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  1. This is what passes for discussion these days... "an official met with..." no details, no date or names. The whole thing is a long opinion piece from one guy. It's like pulling teeth to ask for cites from people and when you get them, it's just opinion. It's just sad to me that there's no real discussion anymore.
  2. 'Take on' is ambiguous wording. I mean it to be 'include' not 'pick a fight with'. But let me look into the details - can you give a link so that I be better informed as to how they're treated ?
  3. Wait - how the $**&# did we get on 'unions' ? OFF TOPIC
  4. https://theprovince.com/?s=diversity Hard to read an article that doesn't exist. Oh well.
  5. Yes, this is the new conservatism somehow: anti-corporation, anti-trade, pro-government. Meh.
  6. Yes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oshawa_(electoral_district) Big union town... went from NDP to Liberal to Conservative it looks like
  7. Unionism won. Now they're not interested in helping those who were where they were 90 years ago.
  8. Why do you hate freedom ? People can dress how they want. We're not the Talliban. I'm tired of rightista snowflake sentiments being put out all the time without a response. If our PM wants to wear a dress, and thinks he can get away with it he can go ahead. If somebody wants to wear a kippah I'm not going to have you tell them that they're not allowed to work for the civil service.. Can we please get past this reactionary mode of politics ?
  9. 1. 'To be fair' ( which reminds me, are you watching Letterkenny ? Very Canadian, your kind of show ) Canada is living up to it's potential to be a player in this matter. Which is zero. 2. I give up.
  10. Oh, FFS. Does anybody think they will do anything ? This administration can't get on the same page with themselves even.
  11. Are they ? Or are they just asking obvious questions to make noise ? I honestly don't know. The answer is pretty clear...
  12. Got it now Yeah well... they would probably vote for him anyway.
  13. 1) Wait... NOW what are we talking about ? You were talking about people sneaking into 'government' 2) Or a black guy secretly being a Muslim who was born in Kenya ? If you think this stuff is ridiculous, as I do, even JFK had to respond to suspicions that the Vatican would tell him what to do. 3) Nah, it's racist. If a guy was born in England you wouldn't be asking if he was devoted to England in his dealings. For that matter, several federal party leaders have/had citizenship in other countries. Elizabeth May, Stephane Dion, and I think Michael Ignatieff.
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