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  1. BC Liberals broke all kinds of contracts with teachers etc. No problem there, Governments do have the power to throw out everything that has gone before ... the wording of the original treaties if adherred to would not be of much benefit to the Aboriginal people. In place of free medical and dental each band would receive a fully equipped "medicine bag", for example. The question then arises, which treaty is the preferred treaty? They have been written and rewritten, originally based on a very tiny population in what was unsettled areas of Canada, ie Vancouver - all of the Northern area,
  2. I have already concurred with that, it did indeed become the purpose of residential schools, however the original purpose and motivation was the high mortality rate of Indian infants. In that it succeeded, mortality rates dropped remarkedly, thus ensuring the survival of Indians. Prior to residential schools the mortality rate was somewhere around 80 per 1000 births, and dropped to around 10 per 1000 births. There was also an issue of vacinating indian children againt TB which wasnt successful until they were in residential schools. I am not quoting exact figures here, I am trying to "re
  3. Recently, say over the last five years I have witnessed numerous incidents on some kid hitting, kicking, and otherwise attacking his/her mother in a public when told no - what the hell is up with that? With each incident it has been the mother being attacked, and I am wondering, are these kids witnessing this behavior in their homes or getting the message its ok to hit mom? That would be the day my kids would have tried that one on for size - they wouldnt have dared to think about it, never mind slap me .. or kick me . spit at me or pull my hair. Maybe its true after all, spare the rod an
  4. Can you show me the exact laws and not second hand quotes from books on History please? I am interested because I have searched and cannot find this information anywhere. I have searched law articles, legislation etc and have come up blank on actual enactment of law prohibiting use of Aboriginal langugage and cultural practises. I dont say this to argue, if you have a source, please post it because I want to know FACTS whether they support my argument or contradict it -- Legislation, Court Cases, etc would be appreciated
  5. Why bring up a court case in the US in 2004 on a thread about Liberals and their stand on abortion and the death penalty? This is Canada, not the US. Would the death penalty prevent murder, damn right it would. People who think its to their financial advantage to murder their spouse rather than split the assets in a divorce would think twice about it, and I bet they would choose divorce over being put to death themselves. There was a case in BC where a guy told his coworkers he was going to kill "that bitch" before he was going to hand over half of everything he had worked for - and he
  6. Again that is something that happened in the past. I dont believe a law was ever passed forbidding Indians from speaking their own language. The purpose of Residential Schools was originally to ensure the survival of Indian children and however unfortunate the outcome, the original intent was based on the extremely high infant death rate of Indian children. So some people who initially meant well, decided they should step in and ensure the survival of indian children. Somehow, somewhere along the line they decided it would be a good idea to "whitewash" the indian children, forbid the Indi
  7. The Vikings needed agricultural land, Norway is very rocky and mountainous so they decided to take it from the Britons - and do a lot of plundering and fighting along the way. So everyone has a history. Some people want to let others never forget theirs and ignore their own,
  8. As a non-native Canadian I am also asked if I live in an igloo - the ignorance is global when it comes to knowledge of other countries, it doesnt matter what race you are. The majority of Americans think we dont have electricity or paved roads, or television or "real houses". There is an exhibition of two centuries of native art in the Vancouver Art Gallery, I am hoping to be able to take it in - the Haida art is a favourite of mine. I dont suppose most people know the difference between Cree and Metis, or Haida or whatever but then we are called "white people", no recognition of whethe
  9. Essentially no one country has a clean record, unless as I said Denmark has And the Vikings are Norwegian arent they? Most blonde haired, blue eyed, (but then there was Eric the Red) and not highly respected in Norway, or at least their descendants arent as they seem to have a sense of entitlement, a fondness for drunkeness and a lack of motivation to actually work. I was surprised to hear that - from my Norwegian cousins. Damn here I thought it was cool to be a Viking ... but not good if you want to sit on the Security Council when you think of all the raiding and plundering .. As for t
  10. IF the topic is Japan, then how did it suddenly become China? That seems off topic to me if you go by your rules for the forum ..............
  11. I should think that to the average person it would be OBVIOUS that my posts pointed out that if this were the criteria for not allowing Japan to join the Security Council then none of the members should be allowed on the council.
