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  1. Why should this kind of scum get the chance to destroy four children's lives and their families? And in most cases when they get to court, its multiple offenses. There is not rationale for giving them even a second chance. They are just going to go out and molest or murder another child. The safety of our children should be the first priority, not the rights of this scum.
  2. Why is Argus still here? I noticed he wastes no time in getting all over any new posters. He called Kindred a whore, he called idobbin a pedophile, he calls everyone a Jew Hater who doesnt support the genocide of the Lebanese people. He has constantly baited and insulted Machinations. Now he is coming after me, and I dont have the time or the inclination to play his games. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have been reading through the forum, he has referred to the Lebanese as filthy goat herders, he has referred to posters as pig ignorant morons and continually makes personal
  3. News stories are not copyrighted for your information Argus and it is not a copyright violation to quote from an article when it isnt copied verbatim - furthermore I posted attributing Buchanans article to Buchanan.I know you run this forum (apparently), but I suggest you pay closer attention to posts and not spend all your energy insulting and baiting posters who come here. I have been reading through the forum and it is very apparent that Argus can get away with doing whatever he likes. Every new poster here is immediately attacked by him and threatened and insulted. Does anyone know
  4. The unfortunate reality is that women 's income still lags behind mens, and its still harder for women to climb the corporate ladder. Men still, for most couples, remain to be the "prinicpal bread winner" in the family. Womens careers and education are often compromised because of raising children because the children's needs take priority over a career. It is generally the mother who is called at work if something comes up with the kids, its generally the mother who stays home with a sick child. And most divorced mothers find themselves living a much lower life style after divorce than
  5. Ok I was talking to Kindred on another forum and she said she did not receive a warning, just bang you are banned. Wondering how do you access PM's if you are banned? Is there a time limit? What if someone doesnt check the forum for awhile? Do you have to respond to a warning?
  6. Was Kindred warned before she was banned? Or Machinations? Where are these warnings?
  7. If I understand the context of your post, a woman who gets a divorce should be prevented from having a boyfriend, or God forbid, getting married again. IF she DARES to commit such a "crime" the FATHER of her children should NOT have to support them or pay Child Support. Only if she is living like a nun for the rest of her life should she be entitled to Child Support. Kids are cheap to raise, oh sure they are, they dont really need housing, clothing, food, education, recreational activities, dental care, and how dare they expect or ask for things like bikes, roller blades, skate boards,
  8. and this, I havent seen this posted before, a story by Pat Buchanan who doesnt appear to support Bush on this
  9. That seems to be the message on "Christian" websites. To pray for Israel, I just find it so politically convenient that the Jews are suddenly being heralded as "Christians", and it is specially stated "pray for Israel". A little spin and misrepresentation can go a long way. I am sure the average "Christian" American has no idea where Israel or Lebanon are and follow like sheep, as they always do. Thank God it isnt a call for them to take up weapons. Pat Buchanan
  10. IF he and others want to quote the bible to people and say the bible tells us to pray for Israel, then isnt there something in there about "coveting your neighbours house" as being a "no-no" Thou shalt not kill ? Seems to me thats in there somewhere as well.
  11. This was on his website Which was in my original post, I guess I wasnt clear enough, there were two trains of thought, the scary stuff, and then the Christians embracing the Jews as "new found" Christians and asking their congregations to pray for Israel, specifically, rather than for peace and an end to the fighting. Which I would think we be more "Christian" of them.
  12. WHEN is Canada going to crack down on pedophiles and stop letting them out to reoffend? I think we should bring back the death penalty, for child molesters and murderers. Reoffend, what a benign word to describe the horrors these children go through, being kidnapped, beaten, raped, forced to perform oral sex, sodimized, brutalized, starved, passed from one pedophile to another, photographed, humiliated and terrorized , their little bodies ripped to pieces during sexual attacks as they scream and no one hears them, no one saves them. Then the Judge, even when these depraved animals are caugh
  13. Noticed Machinations was banned from the forum. What I dont understand is why some posters who continuously insult people and call them names don't seem to get banned. I have read some pretty nasty insults from one poster who seems to still be here. Perhaps there could be some clarification of how exactly this works. If two posters are insulting each other, why does only one get banned?
  14. Providing for basic needs, food, shelter, clothing, heat, education would go a long way to creating a country where people would have the freedom to purse self-actualization and "happiness". To many people "happy" would be being able to feed and house your family and have a safe envirnoment in which to raise them, and I am not talking about "safe" as in freedom from war and terrorism. I am speaking of having a safe home, where you can count on having heat, no disease carrying rats or other pests, safe from drug dealers and crime, safe from eviction from inability to pay rent. Happy to d
  15. The system isnt getting better, and one of the problems is people dont have their own doctors. Low wages paid to Canadian doctors means they are heading south of the border in droves. Problems with the Government authorizing medications and treatments and sugeries in Canada means the doctors get fed up and are leaving, so are the nurses. We have inadequate hosptials and facilities, when you have 15 people clogging up the ER waiting for room on the wards, in the interior, a TRAUMA CENTRE I might add, and the centre is left with 5 open beds, there is something REALLY wrong. The staff is the
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