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  1. I agree with that statement, but strangely that functionality isn't working... I have a support ticket created to address this issue, I'll update when I hear back.
  2. Done, for now... There's got to be a better way to display the clubs content without cluttering up the front page like it is now. BUT, I'll figure that out when I have more time in the near future. Things are back to the way they were before.
  3. Just moving some things around, decided the it might be best if we remove the clubs from the front page of the site - it was a bit confusing that way they were listed. You need to select "Cubs" in the main navigation, to access the clubs feature. Just trying some different things out, if it doesn't work out, I'll revert. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for helping @bcsapper!
  5. @WestCanMan CampMassad has been banned, lets avoid engaging with his past posts.
  6. I'm glad you were able to figure it out. For those who are still looking for the edit functionality, see the screencap below: The recent forum upgrade came with a slight change in the forum look and feel.
  7. It's sad we need a technological solution to address bad form/etiquette, but c'est la vie
  8. The content of your posts was never edited, they were just moved. Then make sure to post your new threads in the appropriate section of the forum. To blame Charles for your mistake and then question why you weren't immediately notified of him fixing your mistake is bad form.
  9. Ok, in the future, it's best to screen capture the error given, along with a detailed walkthrough of how you go to the error. Then I can try to replicate the problem. I'm glad you got it fixed. I believe the system will attempt to determine if the file is corrupted or not, before allowing it to fully upload. Cheers!
  10. Off-Topic Posts (Visible/Hidden) feature - can you be more specific? how would this feature be any different than what you've done above with existing features...?
  11. It's hard to detect a members motives for posting in the forums. So the only thing Charles and I can do is enforce the rules and guidelines of the forums. There is no reliable criteria for determining professional pundits. The anonymity of the forums means it's impossible for moderators to determine who is actually posting (their real identity). If I enforced a real name/identity policy (linking to FB, LinkedIn, etc) - and there is even some issues with determining identity on those platforms - I would wager it would severely impact members posting activities.
  12. This site used to be partially funded by the University of Lethbridge. However that hasn’t been the case since 2011. It has since been funded by me personally and with the help of volunteers like Charles. That is also an incorrect statement. This website is not operated “for Canadians”, we clearly state the following in the forum guidelines: The nationality of the forum participants has absolutely nothing to do with intelligent discussion. I welcome participants from all over the world; diversity of opinion is what matters, not echo chambers centred around tribal
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