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  1. He's hired a whip smart 81-year old lawyer so stand back. Also the guy's implicated in the Epstein affair but...
  2. This thread is now pre Godwinned. So 5% of new immigrants being refugees doesn't seem like much to me, given our wealth and the hand that we and our friends have had in causing misery, regardless of intention. Let's actually be the Christian nation that the xenophobes and war-on-Christmas people claim we are.
  3. Or values. The Nazis were fantastic rationalists.
  4. The myth of rational analysis: let's start with an assumption that religion is the cause, and we'll bury that assumption by assertion an impartial analysis based on some factors...
  5. If the funds were expected, though, and then didn't come forward that's enough for a quid pro quo. Here's the money... oops hang on... there's something we'd like you to do for us though... investigate this guy's family... see, he's running against me and...
  6. Of course, laws themselves represent the ultimate interference of the government into how we live our natural lives. There is even an entire branch of government built on this, called the judiciary. I'm hopeful that our new glorious president will relieve us from the slavery of following the bidding of these Ivy league elites !
  7. You are bringing such perspective here as to threaten to ruin the fun for the many people who think that complaining about individuals from groups that they don't like constitutes political discussion.
  8. Your observations are not empathetic or thoughtful.
  9. You didn't answer my questions and said, basically, 'who cares'.
  10. I guess you didn't read my previous post. Nothing new here for me to comment on.
  11. Why lump refugees with legal immigrants? What about speculation, air BnB?
  12. 1. Only if you go and do it for her. Who knows what her barriers are to this conclusion ? Are you classifying her as negligent, lazy, dishonest ? What do you think is happening here ? 2. Everyone and their refugee mom...
  13. This to me is more about Toronto's housing out of control than any one group. Certainly refugees will have it the worst of anyone with no network and typically low financial resources. Any assertion that somebody's situation is easily solvable just like that, lacks empathy and sensitivity IMO.
  14. This is one of those weird controversies that doesn't play across all demographics I think.
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