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  1. jbg

    Who fell in Eden? Man or God?

    I'm not sure I follow. It sounds like you agree with me.
  2. jbg

    Who fell in Eden? Man or God?

    If mankind stayed in Eden we would have been little different for a dog fed every day by his master. While Edenic life was no doubt pleasant there was nothing "human" about it.
  3. I am Jewish, but not particularly religious. I revile the U.N. but see no hand of Satan in the organization. Only domination by a bunch of kleptocrats who have an eye on my wall.
  4. Interesting. I never knew that, though I can't say I know much about Canada.
  5. A One-Eyed Québécois ‘Rambo’ Captures Imaginations in CanadaIn a front=page New York Times article in today's paper, I read of one Léo Major, who tricked German soldiers occupying Zwolle, a picturesque Dutch city with a population of about 50,000into thinking that they were surrounded. He roused a sleeping German officer. Quebec vigorously fought conscription. The dishonor of Canadian heroes who fought for Crown and country runs deep. Many would rather spit on their country than support it. I suppose there is little gratitude for the fact that Canadian blood drenched the beaches of Normandy seeking to liberate other French-speakers. The whole article is stirring, as is the story. It is worth reading. Excerpt from article:
  6. The other solution would be for Chinese to become Canadians and stop the multicultural male bovine excrement.
  7. You can buy land and if you bring enough people to work the land and/or form an economy, sure.
  8. Explain the do-over. Do you mean a do-over from the Nazi Holocaust?
  9. The same way Canada supports countries and cultures with no chance of success. But so did our Obama-Nation.
  10. There obviously was a chance that militant Islamism was not part of this attack. It turned out that way but the odds are strong in the other direction. Mr. Minassian's classmate, Alexander Alexandrovitch, a former student at Thornlea Secondary School, which Minassian attended, should have reported or expressed concern about Minassian.
  11. I would call it terrorism rather than mental illness if he was a functioning member of the Muslim or Islamist subgroup of society. If not, then I'd call it mental illness. If he is a coping member of such a group he made a conscious decision to butcher people to promote a cause. If his level of social functioning was limited to meowing, barking or biting then I would consider it mental illness.
  12. The question is how many of those could really use help? These people and society would be benefited if they could be made into happy, productive citizens. That's the kind of liberalism I believe in.
  13. Mirielle Kroll, an 85 year old Holocaust survivor was murdered by neighbors alleged because she was Jewish. The brutal killing of a Holocaust survivor raises anti-Semitism fears in France. She was stabbed 11 times and then left to die in her house, which the killers set ablaze. This was not the only such incident. An Orthodox Jewish woman in her sixties was thrown out of the window of her Paris flat by a neighbor shouting “Allahu Akhbar.” Thousands march in Paris in memory of murdered Holocaust survivor. According to a recent NY Times article, In France, Officer Slain After Swapping Places With Hostage Is Hailed as Hero, "France mourned a police officer who died of his injuries after swapping places with a hostage held by a gunman claiming allegiance to the Islamic State." After the U.S. and Israel, France, with 460,000 Jews has the third highest number of Jew of any country. The question remains, why are they remaining in France or for that matter anywhere in Continental Europe? France has, to be sure, brief intervals of liberalism. The first few years of the French revolutionary period, some of the years of Napolean's reign, and the period from 1945 to the early 1960's come to mind. However, France is also the land of the DREYFUS CASE ("L'Affaire Dreyfus"), and notable collaboration with the Nazis by the Vichy Government and in the areas directly occupied by the Nazis. The current and recent governments indeed seem well intentioned. Former PM Valls was quoted in an Atlantic Magazine article as follows: The problem, this time around is not France's government; it is recent Islamist immigrants. It is not possible, unless the Government wants an internal war, to really bring matters under control. French troops cannot surround each synagogue, each Kosher market or now, as we learn from the Kroll murder, each private house. Other European countries such as Belgium, Denmark and Sweden have experienced similar strife. The Great Debate question is whether the Jewish people can safely exist and build a life and a community anywhere besides Israel, the U.S., Canada & Australia? I believe the answer is a firm "no."
  14. Basically they "got here first" so they have rights. I get that. But why do we have to let unlimited hordes of immigrants in? Inquiring minds wonder.
  15. Except for a dying generation the English speakers have given up the fight. Protecting something that works is politically incorrect. Hooray, dystopia.