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  1. Bullshit. You can't say immigrants get money, when it's only refugees. The claim was even Wilder than that. I can see that the snowflakes are starting to get their feelings hurt by my request for truth and I'm getting warnings for making people sad. Sorry for your feelings.
  2. You have fallen flat. 1. Refugees aren't the same as immigrants. 2. What specifically has Trudeau changed? I don't know why I bother. These claims ALWAYS turn out to be bullshit. As your buddy says, if you don't like Canada you can always leave.
  3. 1. Your moral outrage is comical to me, let's be clear on that. 2. All people can be brainwashed, sadly. 3. 'If you want to criticize MLW, go back where you came from. I was here first.' see how that works ?
  4. Good luck with that. The new mantra of the right by the way is: "Go Google it yourself"
  5. So much horseshit. Show me the program where Trudeau pays immigrants' rent. The problem with politics today, and this board now, is people make bullshit claims without cites. Back up your claims ffs.
  6. You are engaging with a troll army unlike any other. The Trumpists are second only to Soviets in double think. They even brainwash black people to be racist against their own people.
  7. Why though? He bought them a damn pipeline. Are they stupid out there or what?
  8. 1. A fine defense of immoral and unAmerican behaviour... 2. Yes, we did an Underground Railroad for your people in the past and will help you again if necessary. No need to thank us.
  9. Hysterical folks tend to frame things as binary, just saying. I pointed out that your people are murdering Muslims and you're worried about Sharia law.
  10. 1. Horseshit. The president of your country is telling black people to go back where they came from. But keep pretending. 2. Back at you. 3. Clearly you do.
  11. Says a black guy cheerfully celebrating the rise of racism. O teach us, smart American man
  12. Oh ffs Sharia in Canada Will this hysteria ever end ? No it's so bad that a maniac was pushed to gunning down Muslims in Quebec and the racists respond by expressing concern over M103. These are agents of hate. Tag them as what they are. Tell people about this. It's getting worse.
  13. Three of them born in the US? It's hard to see logic in that. It also radically changes how presidents and parties have framed American immigration. Why ? To win an election. Seems like a big change for a small payoff.
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