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  1. No I am not saying that. Ok we can start with Naziism. I value clarity and consistency. It's not that difficult.
  2. Just some weird theocratic minutia. Maybe being in an all-out war against a racist empire-builder made the Queen see that religion and state could be a little farther apart.
  3. Since we're quoting PEW - 90% of Muslim Americans are proud of their country and that lines up pretty much with other Americans. https://www.pewforum.org/2017/07/26/findings-from-pew-research-centers-2017-survey-of-us-muslims/pf_2017-06-26_muslimamericans-00-11/ So let's counter the xenophobic idea that certain peoples are poison/poisoned and will infect the west. I read on these pages that there hasn't been an Islamic reformation - well it's happening here. I'll show myself out.
  4. 1. You know me well. The natives are a founding people and deserve more than their numbers warrant. Similarly with the French. There's some of my conservatism seeping out for you - I actually favour fewer rights for immigrants ! 2. They probably think we are, since we stole everything they have. "Officer I have a theft to report !" "What was stolen ?" "Everything - my way of life, my land, my culture..." 3. You mean interring them ? Or worse ? I'm just gibing you.. you got a lot of my time today ... cheers ...
  5. 1. Firstly that's not completely true, and secondly I have prescribed an extreme approach based on the direct expression of ideas that are harmful, this is kind of a two-step. 2. You have to make a call at some point, so... 3. The example was something like Nazis marching through a neighbourhood of elderly Jewish folks at night. There are so many things wrong with that, so ... no just say no. 4. That's the great thing about being on a forum. All talk no action. 5. I would set it up to ask you. 6. We do shut down speech in cases where it's dangerous and not serious hate speech and we shut down free expression or behaviour that we simply do not LIKE. We used to prevent Paul Magder from opening his store on Sundays because Saturday was the day of doing business - didn't matter if it was his Sabbath. I'm being provocative here and trying to spark discussion but my point is that we prevent and control a lot of behaviours that are effectively free expression and don't have a problem with it because it is not the pure expression of Nazi hate that people love to defend... 7. I would have agreed with them back then, but not today. We had a "public" that was informed via controlled channels. Now we have an anonymous mob controlled by liars funded by foreign governments. Do you agree that things have changed in that way, even if you don't agree with my solution ?
  6. 1. No. 2. But my speech is NOT problematic. It's incredibly great. And we have unanimous opinion on that over and over again so it's practically out of the realm of objectivity at this point. 3. I'm not talking about a law necessarily. Just shut them down. 4. It's not that complicated. 5. No - you have to agree it's a bad idea. Which presumably you do. You think Naziism, gassing people based on their orientation, religion and race is a bad idea. I'm almost certain you do. 6. Actually we do it here all the time, but we deny that we do it. We censor, prevent, and shut down things but for some reason Nazi marches are the hallmark of freedom. Yelling "fire" or walking around nude, or shitting in the town square seems to be ok to ban but somehow this action is ok. Listen, I'll let you in on a secret - I'm being a little flippant and provocative but maybe you can see my point here ? It's a little ridiculous for us to deny that we restrict freedom of speech and use this odious ideology as the lithmus test of our freedom.
  7. Communists are the flip side of Libertarians. Those are economic ideas and not ideas about eradicating and committing violence on people because of their religion or race. So, they are 'ok'. CHECK.
  8. 1. I think most people would think Naziism is a bad idea ? 50% + 1 at a minimum. 2. Yeah, maybe it's time to revisit that. 3. I'm not talking about important things. 4. It's really not that complicated.
  9. How much influence do the blacks and Jews have now ?
  10. Why aren't people saying we should ban African Americans or people from Puerto Rico? It seems like they start from a dislike of Muslims then work backwards to find a set of rules to block them.
  11. Riiight... because we want 'bad ideas' to propagate as far as possible Keep your silly American absolutes on your side of the cyber border or I'll clap you in maple chains !
  12. Street Hockey has been banned before. It's not an absolute right, and like free speech can be limited. The G7 protest in Toronto was allowed to go forward.... in a park miles from where the G7 leaders were meeting. If Nazis want to protest, we can find them a hockey arena to protest... in summer... or maybe a jail
  13. It's a side question. The won't be PM because: "In what weird Freaky Friday convergence of wormholes and Groundhog days does she end up being PM ?"
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