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  1. I really do not think Nuclear is the way to go in this, and I think we have overlooked what would be a real easy and better approach to having unlimited energy etc. in the form of geothermic power. The fact that we would need to dig deep holes directly into the earths mantle should not be a huge problem and sinc e it really is just a big deep whole, I do not think it would be all that hard to do and maintain. we already have some mines that go down to where the temperatures would be near 150 F. So it should not be all that difficult to dig say a 100ft wide hole that goes say 20,000 ft deep to
  2. I have little problems getting the EPA mileage frommy cars and I have owned many. I can attest to V8 Gm getting very good gas mileage on the hwy's. My 1994 Corvette got 34 MPG and the 1995 vette got 36 MPG if driven 70 mph on normal roads in summer. The 1991 Cadillac got 34 MPG hwy and 25 MPG city. It really depends on how you drive these things. The Buik that I now drive with a v6 only gets slightly better gas mileage then my older v8 cars did. I pretty much believe that this has to do with the fuel injection being computer controlled. I never got the mileage posted on the dodge products, o
  3. A carbon tax would only help those who have the means to avoid it, to do so and it would only cause the suffering upon those who least can afford it. If people are so up for fighting greenhouse gases then let it be out and in the open where we all will see the true costs and the jobs lost or gained etc. Making taxes etc is just hiding the real costs. It we are to fight climate then let the real cost in numbers be shown and no hiding anything.
  4. Lamer's whole position for this is that because Haper is having trouble in ledgislating things requiring harsher sentences, that then making requests for more severe sentences as interfering. I personally think he is wrong. Not only is it societies right to demand harsher sentences from the bench, it is just the way it is supposed to work. Lamers view is that he wants to see ledgislation that then compells a judge to harsher sentences, is wrong and is really just a cowards way out of things. Judges should be bound by the will of the people as to where sentences should be and it should also b
  5. I do not think that any one group will have much sway. The only group that will even be counted are the small percentage that get off their butts and vote. We have seem ever reducing numbers with every election unless you have very compelling issues around which the voters will rally. The environment is a hot issue to talk about and yes it will even warrant money being spent, but it will never really become a big election issues. The things that affect the voters in their own pockets will be the issues that will be fought about in an election. Dions past as being involved with the government
  6. I would think that it would not be that hard to attack the oil pipelines in Canada. They do run in the most remote areas and the ability to cross under or over the piplines is something many hunters have done many times. It would be real easy for a person with a small C-4 pack to set it so the piplines are blown up at the remotest areas, making the ability to fight the fires and repair it that much harder. But any how that would not take much thinking of how to go about attacking it. It is a whole lot harder to find ways that would secure this from that kind of thing from happening. In some
  7. Okay so call me cranky but when I'm right, I'm right. I could have expressed myself less sarcastically but I truly wanted to make the point that Alberta is not the centre of the universe. no alberta is becoming the sess pool of canada do to big oil. I would not run or work there ether. 70% of the oil prduction goes to the us and leaves the shit behind for the albertin,s enjoy the rest of there lives. When you run out of water do not look east were we hwve some . I would not run there my self. Why is it that you think Alberta will have trouble getting water? I think you know very littl
  8. How can so many people be this stupid? It would seem that there must be a pill to make them this half witted as some used to be fairly open thinkers, and now all I see is rampant stuipity galoping in this thread. It would be very usual for Jordan to send a willing passenger to Syria, especially when he has a Canadian passport. So just on that one point all this is total BS. The people who would run with this are to be looked upon as intellectually castrated beings. This whole thread is so openly wrong and misleading from facts that it makes one wonder at those who actually would waste a moment
  9. I can say that RRSP's for the most part do serve a purpose of saving for retirement where taxes on money can be put off to those retirement years. Usually in your retirement your income does drop and taxes are lessened. That is where the supposed tax relief is to come from. For many that just does not fit with what they are into. If you have a 40 year work life and you saved 5% of your salary and your employers also put in the same amount, you would have roughly 4 years worth of your average salary set aside to help in your retirement. Some would even have double that as many chose to put 10%
  10. The CPC has decided to make sure they brand Dion with his past perforamances over the last decade or so. The Liberals have been busy trying to brand him as something different, but in the end of the day, it just comes down to what is the clear truth and what is a concieved lie. There is nothing abou the ads that is not true and it is only making Dion accept the deeds as they have played out of his past. It is not as if any of this is made up or blown out of proportion. What the ads will say, will be the true and honest accounting of Dions past and also mixed in with some of his more noteable p
  11. That is the problem when you have been beaten down to the point where you then are fighting a war on the basis of religious belief's. There is never a real end to it except when all opposing views are silenced. There will never be peace among the Paleastinians until they can stop their fighting being about religious belief and make it about political differences. As much as I can say that they need their own homeland and that we should look for ways to assure they have a fair division of land in this, but even that will not be enough if they can not get over the feelings of always being the vi
  12. I am shocked and appalled at just how much misinformation can actually be given here. The Canadian way of printing money and the basis allowed for the printing is not as deemed to be the same as the USA. But even the USA doesn't just print as much money as it wants to and it also has to meet the same grounds and critiera as the rest of the world. The one thing that should scare most American is the fact that there are more US dollars being held outside the country, that if ever they were all turned in, the US dollar would drop in value to that near the Peaso in Mexico. Much has been said and
  13. People must be hunting for things to discuss, as there is not even a hint that the US will pull out of Afghanistan, and it is only in the eyes of those who whould have us cut and run away anyhow that this is even posted as a topic. I personally believe that the USA would pull troops from Iraq to Afghanistan then the other way around. It will be akin to a small defeat to gain a fair victory. The Iraq situation can be left for some time as a fight among the people as in their civil war, and the troops from Iraq could be sent to Afghanistn for a proper routing of the Taliban and even into Pakist
  14. It is only the oppositions that are making Canada position after 2009 an issue. They know that they can not find a good issue to use as a wedge in the present and near future issues. So of course they try to make an issue about things that will happen in 2009. They are sad and I am quite pleased to see them always waging war here on this site about everything to do about nothing. I was starting to lose interest in this site due to all the attacking and very little actual sunstance of things discussed. Few threads were on topic and the Liberal supports were very loaud and proud of the way the
  15. It disturbs me to see that people still have not learned the lessons behind the Arar case. That being so we will probably repeat it again and again until we do learn them. Canadians should never send any citizen to a foreign country, especiallt while in detention, where we know their are very good chances that they will be tortured. This should have by now sunk down to all levels of the RCMP and CSIS etc. The fact that the RCMP Commissioner took the blame and resigned, dhould not negate the fact that this was done, with the full knowledge of the RCMP and its members. The sad thing is, not one
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