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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombing_of_Dr..._a_war_crime.3F As strange as it is I have to admit also that Argus has a point about prosecution for war crimes.
  2. Actually my Dermatologist says "lady with skin like yours there is a native somewhere in your background" Do I qualify? I attended the same school as the native woman who claims it was a residential school and she was so abused, I can bring my Year Book with me to show both of us at the same school -- Wow - maybe I am onto something here. Seriously though, thats just stupid, as I said before I know an Indian youth who was approached by a lawyer and told if he lied and said he was in a residential school he could make some money ........ and of course the lawyer gets his cut .......... C
  3. Well actually I could do that, but it would involve revealing person information about other people and that isnt allowed - let me just say when a native person with a grade seven education is hired as the Education Coordinator of a school, or when a native person with no education or experience was hired for a Marketing postion rather than a person with a degree in Marketing and five years of relevant experience ... and when you see employment ads in the paper that read "Preference given to persons of Aboriginal descent".. well that pretty much spells if out doesnt it?
  4. Oh yah the intent to kill thing, I have been reading Jewish forums, as soon as I find one where posters are promoting peace I will let you know .......... I have been reading some pretty scary things .... upsetting to see such racist attitudes. I am anti-Semetic or anti-Arab I know what I read and see and hear ........ from the internet, the news, forums and even some of my Jewish friends. The hate is very real and very scary. On both sides ...
  5. So is Jew a dirty word to you? Nice. My friends who are JEWS call themselves JEWS, my INDIAN friends call themselves INDIANS - only in Canada where people are concerned that they might not be politcally correct do they shy away from the word JEW and INDIAN - why? Because you are used to using the words in racist jokes you tell? People of Israel, give me a break already - If I ask my friend Morley what he is, he doesnt say he is a "Person of Israel", he says he is a "JEW" and so does David, and Daniel, and all my other Jewish friends -- If thats the best you can do to call someone a ra
  6. There are seven dead Canadians and over 40,000 Canadians trapped in Lebanon, Israel has blown up the airport so that no one can leave the country. They have trapped innocent civilians, women and children, tourists and are bombing the sh*t out of them, and they dont care who they kill. There are approximately 10,000 British citizens , 20,000 French, 20,000 Australians, and 25,000 Americans trapped in Lebanon as well. People from Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Austria, Sweden, Brazil and thousands of International students ......... and the numbers keep rising. Originally Canada tho
  7. from Argus and thats only two pages worth, try and guess who posted these? too emotionally immature and pig-ignorant to actually discuss the issue without calling names you say?
  8. idobbin you can go on the Immigration Canada website and look up Provincial sponsored Immgration and read what the requirements and selection process for Ontario is ....
  9. And that qualifies you as an Immigration expert. What we really have is someone who's life is crap, who cant afford to live in a "really good" neighbourhood, who doesnt make a good living and has to blame someone, so it must be the immigrants. Still no knowledge apparent of the different requirements for Immigrants and Refugess - they come from "somewhere else" and they arent white so they are all at the root of his problem. Never mind that a lot of Immigrants are investing millions in this country. Give me a break, get an education, learn a trade, get the motivation and ambitious to move
  10. Damn you would think that after working for an agency providing settlement services, ESL classes, and other assistance to Immigrants, and refugees that I would know the rules, well bloody hell ........ How stupid of me .........
  11. Argus what is your experience with Immigration ? Do you work for them? Or with them?
  12. Its apparent from a lot of posts that people are still not aware of the difference between "immigrant" and "refugee". Immigrants do not come to Canada unless they can prove they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves for X number of years and are prevented from accessing Welfare etc. They also have to have skills that are on a "skill shortage" list or are starting a business in Canada. The only exception is "family class immigration" and the family sponsoring the immigrant has to prove they can support the immigrant and that he/she will not access Welfare etc for X n
  13. israpundit.comIsrael is trying to force a war between Iran and the US and involve the whole world in this, hoping it will provide them with the ultimate solution to their "Arab Problem". It is no coincidence that this "war" should erupt the same time the US is confronting Iran IMO Israel is pushing for World War III believing its alliance with the US will result in the annihilation of any Arab State. US/Israel vs Iran/Arabs and of course Russia will get involved, and Europe and ultimately the whole damn world ........
