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  1. 'You people' That sounds crazy. Yes, Doug is lucky. Unless you think that he orchestrated Patrick Brown's demise.
  2. 1. Right, but not.. TVs clothing, phones, car parts. 'Made in China' isn't just things that you find at Dollarama 2. We can't even get rid of our worst governments and we have elections. Trump tried to after China 'big time' and he made some headway. I won't argue zero-sum terms like won/lost but there wasn't anything like a break with China. That's not me disparaging Trump, that's me pointing out that China and the West are embedded in each others' economies. 3. We don't do that in the West and we shore up dictators who are friends with us. It's a good thing to have a anti-despot policy but ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Realpolitik 4. If you are talking about the planet, she sees all of us as an enemy so we should unite - either to give her what she needs, or defeat her and all move to Mars.
  3. Yes, and they are quick to ask forgiveness when a Rob Ford or Rush Limbaugh steps over the line.
  4. Criminals actually can redeem themselves. The whole justice system is based on that. What magic ?
  5. Only in the alt-right cracked mirrors is the f*cking Globe and Mail 'leftist media'... give your head a shake... maybe use one of those paint can shakers in Home Hardware, but in any case set it on high. Doug Ford, by the way, has been widely praised across the spectrum for bringing his actual talents to the crisis: plain talk, respect for the common person, and a pragmatic focus that is exactly what we need. That does not change the fact that he was identified as: a hash dealer, a crack provider, a bigot ,a chauvinist and a moron. But it shows he is redeemable, and that the kind of binary politics you savour should be blown out of a porthole.
  6. 1. Very serious and I almost can't believe you would suggest otherwise. Even the proxy wars of the 70s and 80s brought more death (Nicaragua, Cambodia, Angola) than we have today. https://www.vox.com/2015/6/23/8832311/war-casualties-600-years 2. Well, sort of. Selling weapons is powerful, but even looking at the politics of 'slam dunk' wars like Iraq and Afghanistan shows us that these endeavours are not popular. 3. I'm not familiar with all of these examples, but they are certainly (in general) not in the league of the Contras or others that were funded by the US and USSR. For example: Syria has a leader that, while opposed by the US, is not really a puppet of the Russian regime either. 4. Ok, well then the Republocrats would be enemy #1 to you, while Greta Thunberg would be an ally then. So you're a different sort, I guess, in that you are using the language of the populists literally. A globalist is, to you, ACTUALLY a globalist. Well good for you, sincerely, in knowing how to use language. You're a cut above just based on that.
  7. 1. Cite please 2. He might be the kind of person to ask where information comes from too. And if someone asked for money, asking for evidence of what would be done with it. The "UN is taking over the world" meme was likely created by disinformation agencies that our own security agencies have identified. By spreading this, you are acting as a willing dupe for our actual enemies. Please don't ever call yourself a patriot. Instead of a poppy, you should just wear a happy face on Remembrance Day...
  8. 1. I'm not sure how the platform itself would do this, but that does seem to be the result yes. 2. Well, many of us - present company included - have not had to use the reflection and thoughtfulness muscles until about 20 years ago when we joined online forums. The character of our 'public' life in N. America has been increasingly defined by commercial mainstream sources since the 1930s. These institutions are chiefly driven by advertising revenue and revenue-generating engines like Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, they have found that flattering the consumer helps achieve their goals. Nothing has replaced the old social necessities of patriotism and religious service in our public lives. For all of their flaws, those forces elevated selflessness in terms of challenging us to cooperate, to reflect and to improve ourselves... to the point of even sacrificing ourselves. I would say that we lost some good when we supplanted those facets of public life. Now we are Narcissus, looking at the beautiful image of ourselves as reflected in media streams. If liberal then they reinforce us as sensitive, caring souls who are rich in spirit. If conservative then they reinforce us as pragmatic and hard-working souls who drive our prosperity and the good life. What needs to happen is that those of us who recognize that those tropes are empty and false should reboot the idea of the public, of the commoner who can consider ideas on their own merits without having to ape a bunch of suited conservative and liberal proxies who argue, as on CNN's Crossfire.
  9. 1. Well...why ? And you don't think the world is more peaceful than in the 1980s ? Why do you think that ? Proxy wars throughout the world aren't happening anymore. 2. What is a globalist ? Usually when I ask, I get nothing. Sometimes I can get a definition ... but it will fit anyone who works in an international context, ie. every government or major company. And in that case, it turns out everyone is a globalist. In fact, I suspect globalist is defined as "someone RtL does not like". So Soros is a prime globalist, but the Koch Brother(s) not... etc. 3. Like... who ? Like Trump ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_United_States–Saudi_Arabia_arms_deal 4. Yes, this is the system. I don't know who you're skewing here, though, as all the presidents tend to provide rich funding for a strong military... They can afford to, so not much to do about that... except a cultural movement for peace and disarmament which works with security interests sometimes even...
  10. I'm sad. It's been over two weeks and I haven't heard back... oh well... The US is still a better friend than China but we're probably a better match with Europe right now.
  11. Yes, but lose the gun laws adopt universal healthcare and each province and territory is a state. Easy peasy.
  12. Corporations protect leftists... why do you think that is ? Maybe the corporations are more in the middle than you are ? Do you have an example of extreme speech that is banned by twitter, and corresponding extreme speech protected by a corporation ? Of course, I do understand that these will be asymetric examples but maybe we can explore this.
  13. Yeah... well "you people" meant Asians but generally "you" means "one" Example: You've gotta fight for your right to paaaaarty... actually is a rephrasing of Founding Father Adam Rock: "One must contend for one's freedom to pursue happiness"
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