society become so desensitized and so immune to the suffering of humanity? How did society become so damn ignorant and selfish? For those of you who dont listen to anything except CNN and Fox 2 Canadian children have been killed now. Not that they are more important than children from Lebanon or Israel but some of you
  2. You forgot to add "and every child" ..... and reality is most of Lebanon does not support the "guerilla force" operating in their country, by the very definition of the word .... they are also being held hostage by Hezbulla (sp?). Take a look at the most recent election results in Lebanon ........ You would have a more objective and informed opinion if you did some research, educated yourself, and stopped parroting the popular US media on world affairs. I dont understand someone who gets their information from the TV Media - the SAME media that reported the 911 terrorists came straigh
  3. I didnt respond because I thought that was a "given" - I have a connection to this because I am a human being and absolutely appalled by this destruction and annihilation of Lebanon. I am appalled at the lack of response from the rest of the world .......... I am appalled at the Canadians response ........ I am appalled at people trying to justify it and supporting it ....... People for the most part dont want to hear the history, the aggression of both sides, they just seem to like the "fire show" and revel in the carnage ......
  4. Why do terrorists target the US and Canada too? Because they are "rich" countries and they are jealous? Because we are "white"? Because we are "democratic"? For the most part "not Muslim"? NO its because the US and Canada are the biggest ARMS DEALERS who have and continue to supply these countries with the weapons to kill each other and because we are ultimately behind this destruction ! Russia used to be a major arms player but they are kind of beaten up and more or less ineffective, or so the world seems to think .......... The US gives Israel BILLIONS in foreign Aid, more than any othe
  5. I didnt think anyone could be dumber than Clark or more "American" than Mulroney but damn Harper is going to outdo both of them ...... To give Clark his due he did say Harper would be a very dangerous leader for Canada to have and warned Canadians that he would be kowtowing to Bush and Canada's role in the world would be changed forever. and look at us now .......... I used to be a proud Canadian 'eh, but Harper has made one International gaffe after another, this isnt the first time he has made a fool of himself. He is appallingly ignorant of World Affairs, has never travelled outs
  6. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n06/mear01_.html The report is all here John Mearsheimer is the Wendell Harrison Professor of Political Science at Chicago, Stephen Walt is the Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. His most recent book is Taming American Power: The Global Response to US Primacy.
  7. Harper has proven he is a Bush Toady - and damaged our reputation with the rest of the world who feels Israel's actions are way out of proportion.
  8. God help Canadians with this moron at the head of out country making us look like assholes all over the world with his stupid comment that Israel is justified when most of the world disagrees, but then Harper has his head so far up Bush's ass he cant see whats going on anyhow .....
  9. A voice of reasoness in the midst of mayhem ......... and I repeat no one can call the actions of Israel reasonable or justified, to deny the barrage on Lebanon and the intent to annhilate the culture and destroy the infrastructure is ridiculous. They have destroyed the Beruit airport, the bridges, the roads, this is considered a "war crime". INNOCENT civilians are being "punished" in an insane attack by Israel that cannot be justified because the Hezbollah have no military installations or static physical presence for the Israel rockets to target - to say they are firing on Hezbollah tar
  10. jeeze if being a reasonable, intellectual person who examines many sides of an issue before posting, and does their research so they dont appear to be ignorant is being "anal retentive" Then three cheers for all the anal retentive posters. Better to be anal than runaway oral with no connection between the brain and the keyboard or the mouth that spews without thought or reference -- Disclaimer: This post is a general observation on the merits of being anal retentive and addressed to no one in particular
  11. I noticed you including me in this name calling, personal insults thing and I object ...........Sorry to dissapoint Argus but I have read every single post I have made on this thread and I dont see any that contain name calling or personal insults to you, or anyone. I have pointed out that you appear woefully ignorant of the facts, and once quoted your remark about people being "pig ignorant" or "ignorant pigs" and "goat herders and pedophiles" back at you - but I didnt call you a moron, or a whore, or a pedophile, or whatever ......... Oh wait I said you come across as a bitter little man
  12. I havent read this whole thread but saw this and I have to ask what the hell makes people think that the only medical care available to people is in either Canada or the US? And that anyone living abroad has to go to either of these countries to receive medical care? Someone posted the same stupid comment about China is another thread. Most of these countries have a medical system and medical facilities superior to anything Canada has -- A group of Canadian Doctors just toured several countries overseas to view their medical facilities and medical systems in order to ascertain how to bette
  13. That is one of the dumbest comments I have ever heard. The Hizballah are mobile, they have no static military installations or camps or presence.Isreal is determined to annhilate Lebanon and the Arabs and if anyone has any doubts of that now they are truly in denial and living in a cave somewhere ........... Stupid CNN or someone reported last night that only 17 people had been killed in the barrage on Beruit and Southern Lebanon, give me break already ....... We dont know what the body count is .... we wont know for a very long time, if ever. There never was a final count in Dresden, the
  14. What would you call the beef thing? That really hurt Canada economically, the softwood lumber thing, granted it started eons ago but the US is having problems cooperating on decisions made, delays in customs, creating new tariffs? Canadian manufacturers are losing HUGE profits because of it ...... Big Brother is moving in, silently, and unnoticed ......... none of this ever gets into the news.. You dont even have to read between the lines to know that the US is taking over Canada's security, transportation and defense. US wont declare "open warfare" on Canada, its doesnt have to, we
  15. and I have been called a whole lot of names, the latest was a reference by Argus to "street walking in short shorts" .. His posts contain such a high level of intellectual debate perhaps indicative of a pathetically small .. uh . point of view and reference?
