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  1. Seems like they still have options... go after Sondland's memory since he changed his story. Burn America's Mayor on a pyre.... none of them honourable but these guys give spiders and snakes the willies. They actually asked Sondham, who bought his ambassador job, if he understood Quid Pro Quo.
  2. Are double standards ever worth considering? Are they always bad? I read more than a few people who said, about Mr. Cherry, that he's old with antiquated views. I can get behind that.
  3. Let's make it easy: only individuals can donate to political parties, and corporations are not allowed to set up fake account... Block IP addresses for countries that allow espionage accounts to be created.
  4. 1. That's until they get their hearing. Rue's assertion that they stay anyway is more of a concern to me but ok. 2. There's some level of screening done there but I accept your concerns on face value. If we can agree to discuss such things objectively and without agenda, then we could do something like (gasp) a study to see how it turns out. Something to note, though, is that we're talking asessing about risk here - something the "public", or really the masses, are unable to do. If a single refugee out of 45,000 a year commits a violent act the reactionary mindset moves to cast judgement on all which is ridiculous. I really hope that we can get to a place of discussion some day when we can have those kinds of discussions but there is no trust in any institution to host them right now.
  5. The hilarious thing is that the UN spells out criteria for separation and would probably support Alberta. Just so many laughs there, in seeing the right-wing white supremacist Wexit founders begging the UN "globalists" to help them...
  6. If it makes people feel better, we can say that although US policies were largely to blame for what conflicts/escalations eventually resulted in refugees from Syria and Libya, we can also say the policies happened under the Obama administration. Whew. (Edited to add: And yes I know Canada is too small and insignificant to cause major humanitarian disasters thanks)
  7. It's shocking how little this gets covered, even by the so-called left wing CBC. We love taking the high road when it comes to things like poppies though.
  8. Not that this is an interesting topic or anything but someone pointed out a few issues with Cherry's observations: - There are barely any poppies for sale downtown and they only take cash. Not 100% sure of this but for sure in the banking district there weren't many around. The Legion needs to get their lazy asses down there and start selling. ABC=Always Be Closing - There's not enough effort to explain to new immigrants what this day is. Ironically, Don thinks that they watch Coach's Corner, so he can just tell them there.
  9. Yeah he was free. He was a failed player and bad coach who became rich and famous thanks to his mom entertaining personality. He could have kept his job if he apologized but he's independently wealthy and free so he didn't.
  10. In North America at least we separate church and state. I have many Jewish friends, Muslim and Christian friends... some reformed, some secular, some fallen out into Atheism and it's always fine. There is no requirement that you hide your religion although given the amount to antisemitism out there I wouldn't blame you for doing that. Welcome and peace to you. The framework for these countries, thanks to the great men who founded the United States of America, is for you to be free to 'pursue happiness'. Good luck with that.
  11. So now we're conflating border crossers, refugees and immigrants... ok then. Here are some numbers, since so many on here love to talk about problems out of context employing a semantic magnifying glass all the while: https://irb-cisr.gc.ca/en/statistics/Pages/Irregular-border-crosser-statistics.aspx Statscan has 45K border crossers since early 2017, for about 2.5 years. They seem to be accepting a little over 50% so that would leave us with maybe 25K refugees out of say 750K immigrants over that time or about 3%. Not sure why they want to still come here, given that the right wing spreads lies, deceptive memes and videos, and refuses to act like human beings - even when the refugees are the results of our own policies as eyeball pointed out. Case in point, the Toronto Sun printed an outright lie that they were sacrificing goats in a Toronto hotel (yes, I know. I wouldn't have fallen for it but the Sun fell over themselves believing it so bad they didn't bother to contact the hotel to check) and the next day there was arson at the hotel. So when you are confronted with right-wing lies about refugees, stick to your facts, and stick to basic human kindness and you will be fine. These idiots make more noise than their numbers so don't be daunted...
  12. Use 'embed tweet' that Twitter provides then just CTRL-C the link
  13. 1. I think a stereotype is a kind of generalization but a generalization is not necessarily a stereotype. Women are better drivers is a generalization but not a stereotype. 2. I never saw Tony Soprano play soccer o
  14. 1. You think all generalizations are racist ? So you basically disagree with statements about groups then, even if they're factual. 2. I used to like my grandpa, when he was alive, but only once or twice a year. I really like chatting with people who have different views, but hey I'm a liberal...
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