  14. The word genocide has been used repeatedly over the years by many agencies, and media outlets over the years when referring to this war. Just because CNN, the BBC and Global dont use it, doesnt mean it isnt real. For any of the above to use the word would mean they have to do something to prevent it - and their countries have had no interest in becoming involved. It is absolutely impossible to get an accurate body count in the middle of a war, further more injured civilians count as victims, they dont have to be dead. Have you already forgotten the original "body count" coming out of Ira
  15. And your point is? The posts questioning the rights of single women to have children makes that seem like a good idea. Where do some men get the idea they control the world and the reproductive rights and choices of women?
  16. Then take it to a thread about aboringial land claims and other injustices, there are enough of them here, take your pick - it seems to be the all consuming topic of this forum. People have a right to discuss other issues without being beat over the head endlessly by the aboriginal theme - a thread about the Middle East is about the Middle East. Its like trying to have a conversation with adults while a bunch of twoyear olds are whining and demanding your attention - Watching the news last night was horrific, its just a blood bath over there, almost genocide. They arent even picking target
  17. What clouds the issue and credibility is that indian kids went to my schools, yet one who was voted Prom Queen claims she went to a residential school, for her whole life, where she was constantly sexually and emotionally abused - She went to highschool with me, and to elementary school with other students I knew in High School. she wrote an article on the abuses she suffered that was published in a well known women's magazine and it was all lies. Its do damn dishonest. Indians were attending school with non-indian children as far back as the 1950's so its pretty hard to figure out what i
  18. I dont know for sure, I think the Government with the backup of the police just went and seized the children from the reserves. I believe one of the reasons was TB and wanting to vacinate the children. check it out here http://www.irsr-rqpi.gc.ca/english/historical_events.htmlIt says parental approval was required but I am not sure
  19. This is a thread about Isreal and Palestine and I for one would like to see it continue WITHOUT any off topic annoying references to Indians and land claims in Canada, every thread here seems to be taken over sooner or later with the indian theme - I noticed an attempt was made and ignored, thank you for that! I have made it a point to read biographies of leaders on both sides of this issue, to talk to people on both sides of the issue, to study both sides and damn if I can even begin to figure out a solution. Both sides seem to have legitimate points, both sides seem to be at fault in some
  20. ICBC didnt call the witnesses, I finally called them and asked them to call ICBC which they were happy to do because they had also had problems with this kind of crap from ICBC in the past. David Flaherty Office of the Information and Privacy CommissionerICBC is like WCB, everyone thinks it works well until they have to fight the system to get what they are entitled to.
  21. If you do repairs yourself without involving your insurance company then how can it affect them or you? You lost me on that one. ICBC also runs on the principle that the first person to report a claim must be the innocent party - not true. Someone on their way to work for instance would wait until they are off work to report a claim. I have used two private insurers and have had nothing but good experiences with both of them. And had nothing but headaches with ICBC. I have also lived in other Provinces and found private insurers no higher than ICBC and in most cases the rates were a
  22. Its time the people in BC did everything they can to get ICBC bounced the hell out of here. You pay high premiums for coverage that you dont receive and cant collect on because ICBC denies most of the claims for things like Personal Injury. Now they have placed an "Expiration Date" on Personal Injury Claims even though the medical community and everyone else knows that the full extent of injury is usually not apparent within SIX WEEKS of the accident. They did not notify insurees that they had put this expiration date in place. They have tried to deny personal injury claims to peopl
  23. For the sake of understanding this, I hope, what IF the US or someone decided it would be a good idea to move a whole bunch of Afghanistan people to a safe country and establish a new territory or country within that country for them, taking over part of that country to do so? They, someone, decided they should all be moved into Alberta and Alberta would then become a new country, separate and apart from Canada and we just lose that part of our country - and then they start fighting with the rest of Canada because they now want Saskatchewan or BC as well ----
  24. Britian created this mess, where are they? Years ago my sympathy was with with the Jews, now it is with the Arabs who had their land appropriated and hostile neighbours dropped into their laps to contend with, and Britian who created the whole damn mess simply withdrew and left it to boil - Kind of like dropping rats and terriers into the same small cage then walking away from it - It really is amazing when one looks back on history and sees how STUPID the decisions were that were made by what was supposedly a Superior Ruling Class at the time. Has anyone learned anything from this med
  25. I usually agree with what you say Betsy but I have read enough history and talked to enough people to believe that the children were seized and removed to residential schools, to ensure their survival but not with the consent of most of their parents. I say most parents because some did want their children educated and some children went willingly - conditions on most reserves were terrible at that time. Either way what did happen was that because the children were removed from remote reserves in many cases, the parents werent able to see their children - travel was too difficult. I believ
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