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  1. 1. You say 'taken hold'. A 2nd place gadfly loser has not taken hold of anything. Talk to me when leftish policies are in place. 2. Winning primaries, leading the polls... 3. As ever. I went to school in similar situations, and the neoliberals were rising. 4. With Trump or Biden as president. Again you said taken hold. Words matter.
  2. I don't get why people are so down on her. She wasn't exactly dealt a winning hand.
  3. You only need to work with 2nd generation Canadians to understand what a Canadian is. I guess not liking Asian people isn't exactly racist but on the other hand why is it that those who are so opposed seem to live away from big cities?
  4. The evidence of that science is that those things work. People are slowly coming around on Climate Change but only because the effects are happening.
  5. I poof read fine, it's my auto-correct that screes it up.
  6. 1. So ? 2. Oh FFS... Abide by the laws that don't exist you mean?
  7. How can it be erroneous when we're just speculating about a rule that doesn't even exist yet? I submit that such a law would be about searches of gathering places, not Mosques or homes. If you are going to use security as a reason to break privacy, why would the type of meeting place matter? Would you be less offended if alt-rights gathered in churches and we searched them?
  8. You should look leave the forum, go to WalMart and buy yourself a nifty megaphone.
  9. 1. One of you suggested giving police powers to search Mosques. Presumably that's because they are gathering places. I doubt that a home used as a gathering place would have mich legal difference under a security law like that. 2. Ok, well I like that you see symmetry here. If we had a thread called This Week in Alt Right maybe someone might have suggested police powers to arbitrarily search pick up trucks in Alberta ? I'll take my answer off the air. 3. I like to clarify things.
  10. Sarcasm is very difficult to pick up in text mode, as there's no inflection. You can wrap it in a tag like this: <sarcasm>I'm sure everyone will appreciate that</sarcasm>
  11. 'Leftism has taken hold' is the kind of thing that right-wing people repeat over and over again to convince people to keep following them. Here's some of the things that show the left has NOT taken hold: -Corporate power increases, more multinational power, lower taxes -Nationalization of industry no longer happens, in fact nations in financial trouble are required to privatize -The death of socialism as an economic strategy for most of the worlt Here's where you switch gears, drop your argument and start arguing that these things are a good idea. Whether or not they are is beside the point: the left hasn't 'taken hold' and acting like Ronald Reagan's parrot won't make it so.
  12. Ok - well if YOU don't like her, Banana, then her political career is finished Repeat that she's done 'twice' and we ALL GET IT ! Never mind that she guided Canada through the most difficult negotiations maybe in our history. She stood with the cabinet on the JWR affair !
  13. Do you have a cite or anything that explains where your views come from ? Low Cost housing tends to go to the very poor. The Middle Class have been doing poorly for awhile now. It's fine to have an opinion but this is a board to discuss opinions not just state them and tell people you don't care what others think...
  14. Anti-Jew rhetoric seems to come from Nazi groups too. So should we raid Faith Goldy's supporters homes ? Your observations are just that, and you can state them and see what people say...
  15. Ridiculous. People actually make a big fuss over arbitrary searches. Back when the government was talking about monitoring online communication there was a large push back.
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