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  1. Why is BLM tugging at peoples' heartstrings 'garbage' and others' not ? Try to rise above.
  2. This is a response to eyeball's ( @eyeball ) oft-repeated mantra that figures lie and liars figure. I think that you are, in the end, right. But if people can come to the table admitting the shortcomings of their tools as a starting point then maybe the tools can be used to build a common ground. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/27/the-10-most-dangerous-jobs-in-america-according-to-bls-data.html The wail of a partisan who decries the way information is framed as a narrative or 'story' by a journalist could be stated as "Why does 'the media' continue the narrative of Blue Lives being dangerous ? Why does Hollywood perpetuate this myth ?" The answer is that surely if 'black lives matter' is based on misleading stats then Blue Lives matter are also a problem. What is happening is that the simplified tool of the 'story' no longer serves us when we are beyond simple social mechanics. Here are the actual stats on dangerous jobs in the US from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (which I present because it's geographically close to Hollywood, which has failed to produce a movie about a lawn care guy getting killed on the last day before retirement)
  3. 1. You didn't offend me. Why would you think that a ridiculous statement would 'offend' me ? 2. It was already absurd to blame one party for fanning the flames. I just took it to the natural conclusion: one party is the problem, so ban it. 3. I thought it was much better than the partisan gruel you served up, yes. I don't know why it upsets you so much that I responded as I did. I guess I offended you. 4. If I didn't think you were capable of better then I wouldn't criticize your posts. You really seem hurt. 5. Small 'l' liberal - YES. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberalism That is: liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before law. 6. Yes, you don't see fault on the other side - you already said that. 7. And why you want to call me 'the left' based on the fact that I have said both sides are to blame... a mystery. I didn't say it's all "your fault"... You are really howling here... 8. Multiple levels of name calling blubbering, blaming 'liberals'... Not sure what I did to offend you, but I still like you and if I didn't think you were posting to I would put you on 'ignore'. Have a better day...
  4. What a ridiculous statement. I guess you would be in favour of banning the Democrat party then ? If you can't see both parties being part of this you don't understand the OP at all.
  5. The motive in these things is always a James Bond villain type plot.
  6. They report things. You know, like Trump promising much better health care for cheaper ... Mexico paying for the wall ... Trump paying for the wall ... Trump paying prostitutes to not talk about him paying them for sex etc.
  7. I guess they are talking about the pipeline the Liberal government bought ? Emergency relief during a disaster isn't exactly Communist is it ? Isn't that just silly binary thinking again ?
  8. But if repairing the social fabric is paramount, wouldn't that include symbolic steps and superficial fixes, if those fixes are perceived as social mending ? In fact, it doesn't matter what people are fighting about at this point - just making them stop would shore up the damage to the social commons.
  9. I am looking in the mirror here. My thermometer reading tells me I have TDS as much as anybody but you have to recognize, at a certain point, that making FUN of ridiculous people is entertainment and not productive. ( Do click my link btw )
  10. Wow. The 40% of that post that I understood was brilliant. So you're saying that the tragedy of the commons here amounts to political players mining faith in public institutions until one day it will suddenly collapse. If you read Jared Diamond's book "Collapse" you will recognize that if you replace "institutions" with "big stone statues" then this is exactly what happened with Easter Island. Basically you are predicting street violence on an order of magnitude larger than is happening today, likely later this year.
  11. I think we need a blame reboot, is my point.
  12. Sure but just as I don't blame BLM for the 'violence' (which apparently includes graffiti) I can't blame ... I don't know ... militia groups or this one idiot I guess ... either. I do expect government and security services to respond to legitimate concerns while maintaining relative order. The focus on individuals when there are such huge forces at work is a flawed approach IMO.
  13. 1. Not lately. JFK raised eyebrows by promoting his very capable brother. Ivanka ? 2. Not like this. 3. Arguable. 4. 'like Trump' ? What do you mean - you are making the case that he's not even remarkable. 5. What a shitty low bar... he didn't take over yet therefore he is not a threat. 6. Hmmm. Obama didn't pile chairs in front of the door of the oval office as Trump likely will. 7. Guilty.
  14. The president who puts his family into key positions like a banana dictator, who punishes Republicans who don't do his bidding, who promotes conspiracy theories and says he may not accept the results of the election ? That guy ? Ok.
  15. Ok, well people are expressor themselves, ok.
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