  12. The forum is for an open discussion and posters are not restricted to responsing to ONLY YOUR COMMENTS and opinions. However it WAS your assanince comment that I responded to ... with a perefectly reasonable and informed rebuttal to YOUR comment about polluted cities in China NO I didnt use a rebuttal to show WHY Japan shouldnt be allowed on the council because I DONT AGREE WITH YOU, If THESE previous posts arent a rebuttal to your post I dont know what the hell is I dont see how or why environmental factors deserve ANY comment when discussing the Security Council , but to make the post a
  13. Lets not forget the "mommies are us" brigade who even go to school with their children, volunteer in their classrooms - phone other "mommies are us" to arrange for their childrent to "be friends" and sit and supervise all their interaction, tell the children what to say to each other - and run on the theory that everyone loves their brats when they are "expressing their creativity" by running wild and disrupting an entire restaurant full of people, or dismantling a doctors office while waiting to see the doctor. Too many parents dont draw a line between the adult world and the world of child
  14. Its really quite simple, if you dont agree with the land claims, no matter what kind of "evidence" you can produce to support your point of view, you must be crazy. If you dont agree with the Indian spin you dont know anything, and need to be "enlightened". How many years of anthropology, and history have you studied Native Charm? How many digs have you been on? You dont seem to know a lot about history, or what is happening outside your own neighbourhood. What makes you an expert? I am very interested in knowing this ... and dont say being an indian makes you an expert. How many sour
  15. Can you imagine what it is like for an educated, experience, once respected person to be told they can find work in a "workshop" for the disabled making birdhouses? Being funneled into a system that is so generalized that you are lumped in with the severely mentally handicapped ? Or be told you can live in community housing with "low lifes" and "career welfare recipients", substance abusers etc? I dont want to appear judgemental, oh what the hell, I am judgemental, substance abuse is a choice. Being a welfare mother with six children and no education is a choice, and to lump everyone togeth
  16. Not I Injustice, I know what a fight you have ahead of you and all I can offer is dont give up, and sympathize and emphasize with the frustration and injustice you have suffered, and all the disabled have suffered in this "great" democratic nation of ours. Which treats people kind of like the Naizs did. Claude Richmond years ago (1980's) when he was an MLA or whatever, said "some people will just have to fall by the wayside" when questioned about cuts to Social Services and other benefits for the poor and disabled. What the hell does that mean? "Fall by the wayside?" Richmond has just spe
  17. You're the one who brought it up in the first place.as a reason to question their suitability ... :rolleyes Funny how is someone responds to a comment made by you that person is "off topic".
  18. China is held hostage by its dependence on fossil fuel, namely coal for power production and heat. They are attempting to develop alternatives, recently dammed the Yahngtze River to produce hydro power that created a great deal of contraversy in its own country and abroad. Many people felt it was wrong to dam this amazing river - but they have so few alterntives.
  19. Has anyone else tried to access Government Services and noticed a lot havent toll free numbers anymore? If you need to appear in person for a service you need to travel to Vancouver or Victoria, and if they do have a toll free number the line is usually busy or the hold time can be up to an hour. I recently tried to phone the Income Tax office to get some information and for four days in a row I received a busy signal on each call, up to 20 calls a day and didnt get through until the 5th day, Friday and was on hold for close to an hour. A working person, 8 to 5 CANNOT access Government servi
  20. I do not believe North Korea has made any threat against Japan. I believe the statement was made about N Korea testing their missiles which were allegedly fired into the Sea of Japan which is off the Korean coast - which is kind of funny when you think that the US tests many of their missiles over Northern Canada over populated areas and it apparently isnt an issue for Canada -
  21. Its really quite simple, if you dont agree with the land claims, no matter what kind of "evidence" you can produce to support your point of view, you must be crazy. One thing I have noticed is that Indian "Land Claims" seem to spring up AFTER someone has developed the property and invested huge amounts of money in it, then the Indians step up and demand it be turned over to them so they can reap the financial rewards, kind of a ransom thing in my opinion. Its always so much BS that the indians always claim they were never paid, or the money just somehow dissapeared, or I didnt sign the s
  22. I would keep an eye on Japan and what is happening inside that country in terms of wanting to be seen as a major power in Asia. There has been some confrontation over natural resources found in the oceans, with China and now Korea - Japan strikes me as a bit of a sleeping tiger.
  23. I am not sure but I think the only member sitting on the present council who hasnt been charged for war crimes might be Denmark - but as I said I am not sure about that.
  24. US has been charged with multiple war crimes, in one war after another, do they belong on the council? http://deoxy.org/wc/warcrim2.htm http://deoxy.org/wc/warcrime.htm http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?click_id=3&...16B265&set_id=1 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3834089.stm This is an interesting link on NATO being charged with war crimes http://www.infoshop.org/news_archive/warcrimes.html Answers.com The biggest offending for repetive charges of having commited war crimes is the US - who has the US apologized to for the crimes they have commited? UK violates Inte
  25. Do we pay for sex change operations? I dont know this, and if this is true than why do we not pay for reconstructive surgery after cancer, or an accident? I mean GOOD cosmetic surgery, not just a patch up job
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