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  1. No, you can get a health card and driver's license if you are a landed immigrant/permanent resident. If what the posters were saying above is correct, then the poll clerks were either not properly trained or were not following directions. This is somewhat disturbing, especially for ridings with close races...
  2. Actually, that's not correct. If you did not receive a voter card, you need to show that you are both a citizen(passport or citizenship card) and a resident of that riding (new health card, driver's license, a recent bill).
  3. Jennie, the "63" you heard was not a percentage of support. It was the projection of the number of seats the Liberals would win, based on having 44% support.
  4. That SES poll was conducted before Tory's backtracking. It will be very curious to see what effect Tory's so-called new stance will have on the electorate. For his part, I guess he had nothing to lose, so why not try a Hail Mary pass.
  5. This is a bit of a tangent, but speaks badly of John Tory nonetheless. Tory was supposed to be at an all-candidates debate on Goldhawk Live, the local call-in politics show on Rogers Cable. I was looking forward to this because he's up against Kathleen Wynne, a well-respected education minister and he's in for a far tougher fight than he probably imagined. He had confirmed with Dale Goldhawk, the host, that he would be present. The show starts at 9pm and there's no sign of Tory and no word from his campaign office. Goldhawk is a little peeved, stating that Tory had confirmed and he didn't know why Tory wasn't there. For the entire next hour, there is no explanation and no appearance. Either Tory's local campaign is incompetent or the man simply doesn't care that much about representing the local community. Perhaps it's a bit of both. Either way, in such a close race in Don Valley West, Tory's absenteeism can be used against him. This is one riding to follow closely.
  6. In that case, all you need to do is to not vote for the Green Party. They're the only ones proposing to end funding for Catholic schools. Politically, it's just not possible. Both the Liberals and the NDP know this. In fact, Tory knows it too. He just thought he could get some of the immigrant vote and it's blowing up in his face.
  7. From this article: http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/20...wal-050812.html Tory critics pounced on the tapes, accusing the Liberals of trying to entice an MP to change a vote – which would be a criminal offence. It would seem that in fact, it is the Liberals who have been cleared.
  8. Libertarian Guard, Under Section VI: Section 91 Powers of the Parliament 26. Marriage and Divorce Section 92 Exclusive Powers of Provincial Legislatures 12. The Solemnization of MArriage in the Province In short, the federal government has the jurisdiction to change the definition of marriage. The province is responsible for witnessing, recording, etc, the marriage.
  9. I presume then that if the budget had been defeated, Harper would have argued that its defeat had no legitimacy because Bloc votes are illegitimate and the majority of Canadians outside Quebec didn't want an election?
  10. I mistyped the figures of the EKOS poll and I can only edit the posts within, not the topic title itself. Can you please correct 38.7 to 34.7? Thanks.
  11. Ooops, sorry, that was a typo. I really did mean to type in 34.7...
  12. The truth comes out - Grewal lied in his attempt to entrap the Liberals. http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/20...wel-050519.html The man who acted as a go-between for Conservative member of Parliament Gurmant Grewal and federal Liberals during recent talks about crossing the floor confirms a Liberal minister's claim that Grewal initiated the negotiations. Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal leaves a news conference in Ottawa Wednesday May 18, 2005. (CP photo) Sudesh Kalia has told CBC News that Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh told the truth when he said the Liberals did not approach Grewal about helping the Liberals by abstaining from a key budget vote. Kalia, who says he is a friend of both Grewal and Dosanjh, told CBC reporter Eric Sorensen that Grewal definitely made the first approach. He also said Grewal had been talking about crossing the floor to the Liberals for "a couple of years."
  13. Here's a new EKOS poll from May 19, one that has a much larger sample size than the Compas one. http://www.ekos.ca/admin/articles/19May2005Background.pdf A summary can be found here: http://www.ekos.ca/admin/articles/19May2005PressRelease.pdf
  14. She realized she would never be the Conservative leader because Harper told her so? Have the Conservatives abandoned the quaint notion of voting for a leader altogether? She would never be PM as a Conservative because she is unlikely to win its leadership, but she has a better chance of that than becoming Liberal leader. Leadership ambitions are not the reason for her joining the Liberals. I wonder why it is so hard for some people to accept her words at face value. It's been quite clear for some time that she's been uncomfortable with the Conservative direction and agenda. She realized she was closer to being a Liberal than a Conservative and therefore made the logical choice to join the party that better suited her.
  15. I find it amusing that so many conservatives are accusing Stronach of abandoning her principles for pure ambition. Joining a party that may yet fall in two days is not the best way to realize one's ambition. The Liberals may very well lose the next election. Stronach knows all this and chose to leave the Conservatives anyway. It actually takes a principled stand for her to say that she cannot continue to support the path of the Conservatives and that she is sticking to her principles, even if the result is that she is a minister for only two days.
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