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  1. How do you know for sure that the "Canada Healthcare Act" is essentially ideological twaddle? The State Ruling Class who use it to beat the masses over their collective heads, and to marginalize "non-believers" to the fringes of society (f'rinstance, reference Mr. Dithers hysterical rant at Stephen Harper in QP a couple weeks back), wouldn't trust their own health and well being to it for nothing. They can afford real healthcare, and the price of airfare to get to it...usually in the US. In the same manner as Communist ruling classes in the USSR, China, Cuba and N. Korea live, not like the
  2. I'm not even going to read any of this thread. I tend to avoid ideological BS, especially when it's raised to the level of religion. You know... Hitler had his Arian supremecy thing, Mao had his little red book, Lenin had his worker's revolution, N. Korea and Cuba have their cult of personality tyrannies... And in Canada, we have "The Canada Healthcare Act/Medicare". All of them effectively used to herd appropriately fear ridden sheep according to the whims of the State ruling classes.
  3. When someone pipes up with statements like, "Protect us from what?", "Yes, national defense cheap as possible!", and "14 yearold children don't need the protection of the State."... There's no point even going there because a) I don't have 3 hours worth of my valuable time just to bring them up to date on reality, and if they don't know any better than this already, nothing I'm going to say isn't going to make an iota of difference. Boy, if there's one thing in this world that never ceases to shock and amaze me, it's the unrelenting, yet remarkably self-righteous, naivity of your average Li
  4. Miss Trudeau... Afraid I'll have to pass on a rebutal. My computer doesn't allow me to employ crayons enabling me draw a few pictures that you'd understand.
  5. 1) Deep integration? This would mean Canada actually coming to the table to participate in the defense of our own country for a change...as opposed to leaving it up to Americans to cover our butts for us, and even pick up the tab for it. Yes, I can see that this is definitely a "hidden agenda" of which to be frightened. God forbid Canadians should enjoy national defense on their own dime. 2) Irresponsible decentralization? Yes, Trudeau federalism, code for centralization of power in Ottawa, has certainly created a united Canada. Well, except for the time we came within a hair of blowi
  6. Hidden agenda??? We're all getting a first hand look at exactly what a "hidden agenda" truly is. The Liberals are masters at it, lining the pockets of party hacks and cronies with tens of millions of our tax dollars so that they can skim millions back into their own hands. Anyone buying into this typical Liberal demagogery and utter crap needs their head examined to see if there's any functioning braincells left.
  7. Harper is the most qualified man in the country for the PMO. His integrity and honesty, conceded to be impeccable by even his staunchest critics, make his candidacy at this time particularly timely. Can't imagine anyone more qualified to clean up this thoroughly corrupted federal government. Once he becomes PM, he'll be there for some time to come. Far as I'm concerned, this is Canada's last gasp. If Ontario and the Maritimes persist in inflicting this country with corrupt, abysmally incompetant, and just plain asinine Liberal idiots and clowns to run our government...yet again over the plea
  8. Yo... Layton is playing with political dynamite. There is going to be an election in June, regardless of what he does. By jumping in the sack with the Libs...or even offering to...he has established several things with voters, or re-confirmed an ages-old suspicion about the NDP, which is that they're essentially little different than the Liberals. Apparently there is so little difference that he's even prepared to make a "faustian" deal with them, regardless of the aura of corruption surrounding them. IOW, "Yes, you're a bunch of liars and thieves...but we can still do business." The onl
  9. The poll was taken from 2 to 5 days after the convention. Expecting a significant bounce immediately on the heels of Harper's election is being more than a tad naive. While polling now becomes increasingly relevant as talk of an election ramps up, and people start to actually consider their options for more than 10 seconds, we won't see big changes until the event is actually declared. Historically, I would remind everyone of a few pertinent items: 1) In 1984, Mulroney et al started further back than 11% behind the Libs. 2) In 1993, Chretien et al started further back than 11% behind Kimm
  10. You're next correct prediction about anything political will be your first.
  11. Sure weren't meaningless around here when the NDP were at 28% in BC, eh? Then the usual suspects were predicting up to 20 seats for them out here. When pigs fly!
  12. Atlantic Canada: Libs: 47% CPC: 31% NDP: 14% Quebec: Libs: 33% CPC: 8% NDP: 6% BLOC: 44% Ontario: Libs: 47% CPC: 28% NDP: 17% Sask/Man: Libs: 33% CPC: 28% NDP: 30% Alberta: Libs: 24% CPC: 54% NDP: 11% BC: Libs: 28% CPC: 38% NDP: 18% The only place were the NDP haven't slid in Sask/Man. They're tanking like hell in BC.
  13. Much has been made about a list of quotes by Stephen Harper being circulated about Ottawa by the Liberals. They did the same thing to Stock Day. Well, to begin with, Stephen Harper is not Stock Day. Ever see a political leader within living memory of anyone around here who would not back down on his principled stands, not from anyone? http://www.cbc.ca/programs/sites/politics.html On the RHS, click on the Monday PM broadcast of Politics. It begins with Newman getting a report from Ditchburn regarding this list of quotes. Following is an interview with Stephen Harper in which Newman conf
  14. Layton is pathetically desperate to prove he's really a somebody and a player. Like I said: Harper is running for Prime Minister. Layton is running to share the Prime Minister's bed. Layton's latest idiotic rant? The Liberals are going to pay down the national debt over the next ten years by...and I'm not making this up...$200 billion dollars. Um, Jacko... That's about $20 billion per year. Twit and doofus are too generous to describe this...dolt. It would appear that Jack has deftly decided to target, not the under $30,000 wage earner, but the under 30 IQ sector.
  15. Okay, let's assume that you're referring to a proposal put forward by the CA during the 2000 election. Under that proposal, a family of 4 would pay no federal income tax on the first (from memory here) $30,000 of income to that household. On every dollar earned over and above that $30,000, a single rate of tax would apply. Thus, if you are married, with two children, and your gross combined income (yours and your spouse's) is $100,000, you would pay a single rate, for example, 20%, of federal income tax on $70,000, which equate to $14,000. If your gross combined income is $50,000, then you
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