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  1. I just love a news network broadcasting that they are ahead because another poll by a rival says they are tied. And if Trump wins again then we'll have even more proof that math is a Democrat lie.
  2. Conspiracies abound. Thank God for OANN https://www.oann.com/polls-show-positive-continued-trump-momentum/ "When NBC puts out a poll saying we're tied, you know we're ahead"
  3. FOX News Poll - Biden ahead by 5 points https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-biden-trump-a-5-point-race-in-post-convention-poll
  4. The only way a Trump supporter can talk is to repeat propaganda talking points. Hundreds of independent pollsters are corrupt ? If Dear Leader says so then I can truly believe !!!
  5. Of course... there are those who will say because Trump won in 2016 given a 29% chance of winning that means polls don't work. It's wishful thinking... to wish math didn't work.
  6. The thing is.... in Florida 2 of 8 recent polls showed a tie. 6 of 8 showed Biden ahead. Nobody showed Trump ahead. Trump can't win without Florida, but Biden can win without Florida. Yes, it's tight but the news is much worse for Trump right now. For example... Arizona's latest 8 polls are all for Biden with 3 of them showing about a 10 point lead.
  7. The five thirty-eight has released senate projections for 2020 - 58% chance to go to the Democrats https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2020-election-forecast/senate/ Also - Trump's approval ratings seem to be improving but his chances to win aren't. I think this is likely because he is doubling down on a message that resonates with people who are already likely to vote for him.
  8. That's also an old approach: since the levels of support are inadequate groups with higher needs shouldn't be served either. Your argument, though, admits that they are still underserved - even at the inadequate level that the general population has to live with.
  9. Whites are the most put-upon group in history, especially wealthy ones.... they are so great...
  10. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/black-mental-health-report-community-reaction-1.5688803 Pretty ridiculous if a group that has problems can't get resources... and then is accused by whites of racism IMO. "Why doesn't my town in the desert get any flood relief from the government. THAT'S RACIST !"
  11. No way. There are many hallmarks of the Mulroney years: He won, in Canada, more than 50% of the popular vote for a Conservative government. He united Francophones and Westerners, made bold and intelligent policy decisions, and avoided cutting the CPP. Even if you like Trump,being wildly popular, unifying, thoughtful and caring are not words one would ascribe to him.
  12. Because he's a corrupt double-dealer just like Trump and his family. Why are you asking obvious questions ?
  13. 1. He's not going to 'end' people talking about racism, though. He ended a racism sensitivity program. I think that will probably make the discussion continue. 2. That's unbelievably kind of you. Hopefully , dear leader will allow us to continue with this nonsense on our own time but maybe not.
  14. So... if Trump gets elected... this stops ? What do you think Trump will do to stop it ? Free expression is difficult to tamp down, although he is clearly interested in trying
  15. So he's in the middle of a vortex of corruption that would cause any objective thinking person to give pause. Instead you come on here and herald these people are amazing and virtuous ... give your head a shake.
  16. 1. Do you trust the Southam Chain ? The Globe & Mail ? The National Post ? I don't agree with them, and I think they have an agenda. Of course they do. But I do trust them not to outright lie. When I read a well-reasoned argument in those pages I know I am reading something that is well-considered and substantive. 2. All proponents of an argument will downplay the counter argument. 3. Arguable. There are many factors at play here. People also distrust institutions in general - government, media, religion, science, universities. Is this because rational individuals are making a
  17. You've got it wrong. Nixon was highly intelligent, and knew when to quit.
  18. 1. Yes, that and that in 2016 there were uncovered undecideds that resulted in an upset, and it makes people think the polls are ... wrong. They sure haven't changed much. 2. The question in many peoples' minds is whether there are systemic problems with polling that haven't been uncovered.
  19. There are still many other charities and companies administered by or associated to the founders that need to be accounted for.
  20. "the use of a polarizing example Professor Patton used" Out of context, it's impossible to say what the issue was. Initially I thought he was speaking Mandarin but seems now like maybe he thought it was funny that a word sounded like the n-word ?
  21. The University says the words were not the issue. https://reason.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020-09-06-Deans-Greg-Patton-Statement.pdf
  22. Agreed. And it's the ONE paper I subscribe to. Everyone should.... If you don't think universities pursue knowledge anymore then invest in the press.
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