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  1. Remember when we showed favouritism to the Hungarians when their country was under seige ? Wait, isn't ANY refugee program favouritism to the people under duress ? The mindset of these people...
  2. A couple of points here: 1. I keep hoping that The Quilette will live up to the promise of being a thought-provoking publication that challenges the prevailing wisdom on controversial topics such as 'woke culture' They spent most of the article talking about the Twitter mob, which is irrelevant to the points being discussed. It's like me 'proving' that the current president has bad policies by quoting his followers on twitter. They only provide superficial coverage of the issues at the heart of the matter. 2. It seems like the 'Insanity Movement' is only marked as insane by the extremi
  3. Symmetry and fairness are no longer values in American politics.
  4. I just love a news network broadcasting that they are ahead because another poll by a rival says they are tied. And if Trump wins again then we'll have even more proof that math is a Democrat lie.
  5. Conspiracies abound. Thank God for OANN https://www.oann.com/polls-show-positive-continued-trump-momentum/ "When NBC puts out a poll saying we're tied, you know we're ahead"
  6. FOX News Poll - Biden ahead by 5 points https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-biden-trump-a-5-point-race-in-post-convention-poll
  7. The only way a Trump supporter can talk is to repeat propaganda talking points. Hundreds of independent pollsters are corrupt ? If Dear Leader says so then I can truly believe !!!
  8. Of course... there are those who will say because Trump won in 2016 given a 29% chance of winning that means polls don't work. It's wishful thinking... to wish math didn't work.
  9. The thing is.... in Florida 2 of 8 recent polls showed a tie. 6 of 8 showed Biden ahead. Nobody showed Trump ahead. Trump can't win without Florida, but Biden can win without Florida. Yes, it's tight but the news is much worse for Trump right now. For example... Arizona's latest 8 polls are all for Biden with 3 of them showing about a 10 point lead.
  10. The five thirty-eight has released senate projections for 2020 - 58% chance to go to the Democrats https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/senate/ Also - Trump's approval ratings seem to be improving but his chances to win aren't. I think this is likely because he is doubling down on a message that resonates with people who are already likely to vote for him.
  11. That's also an old approach: since the levels of support are inadequate groups with higher needs shouldn't be served either. Your argument, though, admits that they are still underserved - even at the inadequate level that the general population has to live with.
  12. Whites are the most put-upon group in history, especially wealthy ones.... they are so great...
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/black-mental-health-report-community-reaction-1.5688803 Pretty ridiculous if a group that has problems can't get resources... and then is accused by whites of racism IMO. "Why doesn't my town in the desert get any flood relief from the government. THAT'S RACIST !"
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