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  1. Search re-index has been completely and the badge reindex has started. Note, while the badge DB redindex is running, the badges will no longer show... So it'll be a few hours before everything is displaying properly.
  2. Sorry folks, a forum upgrade added a new gamification feature, which includes badges. The upgrade is requiring a reindexing of 1.44 million postings (in the background), so things are a bit slow around here. Once the search reindex is complete, i can then start the process of reindexing the database to properly allocate badges based on everyone's past contributions. Argus, you'll be pleased with all the fancy badges you're about to receive So ignore the badges for now, they're going to be incorrect for a short period!
  3. Yes, I would agree somewhat, but things are changing in the world of online discussions, and I believe there might be a migration away from large platforms like Facebook, towards more non-aligned forums like this one. Perhaps we could merge the State and Local into one sub forum... That's not a bad idea too.
  4. I'm going to be making some major changes to the forums over the next few weeks. The first, and likely the biggest change, is going to be in the name of the site, and the domain name you use to access the site (and consequently the discussion forums). I'm not going to release the new name yet (or the domain), you'll just have to wait and see what it is. Not to worry, all of the old URLs will still work, everything will just be forwarding to the new domain URL scheme. I will also be modifying the sub-form categories somewhat, incorporating some long overdue changes. Mostly, I'll be expanding the US Politics section, so that it has it's own section (similar to what we have for the Canadian Politics section) Canadian Domestic Politics Federal Politics Provincial Politics Local Politics United States Domestic Politics Federal Politics State Politics Local Politics International Politics Canada / US Relations The Rest of The World The remainder of the forums I plan to keep the same. Of course I'm always open to suggestion for organization of sections, so please post below if you have any ideas. If you have any other good suggestions on reasonable changes we can make to the forums, please post them below. If they're good ideas, I'll do my research and see how easy it would be to incorporate into the new forums. Thanks!
  5. I agree with that statement, but strangely that functionality isn't working... I have a support ticket created to address this issue, I'll update when I hear back.
  6. Done, for now... There's got to be a better way to display the clubs content without cluttering up the front page like it is now. BUT, I'll figure that out when I have more time in the near future. Things are back to the way they were before.
  7. Just moving some things around, decided the it might be best if we remove the clubs from the front page of the site - it was a bit confusing that way they were listed. You need to select "Cubs" in the main navigation, to access the clubs feature. Just trying some different things out, if it doesn't work out, I'll revert. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for helping @bcsapper!
  9. @WestCanMan CampMassad has been banned, lets avoid engaging with his past posts.
  10. I'm glad you were able to figure it out. For those who are still looking for the edit functionality, see the screencap below: The recent forum upgrade came with a slight change in the forum look and feel.
  11. It's sad we need a technological solution to address bad form/etiquette, but c'est la vie
  12. The content of your posts was never edited, they were just moved. Then make sure to post your new threads in the appropriate section of the forum. To blame Charles for your mistake and then question why you weren't immediately notified of him fixing your mistake is bad form.
  13. Ok, in the future, it's best to screen capture the error given, along with a detailed walkthrough of how you go to the error. Then I can try to replicate the problem. I'm glad you got it fixed. I believe the system will attempt to determine if the file is corrupted or not, before allowing it to fully upload. Cheers!
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