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  1. I guess much depends on the definition of “ebbs and flows” One example is the fall and rise the partisan press in the United States between the 19th century and today.
  2. Nope, it's not. It happens everywhere, everyday. The only difference is that the objectionable opinions of others (measured differently by each of us) are amplified by social media and other new internet related mediums (forums, etc). Civility isn't dead either, though many would argue it has taken a nose-dive lately. If you look back into our history, you'll find that political discourse has always been divisive (and downright vicious at times); it often ebbs and flows with the medium it is delivered through. A great book on this topic is: Amusing Ourselves to Death - Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business, by Neil Postman. I can't recommend this book enough to those that want to learn about how the media (and medium to which we consume news/information) can affect the meaning of the messages we convey and consume. Basically, it's a great history lesson and explanation of Marshall Mcluhan, "the medium is the message"
  3. Please don’t discuss issues/questions in the middle of a thread. If you have a specific question relating to a moderation action or have a more general question, either use PM or post in the support section. thanks
  4. They can try but it's kind of pointless with the proliferation of SSL and VPNs on the market right now. Government firewalls can't stop encrypted communications, the best they can do is shut down the IPs associated with VPNs - which is what Netflix and China often do... But even then, customers will simply switch to dedicated (rather than shared) IPs, which make it virtually impossible to track down someone contravening the censors firewall. So don't be too outraged, simply go buy a VPN service from a reputable provider and surf till your heart's content.
  5. What browser are you using to access the site now? Try using safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc, to post a reaction.
  6. Those are emoticons, we're talking about "reactions"
  7. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I will consider lifting the restriction, but I want to hear from others about whether this is a wide spread issue. Have you tried to post a reaction via a different browser?
  8. Members should be able to post up to 20 reactions a day. What is happening when you attempt to give more than one reaction in a day?
  9. We encountered an issue early this morning, which knocked the forums offline for a few hours. The networking issue was resolved. However, in the process of resolving the first issue, one of the forum tables became corrupted, which required a quick repair - and we're now back up and running smoothly. If you encounter any issues, please post them below or create a new support thread.
  10. Please do not post this guys "manifesto" in the forums. It would break the rules anyways (against cross-posting, and non-original content), and not to mention, I doubt it has any meaningful value outside of divisiveness and hate. If people want to read it, then I'm fairly certain you can find it via Google. Feel free to discuss the document, and any issues related to the his actions, but let's avoid propagating the actual document.
  11. I personally use Brave, which is built with Chromium (same as Chrome) and it's got privacy boosting features (and a really good ad blocker built in). Not to mention it providers the ability of the user to contribute to websites they frequent and what to support - hint hint https://www.computerworld.com/article/3292619/web-browsers/the-brave-browser-basics-what-it-does-how-it-differs-from-rivals.html https://brave.com/
  12. Well, I'm stumped... What version of Chrome are you using? Perhaps Chrome isn't updating properly...
  13. Clear your cache and restart the browser
  14. Fixed! Works fine on my end, what browser and OS are you using?
  15. I just tested on my local copy of firefox, and I was able to post a test message to the forums. Can you give me some more background - what version of FF, OS, etc, are you using?
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