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  1. Michael Hardner

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    Being true... Well truth is subjective. Numbers and rules tend not to be.
  2. Michael Hardner

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    These things go in cycles. Once there is a will there will be a way.
  3. Michael Hardner

    How do you know what media/sources to trust?

    Yes Argus, this is the epistemic crisis I have posted about. My idea is to step back and agree on principles as an objective foundation.
  4. Michael Hardner

    White Pride

    Meh. it's not a sex act. There is even nudity in the city sometimes and it won't always get you arrested but the cops might ask you to cover up.
  5. Michael Hardner

    Islamification of Toronto?

    1. I explained why you are anti-western, because you reject pluralism which was the basis of western democracy, and solved the major problem of religious persecution of the time preceding. Your response ? "You are anti-Western." That's it. No evidence or reasoning. 2. You contradict yourself so often, I don't know how to respond. You call yourself a patriotic Canadian, say that Canada is great but here you say it's in decline. My loyalty is with our strong Canadian pluralism. And WHAT is zionist multiculturalism ? Zionism and multiculturalism are two separate ideas, and I can only think of one reason to put them together. 2b. I am not crying. I appreciate the strength in our country. You were the one who stated you were 'offended' when you saw a woman in religious garb. Religious tolerance has been a tradition in Canada since our inception and was a key factor in our founding. 3. I don't need to overrule your statements, I can play them all back to you with the same statements you make that contradict each other. Nobody is 'charged' for expressing polite opinions, but crackpot hate mongers are locked away or sent back to Germany where they came from, from time to time. 4. You just said the country is in decline. I think it was good and is getting better. 4b. Question: what happens to species that don't evolve. 4c. Not on your watch ? You just said it happened ! Under your watch, the great white homeland (that was never a thing anyway) didn't happened, so I guess you should hand in your watchman's metaphorical flashlight or... something. This phrase is typical of your seeming conflict as to whether Canada and "the people" are worth anything to you.
  6. Michael Hardner

    Street gangs

    1) Would you therefore trust a professional sociologist to do that ? What comes out of the discussion once root cause is determined ? A systemic approach, or a blame/excuse approach ? 2) Since you are willing to give the problem over to professionals for information gathering, will you abide by what they find whether you agree with the politics or not ? If not, then we are talking about the heart of the 'epistemic crisis' we are living in today, the disagreement over facts and knowledge. Objective arts and sciences are a good way to establish common ground, as you seem to be willing to investigate but to my mind the end result can't be blame/excuse as it takes a process back into the realm of the amateur/generalist. And although I'm obviously a fan of the academic/specialist approach I also recognize that without trust and buy-in it's a non-starter.
  7. Michael Hardner

    Court ruling a victory for opponents of hate speech

    So you think it's unusual that walking around with a defamatory sign in front of a political party fundraiser is noticed more than a comment made by thousands of Canadians every day... is noticed ? OK then.
  8. Michael Hardner

    Court ruling a victory for opponents of hate speech

    Ok, well if the justice system is so corrupt what do you suggest ? This case strikes me as a straight up case of defamation, ie from the OP “raped your wife at least a few times.” There are so many people these days who are bent on depicting reasonable and traditional process as some kind of horrifying crime that it's mind-numbing to try and wade into that, so I mostly don't. If you are depicting this case as a sort of judicial conspiracy, conscious or not, then there's not much for us to talk about. I would be much more interested in listening to Conservatives like Argus who want to expedite and improve the efficiency of our system.
  9. Michael Hardner

    Court ruling a victory for opponents of hate speech

    Ok, well rather than look on the surface, think about the actions and process and you might understand better. The other thing to keep in mind is that judges strive for objectivity, which means that we won't always agree with them.
  10. Michael Hardner

    Islamification of Toronto?

    No insults from me, just a call for someone to be a little less inwardly focussed and move on.
  11. Michael Hardner

    Islamification of Toronto?

    1. Religions 'Force' things on their devotees all the time. Whether you think they 'need to be forcing' or not is none of your business. That is Western pluralism. For you to make an exception of it is just misusing liberalism to serve your own prejudices as evidenced by your base insults. It's anti-Western. 2. Nope. You don't have that right. Nobody is going to listen to you, and this isn't the country you think it is. You have a deep misunderstanding of Western tradition. Stop saying you are 'offended'. Nobody cares about your delicate sensibilities. Go home and cry into your pillow if you are scared of foreigners but deal with it yourself. 3. It's only alive in people like you who pretend they are liberals for ten seconds [badly] so they can discriminate against people because of how they dress. Most people recognize what polite society is and are grateful to live in it. 4. That country is gone and it isn't coming back. Evolve.
  12. Michael Hardner

    Street gangs

    Maybe one of those grabbers.
  13. Michael Hardner

    Street gangs

    I guess because most people don't support that idea?
  14. Michael Hardner

    Gay-Straight Alliance Club

    I thought about this some more and the law does allow people under 18 to make sexual choices of their own, as well as educating them about those choices. As such, I think schools should extend those rights to giving the students rights over their privacy of association and discussion of orientation. For religious schools, they should have additional rights to use their values, balanced with a harm reduction and health approach. They could host GSAs or not, and could inform parents or not. At that point it isn't a legal as much as political discussion IMO.
  15. Michael Hardner

    Islamification of Toronto?

    1) This is religious freedom and it is part of a concept called 'pluralism' that makes the west great. If you want to go back to the era of the Holy Roman Empire then you haven't learned a major lesson of history. 2) You don't get to boss around other people due to what offends you. This is the epitome of snowflake thinking. 3) Political Correctness is a bogeyman. You are the one who is offended by the freedom of others. 4) No - intolerant people who want to live in a land ruled by Bishops in pointy hats... should go start a new country. I will support donating an arctic island for the cause.