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  1. Politician love to virtue-signal with someone else's money.
  2. 1) Canada had "responsible government" and not dominion status. That would wait until July 1, 1867; and 2) One of the reasons Britain was eager to declare Canada independent was the willingness of Canadian companies to trade with a renegade republic, the Confederacy.
  3. I'll start. Even though I'm a "Yank" I read my share of "Canadian content." I just finished reading the book, The Great Lone Land, by William Francis Butler, was a thrill to read. I was led to this book by The Impossible Railway: The Building of the Canadian Pacific, by Pierre Berton. The Burton book relied extensively on The Great Loan Land's description of pre-railroad conditions. Or, to quote Gordon Lightfoot, "There was a time in this fair land when the railroad did not run, when the wild majestic mountains stood alone against the sun, Long before the white man and long before th
  4. It's my understanding that in fact the educational TV service ordered-up the song.
  5. For what was Gordon Lightfoot commissioned to write this song?
  6. I wish these compassionate bleeding hearts were giving their own money.
  7. Don't you realize that our Constitution bans grants of titles of nobility?
  8. One of my favorite songs, Canadian Railroad Trilogy, I believe was written for this show:
  9. Thing is I doubt that many people like Dougie93 are among those that "blow a fuse resulting in a mass shooting." I think they have real lives, real families, real agendas in life.
  10. Echoing Chretien's views. And by the way I finished the book on the train riding into NYC today.
  11. Even though I am a Yank who knows nothing about Canada I feel a need to weigh in. Canada has always been a disparate country, strung together first by a railroad, and then by a few highways. It has always had a liquidity problem. Notwithstanding the above, it has become an amazing country, punching far above its weight. Canada has problems, as do all countries. Its problems are not nearly as bad as most countries. It remains a good place to live. Broken, hardly.
  12. The better approach would be for the non-primitive societies to be more self-confident and less self-destructive. There is no reason to let hijackers, for example, use an airplane they couldn't have built to destroy buildings they couldn't have built.
  13. Generally in a confrontation between primitive and advanced societies the outcome is tragic for the more primitive ones. It's sad but true.
  14. My general view as a history buff (and former college history major) is the more things change the more they stay the same. There are revolutionary developments such as the development of steam, electricity, telecommunications or the Internet. But they engraft themselves onto established cultural habits. The book is 1972 copyright. There are many old-style aspects to the book. The book is not "ra-ra" pro-Canadian. But it is balanced and objective. The modern fixation on self-flagellation bothers me to now end. Thanks. I do pop in every now and then and spend time on the Canadia
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