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  1. We can get all the legislation passed and all the training provided and it is not going to change the attittudes of individuals who want to feel they are superior by mistreating, abusing and being intolerant of anyone who is "different" from what they perceive themselves to be. You cannot legislate sensitivity or acceptance or understanding. Some people are just ignorant. However I do think its wrong when so much is being said and done about hiring disabled workers and the employers pay lip service but wont follow through.
  2. Then explain to me the rationale behind wanting the age of consent set so low? It doesnt seem to benefit anyone other than those who wish to escape prosecution for messing with kids .......
  3. Thats what I ran into a lot too, it was someone else's responsibility. However I did come into contract with Moe Sahota via being transferred, and the Minister of Labour in BC - cant remember his name, its changed since then and both of them DID contact WCB - and I believe it was my refusal to stop asking for action that eventually resulted in a Royal Commission Inquiry as I was contacted and asked to present some information at the Inquiry - However nothing appears to have come of the Inquiry and its findings ...
  4. I have been thinking about this - I think a problem is that many of you have never traveled or taken part in celebrations or been exposed to via the media, of any celebrations other than those in the US. So you assume celebrating Canada Day is an American thing to do because they celebrate Independence Day of July 4th. It has nothing to do with the US. Fireworks werent invented by the US nor were flags - they are an international "tool" of celebration. In Norway its May17th and there are parades and celebrations, in China its October 1st , and they REALLY celebrate the day, in Italy i
  5. Very sad - a 40 something man screwing around on his wife with a 14 year old who has "led him on" and then got mad at him and pressed charges. Give me a break, a 40 something man who screws around with a 14 year old is a pedophile. They choose girls that age for that reason and because children are easily manipulated and bullied and controlled.You suggest we should have sympathy for such a person? IMO He should do jail time. I want to see more teeth in the law to deal with EXACTLY this 40 something male and others like him, including, and I cant state this more empathically - child prost
  6. Holidays commemorating (sp?)a country's history should by definition help to form a cohesive patriotism. The future of our country depends on how strong we feel about ourselves and our position in the world. Aparthy will only serve to give the US the opportunity to eventually take over Canada. There's a lot I dont like about the way things are done in Canada, but I am not willing to hand the country over to the US.
  7. I dont know if I dare post this without setting off a storm - but one of the best Canada Days I had was in China! Our friends there, (Chinese) threw a party for Canada Day, they worked in a hotel we frequented, went out and bought a huge Canadian Flag, that was hung over the entrance to the garden, found some John Denver CDs which was the best they could do - and some "western music". Had a barbecue Chinese style in the garden behind the hotel - with uniformed chefs, white chef hats, etc lined up in front of four barbecues - It was a blast ! Barbecue steaks, salmon, duck ... There wer
  8. Most women who get abortions for non-medical reasons do so because they are not in a financial position to support both themselves and a child. An awful lot are in University and the impact of a baby/child can cause them to have to drop out. Most people assume the baby will be born healthy . All too often it isnt and the cost is too great for a single mother to carry on her own while completing her education. The cost is usually too high for a healthy child to be combined with educational costs. A pregnant woman has to choose, her education and a career, eventually children she can provide
  9. Gay Rights are fashionable - they get media coverage and celebrity promotion, whats glamerous or edgy about a dying father? Thats just depressing ..... no one wants to be around people who depress them. Those on parade for Gay Rights, seldom mention AIDS because thats depressing too, yet its a huge issue because of Medical Care ........ but doesnt get as much coverage ...... viewers want their shock value and titilation from two guys in bride gowns, not one dying from AIDS with no medical coverage as a "spouse".
  10. I have sometimes said " I, in a way , admire those who have the courage to totally go with their insanity - the rest of us try so hard to hide ours "..
  11. For us its always been camping at the lake, a get together, this year it will cost close to $150 just in gas per vehicle never mind camping fees. Several family members arent going this year.
