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  1. Corporations protect leftists... why do you think that is ? Maybe the corporations are more in the middle than you are ? Do you have an example of extreme speech that is banned by twitter, and corresponding extreme speech protected by a corporation ? Of course, I do understand that these will be asymetric examples but maybe we can explore this.
  2. Yeah... well "you people" meant Asians but generally "you" means "one" Example: You've gotta fight for your right to paaaaarty... actually is a rephrasing of Founding Father Adam Rock: "One must contend for one's freedom to pursue happiness"
  3. Yes, this sounds like the normal postwar liberal economic program. It's called charity and this guy Jesus was way into it. It's terrifying to communists and despots like Russia, Saudi, China and their brainwashed meme-hypnotized sheep in the free world.
  4. I have no remembrance of this. Sounds like me, but I am more interested in the phenomenon of finding one rude idiot and saying 'typical rightie' or whatever. You are actually doing a little hypocrisy handstand when you do that... generalization of others while criticizing the practice of generalization.
  5. Why do you think leftists are worse than others? Are you maybe PREJUDICED against them?
  6. These people do Trudeau's honour by making him capable of monumental schemes... That 'returned Isis veteran' vote is going to win him the election.
  7. Yes ... sometimes the same people who made bad decisions also made good ones. Like Doug Ford. It's not too hard to see that...
  8. Yes, this was stupid. Many Canadian and American leaders failed to anticipate / appreciate the threat also. Some just a few weeks before the surge.
  9. And same sex marriage rights weren't granted until there was more than 51% in favour of them. It renders the idea that religious folks have no influence as laughable. That said, religious rights are being reduced, in my opinion, and the religious right is now forced to align with religious immigrant groups to get their God points. There's no common understanding of morality, or - even worse - what "live and let live" actually means.
  10. At some point it will start to hit home. Already some very well-known artists have been hit with this, and soon your neighbourhood too. Please stay safe everyone.
  11. I believe that I *asked* someone not to post, and I even said "please".
  12. 1. No, you are quoting bullshit sites. There are enough real conservative sources, and Canadian ones. 2. Not too late to leave.
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