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  1. 1. Of course not, but you are using common and subjective terms and then holding the reality up to an impossible standard for "responsible and accountable" 2. Not clear to me, no. Propose something else and a plan to get there and we'll see. 3. Ok, so not easy but... what ? [EDIT TO ADD] It's kind of telling if you decry how bad things are but don't have concrete suggestions to offer. I think I offered some early on in the chat.
  2. 1. Which model are you comparing to ? You seem to be comparing to an ideal, not a model. It's not a problem to do so ,but at least acknowledge you are being idealistic. 2. I would like to hear some specific ideas from you also, as that would be interesting to hear.
  3. 1. Interesting, and born out by this: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/International-crude-oil-prices-and-global-GDP-growth-Source-IEA-World-Energy-Outlook_fig3_268751657 2. Actual collapse seems to be a leftist pipe dream, to me. Liberalism includes open discussion of economic problems, as well as self-organizing solutions. What would collapse look like in our current world ? Would we fall back 50 years ? 70 years ? So ... relative wealth as it was in 1971 or 1951 ? It's not hand-tools and community gardens, right ?
  4. Another great point. I find your position intriguing: you criticize exactly the right things, and yet you are overly pessimistic and don't see any value in our systems or their prospects IMO.
  5. 1. Perfect is the enemy of good. You are coming across as waiting for a savior, a democratic Jesus, to come and fix our problems. We aren't perfect but we are, by our own efforts, amongst the least corrupt, most inclusive and reflective democracies. So how bad is it really if this is the case ? 2. Late ? Lots of human history left to go. 3. This is hyperbole, ie. exaggeration.
  6. I see what you are saying, but maybe we can meet half-way and frame this issue as a lack of imagination on all sides at least. In times of great change, those institutions and individuals who are tied to the old ways start to appear as those dinosaur skeletons in the atria of the museum. I am posting not to defend government, but to weigh in on people who would claim that "the" public is not a factor in this. We have a significant streak of narcissism in our culture, that allows bad politics and non-politics to persist. But, yes.
  7. And the Court ruled on it. You can't win them all I guess. Are examples of Christian religion being forced on non-christians as well. including very recently. You take it to the courts, and see what happens. There isn't anything different about this, really. Maybe you're just learning how the courts work.
  8. Not sure what you are looking for ? You are seeming to asking whether to censor them. Is this Cancel Culture stuff ?
  9. 1. By using the 'passive voice' here, you are pretty obviously excusing the public. It's the public that is charged with evaluating end results. 2. Inventions are tied to our means of communicating.
  10. Then I don't think we are far apart at all.
  11. I think that while I care about your general assessment, your examples aren't quite to my liking.
  12. 1. Well, I disagree. It was "built", essentially, by the Americans on top of previous systems. It was built to have government accountable to a "public". 2. "Significant" is subjective. All aspects of government have changed significantly over the centuries. 3. The saying that comes to mind is "perfect is the enemy of good". 4. I'm pretty sure that the cannabis issue is more important than election reform to a significant number of voters. You need to separate what you think needs to change from what other stakeholders such as other citizens with different viewpoints, from the business community, and from government itself. 5. So... I just googled % vaccinated and came up on the NY Times page for vaccinations/100 people and Canada was 3rd in the G7. 16th overall. I think that's ok.
  13. 1. You can look at what worked in the past and try to recreate it, rather than building layers of oversight everywhere. The people who design the system can't be counted on to come up with the answers because: 1) They are not visionaries, not imaginative, and weren't elected because they have Gates/Bezos/Zuckerberg/Jobs ideas about how to improve communication. They are usually lawyers, or just part of the family compact 2) Such functions would, to them, allow openness and be far more difficult for them to manage. They would have to respond to the people directly, which is difficult 2. Large culture change can happen quickly, and in this case it will. Government's feedback loops are built on media, and slow to change. Direct and timely response through social media is the new way. Donald Trump knew this. 3. I'm torn on this one. For one thing, the problem was massive whether or not it was "foreseen" or not. For another, our leaders weren't the right people to fix the problems. However, if you compare Canada to other countries we did ok. If you are serious about accountability, then try to imagine how the Canadian people would participate in a full post-mortem on our response. Here's something you would need to understand: IT WOULD BE BORING. Only people with the right sense of duty and mental sensibility would end up participating, so any postmortem would have to factor that in. Interesting ideas, here, and I don't disagree with you folks.
  14. Exactly. The failure of Scheer to get elected has nothing to do with the media. They broke the story and the voters made their decision.
  15. Ok, would you ban people from Canada if they were redeemable? Would you disparage them openly, as a people rather than dismantle the details of their belief system of they are redeemable?
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