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  1. If Brian Mulroney had stayed on for the 1993 election, would the old federal PC Party still be around today as a powerful national party? Let's say he fights the election in October 1993 and campaigns better than Kim Campbell did, which probably would've happened and emerged as official opposition or even with a minority government like he said he would in the Newman book (not inconceivable seeing how he was polling 25% in early 93 and could have closed the gap in an election campaign), and then resigned in 94 with Jean Charest probably taking his place as leader of the Opposition or as Prime
  2. I know that I am going to get flamed for this but I actually think Bush did an alright job next to Obama. Obama continued Bush's policies in terms of NSA survailence and Guantanamo despite campaigning against them, added $7 trillion to the national debt (some of which was understandable due to the recession), and his foreign policy is currently in shambles as the arms he is providing to the Syrian rebels ends up in the hands of ISIS and being outplayed by Putin last year after the Syrian massacre and after Ukraine's goverment fell. He also left Iraq before properly training the government sold
  3. The inquiry into the Airbus Affair is coming up and it could lead to several criminal charges against those who are close to Mulroney (although I doubt Mulroney himself will be charged), and it could spell the end of the Harper government as it tries to run away from its pass rather than trying to clear things up. The Adscam was a liberal scandal and I have to admit we screwed up big time, leading to the conviction of several liberal lobbyists and causing Martin to lose the election in 2006. Of these two scandals, which had a more negative impact on Canada?
  4. The first thing I want this coalition to do is to ship HARPER to the Hague to be tried for war crime along with Bush, Howard, and Blair.
  5. I support bring back Brian Mulroney because it would be the end of the criminal KONservative KKK Party
  6. In some ways, I think Harper is just a continuation of Brian Mulroney. He sucks up the the USA by putting American interests before Canadian interests (Harper did it in a military way in Afghanistan, while Mulroney completely Canada out to Reagan and Bush senior with FTA in 1989 and NAFTA in 1992), both try desperately to appease Quebec nationalists, and both were corrupt in their own little ways (the only difference was that Harper already has scandals going into his 3rd year while Mulroney managed to last much longer). Between the two, I would even say that Mulroney was in some ways better
  7. Every so often, I ask myself this question. Sure, we have healthcare, but so does other capitalist countries like Japan and the UK (NHS), sure we provide lots of EI and social securty, even the USA does. However, many Americans down in the USA continue to label Canada as a socialist republic like Cuba and North Korea (hell, I spend time on the Politics section of Yahoo Answers). Now, the question is, is Canada more of a Capitalist country or socialist country?
  8. Do you think our youth today, who are not as mentally capable as adults to handle certain situations, should be exempt from the law? Therefore, that means that should they commit a serious crime, they will not get charged criminally? I mean, I don't see much point in charging youth when you can just teach them that what they did is wrong and they'll grow out of it. Do you agree that youth who commit crimes should be exempt from harsh charges by police?
  9. Harper probably took a lesson from his mentor and godfather Brian Mulroney- not just on sucking up to the US, but on creating legal havoc in Ottawa. Harper is nothing more than a mirror image of Brian Mulroney and he must be kicked out.
  10. Harper's been a recessive conservative who has 0 amount of ethics. Look at Cadman, the nuclear fiasco, the wheat board barley issue, and you will see the lack of leadership provided by Harper.
  11. 1 million dollar life insurance bribery scandal day after relatively well-received budget that could've reeled Dion. Nice Job Harper! Now if only Dion could soil Harper on this scandal enough to bring the Liberals back to 24 Sussex Drive it would be perfect for Canada. Dion seems like a pretty ethical guy who will listen to the people and present progressive policies. Do you think Dion can do it? This post was the opening post of a redundant thread entitled: Will "Cadmangate" cost Harper his PM job? It has now been merged into this current thread.
  12. It's between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom said they'll renegotiate NAFTA and both of whom are opposed to the war on Iraq. Who do you want to win?
  13. With the federal politics heating up with Afghanistan and the budget (which will be "slim" according to Jim Flaherty, our bankrupt finance minister), do you think there will be an election this spring (as early as mid-April)? Yes or no?
  14. In national elections, high schools often have mock votes that are supposed to be representative of a real election. Consistantly, the Greens always are either 1st or second among high school students, with the CONservatives coming in last place. Suppose that the trend continues when the students graduate and become voters. Do you think Elizabeth May would be a prime minister within the next 20 years?
  15. After nearly 30 years of having both Conservative (Clark, Mulroney, Campbell, Harper) and Liberal (Trudeau, Turner, Chretien, Martin) Prime Ministers, is it time for an NDP government to be elected in Canada? It's not like either the Liberals or the conservatives have anything better to offer other than partisan politics and hot air. Do you think the NDP has a legitimate shot at winning power in Ottawa? They represent the views of the majority of Canadians (support for social programs, and social equality) yet they have never been elected. I think that Layton has a shot at winning Ontario
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