  16. I see the US is evacuating its citizens, even Italy has started evacuations and were kind enough to take some Canadians along with them ... where is Canada? Oh yes Harper is still in France and assures the media that Canada "will get in there as soon as possible" but at the same time saying Canadians ""have to remember we dont have the resources BIGGER countries have - damn I always thought Italy was smaller than we are with less military ........ Oh right our military is over in the other Middle East fighting a war for Bush. But they are looking into renting 7 commercial ships for the
  17. One way to tell is people arent banned for disagreeing with God Almighty Audra
  18. I am suggesting Bush is more determined than Hitler ever was to rule the world. Hitler wanted a world wise Aryan Race, Bush wants to push Christianity down the throat of every person in the world. Hitler was a maniac and so is Bush. Hitler only invaded his neighbours, ok and England, thank God Bush has chosen to go further afield, but he has already targeted Iran, Korea, China, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, if not with open warfare to all of them, with asides that they could or will be next, He has waged economic war on Canada already, and has been threatening since Day One to take over Borde
  19. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to "facilitating" Immigrants into Canadian society is people like you, Argus, racists who hate everyone who isnt white ...... who blame their own problems on the most visible target. Employers who exploit Immigrants and Refugees are also to blame. A Settlement Program that selects and floods an area with new arrivals. Yes it happens and the Government should NOT be selecting landlords who come to them and say "I have 45 apartments to rent, fill 'em up for me". A Government that cuts funding for ESL programs, Employment programs and Settlement progra
  20. Canadian are their own worst enemies, because of their complete apathy concerning anything other then themselves we have a Medical System that is killing people, we have a Government that RAISED taxes on low income earners and cut the GST (big deal) which ONLY benefits the wealthy making big ticket purchases, yah if you save 1% on a yacht its a big deal, or on a $100,000.00 vehicle or plane ....... for the rest of us it means f**k all - ALL the changes since Harper got in have been to benefit the wealthy and penalize the low to middle income earners. But hey we're Canadians, we will just ro
  21. Because they used to have and it wasnt working for them, thats why. Different provinces had different standards, and there was a lot of corruption.Police officers are usually stationed where they DONT know they people to avoid conflict of interest. I believe the error, if one was made was in placing the Indian female officer back in her home town - with people she had known all her life. IMO we are just seeing "the real world" coming to Canada. Our RCMP and soldiers have been very very fortunate in that Canada hasnt had a violent history - until now - until the media brought the poison in
  22. You wish, this gives the US, the worst Terrorists in the world, the excuse they have been looking for to declare war on Iran and Syria - and we know the US wont stop until there is nothing left in the world - Hitler was small potatoes compared to Bush.
  23. But did they vote conservative? Or did they just vote "against" the liberals?
  24. Those damn immigrants have really ruined Vancouver and all of BC all right .......... you get some erratic thought in your head and just run with it ....... no research, no facts, nothing to back it up ........ I cant find real numbers of immgrants or refugees on social assistance. I did find one report that gave the overall number as 8% but it isnt what I would consider a "solid stat".
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