  12. Mine and a couple of dozen others off and on when needed.
  13. You seem to assume that having control over a teenager is dependent upon the quality or quantity of "parenting" I support raising the age of consent and giving parents leverage when it comes to curbing destructive behavior of their teenagers. Right now they have none, and short of getting into a physcial confrontation and wrestling a teenager, often bigger than the parent, to the ground and locking them in their room - which is a crime - far too many parents are helpless under current laws. Kids know that and far too many of them abuse the power the law has given them over their parents -
  14. Anyone living in BC knows they can buy "illegal salmon" from the natives, salmon that is supposed to be caught for "food" and not for "commecial purposes". Illegal selling of salmon is a real money earner for the BC natives. I am curious about how native think whites should honour a treaty when the natives constantly violate it? Shouldnt that work both ways? Must be that tired old "priviliged race" things again - Do I believe natives have a claim to land and privilige in Canada? No I dont, no more than the Vikings do in Norway or any other country in the world that had an "original settl
  15. You got that right, ALL the people living in BC and ALL the fishers, white and native -
  16. I believe drift netting regulations say a net cannot be pulled more than 1/3 across the width of the river, this is continually violated and nets are being pulled across as much as 3/4 of the river. Drag netting and dip netting are also being used apparently. The Fraser is extremely silty which impairs the fish's vision and their ability to avoid the nets. The treaties were drawn up and signed when indians were living a nomadic life style which meant the stress on fishing stocks wants constant. I would think anyone truly concerned with the preservation of natural resources would be able t
  17. How do Canadians celebrate and mark Canada Day? What are our traditions? I have a few, raise the price of gas by at least 10 cents a litre. This is Canada's favourite tradition . Raise the price in campgrounds everywhere. How do Canadians celebrate Canada Day? By gouging consumers ! $4.70 to $4.80 a gallon in BC this weekend compared to $2.95 as a high for the year in the US I think we will all be going south for our vacations again, while Canadian business suffers - cant keep blaming the slump in tourism in Canada on 9/11 IMO Pity all that money being wasted on commercials trying to g
  18. What they really want to do is string nets across the Fraser River preventing ANY salmon from running up stream to lay eggs, reproduce and replenish the salmon stocks. They would wipe out the entuire salmon population in a single season if they could get away with it. This is what is behind most of the arrests of native fishers, the mass slaughter and annihiliation of future fish stocks. Including night netting and fishing with lights, and in many cases, shotguns. (meaning commercial fishing ) I have read one article after another on Native websites claiming that West Coast Native fi
  19. uhh seems to me that west coast native already have fishing rights -- you should check into that. Non native fishing "persons" are having a helluva hard time because of these restrictions and some have lost their boats and their livelihood ...... Tree harvesting, ok then lets talk reforestation on land logged by natives ..... is it happening" Pass that bottle Betsy --- and a BIG glass --- second thought, skip the glass ......... Speaking of the price of gas and how much of that is taxes, this poor slob filled up his mid size truck today and forked over $150 - guess what the native at the
  20. Injusticebuster we arent referring to you when we say "nut jobs". I am using it to point out the ignorance of a lot of people. And the intolerance. Its all those ignorant people out there who dont understand the challenges the disabled face - and judge them as being "nuts" rather than disabled. Invisible disabilities are the hardest to cope with - I find your posts interesting ... its a perfect example of falling through the holes in the system ...and dont forget what I said ...... If you were to harm yourself today you might miss a solution that shows up tomorrow -- Could you work o
  21. My daughter has epilepsy and one of the lowest points in living with it was when I picked up her prescription for her because she was at work and the Pharmacist asked me " are you her care giver? Does she understand how to take her medication?" My response was "she has epilepsy, she isnt mentally disabled - and you call yourself a pharmacist? Your ignorance is appalling and an insult toyour profession. She is a straight A honour roll student, and has a part time job which is why I'm picking up the prescription for her, thanks for asking though ....." She learned quickly not to let empl
  22. . You have clearly never parented a teenager. Further more under the current law a parent CANNOT control their 14 year old, he or she is considered an emancipated adult and can make his/her own decisions. If that is to leave home and live on the street and turn tricks or shack up with a 45 year old pervert there is nothing a parent can do about it. This is what parents have been complaining about, legally they have no control over their own children and have to do nothing while they ruin their lives.
  23. IMO of major importance in raising the age limit is that the police and courts can deal harshly with the scum who force or are instrumental in involving 14 year olds into prostitution. I read somewhere, that its illegal to give a 14 year old an aspirn without parental consent but its okay to perform an abortion and not tell her parents, in fact, under the present law you CANNOT inform them or discuss it with them. Thats pretty sad, somewhere society got pretty screwed up. As for young offenders, IMO it should be "adult crime, adult time".. The offense should decide the sentence, not the
  24. FTA as you can see from the posts, some disabled have difficulties articulating their situation, which has a tragic consequence of them not being taken seriously. Many disabilities can affect thought process, speech, organization and the ability to present information precisely and clearly. I remember one "nut" in Regina, which is what everyone had labelled him, always on the street, everyone avoided him, I would buy him coffee and one day he told me someone had dropped a pipe on his head at work. He had been working on the rigs in Alberta. I have encountered more than a few "nut jobs" wh
  25. I have written the articles and none are accepted for publication. To be honest because I have been working overseas I havent been that involved lately. I spent a lot of years "involved" with issues and politicis etc. the past year or so I have decided its time for "me", doing things I want to do, traveling, seeing the rest of the world - and I am tired and need to rest for awhile.
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